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Still Around: 30H!3

Go ahead and burn it down
I'm drunk and so is everyone else
In this devil town
They wont let me turn around
To get one last look at my baby

While she's still around,
while she's still around,
while she's still around,
while she's still around

Go ahead and build it up again
This cities just cementaries enhaced
Forgotten and
My only hopes to see you
And even if I never do

While she's still around,
while she's still around,
while she's still around,
while she's still around

And I know what you're thinking
That won't stop this drinking
It's the least I can do
'Cause this life is anything but certain
When they close the final curtain
You'll get a glimpse of the truth

Cause you're still around,
while she's still around,
while she's still around,
while she's still around

Go ahead and burn it down
I'm drunk and so is everyone else
In this devil town

14th December 1992

She ran though the garden, her long hair dancing freely in the breeze. Renee was waiting at the bottom of the lawn, looking as beautiful and elegant since she last saw her.

"Bella!" Renee yelled, pulling her into a tight hug. "I missed you baby."

"I missed you to momma." Bella smiled, her front two teeth missing. Her mum set her down, holding her hand as they walked though the large garden.

"I see you still have Mr. Scruffy." Renee gestured toward the tattered teddy clutched in her daughter's arms.

"Of course momma. I never go anywhere without him. He's my best friend." Bella's eyes where filled with sadness, mirroring her mothers.

"Oh, baby girl. Even though I can't stay, you know that I love you. And when I'm gone, if you ever need to find me, I will always be in here." She rested her palm on Bella's chest, directly over her heart.

"Bella" Nana Marie called from the kitchen. "Come in now honey. It's freezing."

"Coming, Nana." Bella answered before turning back to her mother. Tears were running freely down Renee's face, causing her mascara to smudge.

"Please don't go momma. I love you." Bella cried, her chest breaking into sobs.

"I have to. I'm sorry, baby girl. I love you so much Bella. Never forget that." Her Mother hugged her one last time, before walking away.

"Bye, momma." Bella whispered, staring after Renee fading figure, before walking back to the house, clutching Mr. Scruffy closer to her body.

"Bella?" Nana Marie asked. "What's up honey?" She crocheted down to Bella's level, staring into her tear swollen eyes.

"I saw Momma." Bella cried, sobbing on her grandma's cardigan. Nana Marie suddenly looked pained. Her eyes widened and her mouth fell slack. She hesitated before speaking.

"Bella. Mommy died last year."

My eyes snapped open, beads of sweat trickling down my skin. I scanned the room wearily till my gaze rested on the alarm clock, which lay on my left on the small wooden bedside table. 2:57 Am. Sighing, I propped myself up on my pillow, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes. Once my eyes focused, I saw a small figure in the corner.

"Go away" I sighed before pulling a pillow over my head. "Don't you people ever give me a rest?" My voice was muffled by the pillow.

"Bella, it's me." The figure said. I moaned, pulling the pillow off my face.

"Oh right, okay. Sorry. I thought you were… well you know." I laughed, running my hand through my hair. Alice walked over to my bed, sitting on the corner.

"Bella, you were sleep talking again. Well more like sleep screaming." She stroked my knee in soothing motions.

"I know. I had the dream again." She leaned in, pulling me into a tight hug. "Thanks Alice. For everything." I whispered against her shoulder.

"What are best friends for." She laughed. "Now try and get some rest."

"I will." I mumbled. Alice kissed my cheek before walking out of the room. I closed my eyes once more and lulled myself to sleep.

"Wait, you can see me?" A voice whispered, surprised.

"What happened? Where are my Mummy and Daddy?" The second voice asked, louder than the first.

"You have to tell my wife something," Another voice added. My head felt like it was about to explode. My hands rubbed smoothing circles at my temples, easing the pain slightly.

"HELP ME!" The first voice screamed, ringing in my head.

"God dam it!" I yelled, my fist slamming on my desk. Every head in the class turned to look at me, staring at me like I was insane. Well that's one word for it I suppose.

"Miss Swan? Are you okay?" Mr Hellsy asked concern evident in his tone.

"Yeah, just a migraine. May I please be excused?" After doing this for 15 years, lying comes easily to me.

"Of course" He handed me an out of class pass, before I walked out into the cool February breeze. Once I was out of sight and safely next to my car, I sighed, leaning against the bonnet. My head rested in my hands whist I talked.

"Okay people, heres the deal. I actually have a life that does not revolve around talking to the dead." I lifted to head, seeing two figures staring back at me.

"If I help you, will you tell all your dead friends that im off duty for the day?" The first figure stepped forward. It was an elderly man, with a large beard and round glasses.

"You can see us?" He asked.

"Yes, I can. I have been able to talk to ghosts since I was four." He nodded, his glassed sliding down this thin nose.

"Can you tell my wife something?" His eyes looked tired, as if he had been waiting for years to get this message across.

"Shoot" My voice perked up, trying to lightening the mood.

"Can you tell her that before I died, I left all my money in a safe behind our wedding photo. Her name is Annabel Sutherland and she lives at 56 rednap lane." I pulled out my notepad from the bottom of my bag pack.

"Annabel Sutherland" I repeated writing down his message.

"My is Robert Sutherland." He said reading the notes over my shoulder.

"Okay Robert, I will tell her as soon as I finish my classes today." Robert nodded his thanks, before fading away. I smiled as a little girl with flaming red cheeks and pink tails stepped forward.

"Hello sweetie" I said, trying to soothe the little girl. "What's your name?"

"Lily." She whispered her voice high and scared. "I can't find my Mummy or Daddy. Where are they?"

"I don't know honey. Would you like me to find them?" I asked, fighting the emotions that threatened to chock me.

"Yes please." She cried. I closed my eyes and focused. When I opened my eyes, Lily was in her parents arms. My heart warmed at the sight.
"Thank you. We couldn't find her." Her father said, kissing Lily's cheek. He looked just like her.

"You're Welcome." I watched them walk hand in hand, their silhouettes slowly fading.

Because of my gift (as Nana Marie called it) I always had a hard time fitting in. My Mind always drifted, the voices in my head getting louder and ghost tried to get my attention. People often regarded me as weird. I was six when I first met Alice. Everyone ignored me, treating me as if I had a disease. I was weird Bella Swan who talked to herself. But Alice was not everyone. She soon became my best friend. And with that she found out my secret. She didn't freak, she just comforted me when I cried. We have been inseparable since.

April 4th 1994

She sat in the far corner in the large room, her eyes fixed on the dark wooden floor. Children's laughter filled the air, causing Bella to frown. Why did she have to be different?

"You're Isabella, right?" A little girl came running up to Bella, her short black hair bobbing as she moved.

"Yes." Bella whispered, tensing herself for hurtful comments. To her surprise the girl held out her hand. Bella hesitancy shook it.

"I'm Alice." She smiled. "Do you want to colour with me?" Alice asked, her pale green eyes filled with hope.

"Sure" Bella couldn't help but smile back. It was infectious. The two

girls spent the rest of the day playing and laughing. When Alice's

parents came to pick her up, she pulled Bella into a tight hug.

"See you tomorrow?" Alice asked a hopeful smile on her face.

"Of course." Bella laughed. She hadn't laughed this much in years.

"Bye Bella." Alice hugged her one last time before walking out of the


"Earth to Bella!" My head snapped at my name, as someone waved a hand repeatedly in front of my face. My eyes focused, seeing my four friends staring at me.

"Sorry guys. I was out of it." I ran my hands through my hair, something I did when I was stressed.

"Oh my god. Look at what Tanya Denali is wearing. Could that even be classed as a skirt?!" Rosalie exclaimed in disgust. My eyes raked the cafeteria, an unfamiliar face catching my eye. His hypnotic green eyes locked onto my gaze, looking deep into my eyes, causing a shiver to run up my spine. His auburn hair fell naturally, in casual disarray. His face was very handsome; his featured looked sculpted and chiselled. He looked flawless and elegant, like he had just walked straight out of the 1920's. He sat alone, never taking his eyes of me. He smiled at me and in true Bella style, I blushed deep crimson.

"Why is Bella blushing?" I heard Jasper ask. I took one last look at the beautiful boy before I turned back to my friends.

"When isn't Bella blushing?" Emmett chuckled, lightly punching my arm.

"Touché" I laughed, punching Emmett back. I glanced hopefully in the direction of the beautiful boy. He wasn't there. My eyes frantically studied the room, hoping to see his unusual hair in the crowded room. Nothing. I sighed, my shoulders slumping involuntary. My heart ached, knowing he wasn't there. Suddenly I felt scared. Scared that this handsome man who I didn't even know could make my walls crumble. Walls that I had spent the last nineteen years building.

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Bella's gift :

She can see ghost, they look like normal.

She can talk to them and can also communicate through her mind.

She can summon ghosts without knowing who they are or what they look like.

She can have visions but they are very rare