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Five Years Later

The little girl ran across the grass, her long, wavy blond hair bouncing with every step. Her giggles echoed around as she bounded towards me, a wide smile on her beautiful face.

"Look aunt Bella! I found a flower!" She held up the small daisy towards me as her bright blue eyes widened in fascination.

"Marie it's beautiful. Is it for me?" I asked her, watching her eyes grow sadder.

"Yes. Daddy says that flowers make sick people better. I want you to be better aunt Bella!" A small tear dripped down Marie's face breaking my heart.

"Come here." I patted my lap as she crawled onto it. Jasper shouted across the lawn, telling his daughter to be gentle. I gave him small smile, kissing Marie's head.

"If I could get better I would baby girl." I felt so much love for this little girl it broke my heart to see her sad. I could see Jasper making his way towards us.

"Ready to go back Bella?" He asked, kissing my head. I nodded weakly as he started pushing my wheelchair back towards the hospital door. Marie remained seated on my lap, nuzzling her face into my hair. I stroked her hair soothingly, trying to stop the tears rolling down my face. Once back at my ward, the nurses helped my back onto my bed. Once I was comfterable, they left, leaving me with Jasper and Marie. Marie filled the silence with talk about her week, never stopping for a breath. Yes she was defiantly Alice's baby. The door opened revealing Alice, dressed in a pencil skirt and blouse.

"I'm so sorry I am late Bella. There was a crisis at work and" I cut off her rambling before she could carry on by smiling at her. Marie ran over to her mom, latching onto her hip as Alice picked her up.

"Hey baby did you miss me?" she asked Marie, staring loving into her daughters eyes.

"Yes! We went into the garden outside and daddy chased me and I found a flower so aunt Bella can get better!" Marie smiled lovingly . Alice's smile fell and her eyes clouded over. Jasper made his presence known then, taking Marie away from Alice.

"How about we go get some ice cream baby?" He asked his daughter, causing her to frown.

"But what about Aunt Bella?" She asked, pointing a tiny finger towards me.

"I promise we will come back later, Okay?" Marie nodded, kissing my cheek before leaving.

"Love you aunt Bella." She smiled, her young, pale green eyes smouldering with love.

"Back at you sweetie," I gave her the biggest smile I could muster, but it wasn't great. Once they had left, Alice sat in the seat next to me. She grabbed my hand, careful not to get twisted in the wires.

"I won't last much longer Alice," I whispered, turning my head so I was face her full on.

"Don't say that!" She almost yelled, squeezing my hand harder. I sighed softy. Alice always had a problem accepting my illness, especially as it got worse.

"Ali, I have had this for three years. I have stopped responding to treatment. We accepted that."

"But I can't lose you," She cried, a lone tear dripping down her face, landing on my pale hand.

"But I'm finally going to be with Edward. I have waited five years for this Alice. We will be able to be equal and I can be with him forever." Just like clockwork, Edward was by my side, holding on to my other hand. I smiled lovingly at him. At the age 21, I was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Without treatment, I would barley last a few months. But Edward convinced me to have the treatment, so I would at least get to see Marie grow up. I lasted a good three years and now it was my time. I could feel that I barely had a few hours left.

"Alice? Could you maybe call Rose, Emmett and my dad. And get Jasper and Marie please. I need to see them. " I turning into a coughing fit as she passed me a glass of water. She didn't say anything, except kissing my forehead before walking out the room.

"I hate seeing you in pain," Edward sighed, his eyes watery.

"It's not that bad." I lied. "Anyway, I will be with you soon." Alice walked back into the room, causing me to stop talking.

"They are on their way." She pointed towards her phone before sitting back down on the chair. I nodded gently, closing my eyes. And before I knew it, I was falling asleep.

"Bella?" A voice awoke me, gently shaking me awake. There before me stood a heavily pregnant Rosalie smiled kindly at me. It didn't reach her eyes. She rested her soft hand on my forehead before speaking.

"Emmett is just parking the car. He will be here soon." She promised, moving her hand towards mine as Alice let her sit in the seat next to me. Emmett walked through the door then, closely followed by Charlie. They both walked towards me greeting me and sitting on the edge of the bed. I smiled sadly, reaching out slowly to place and hand on Rose's bloated stomach.

"Hey Joey." I smiled at her bump. "It's your aunt Bella here. I'm sorry I won't be there when your born. But I still love you." I moved back so I was rested on the bed again, the angle I was at starting to make me feel dizzy and sick. Dad moved forwards towards me, kissing my cheek gently.

"My baby." He cried, tears running down his face in full flow.

"I'm going to miss you daddy." I sobbed tearlessly. I had no tears left. He looking into my eyes, conveying all he need to say. I nodded gently as Jasper and Marie walking into the door.

"Ahh, just in time." I smiled, reaching towards Marie as she climbed onto my bed, careful not to pull the wires. She looked up at me with sad eyes, filled with innocence and beauty.

"Oh, baby girl. Even though I can't stay, you know that I love you. And when I'm gone, if you ever need to find me, I will always be in here." I whispered, repeating the words my mother spoke to me. She nodded, grasping the fact that I was going. Jasper and Emmett said their goodbyes and like that, everyone I loved was next to me. I felt free, at peace. My eyes fell heavy and I tried to resist the urge to close them.

"See you on the other side." I whisper, causing them to crack a bitter smile. Although they knew I was going, they also knew that I could be with Edward.

"I love you." And with that, my lids dropped and my world went black. I couldn't help but feel happy. I could feel the last pieces of life slipping away from me. I didn't mind. I welcomed it with open arms. I was ready. It was my time. It was mine and Edward's time.

The End

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