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Do You Remember?


"So I have a meeting with the press at four, so you rescheduled my massage to three, right?" The blonde-haired boy didn't wait for an answer. Instead, he just held out his hand, and a small water bottle was pressed into his hands. "I also need some new clothes for next month's premiere. Schedule an appointment with my tailor-preferably tomorrow, because that's the only time I'm free...right?" He took a sip of the water, and returned it to his "personal assistant". "But make sure to squeeze in some Cha-laxing time; I need some me time, too, right? Oh, speaking of which, yesterday's Cha-laxing bath wasn't very Cha-laxing. You'll do better this time, right?"

"U-Uh...y-yes, Chad," Sonny answered nervously, as she struggled to write down everything he was asking on a small blue notepad. If only he wasn't such a famous star-maybe he wouldn't have so much things going on. But Chad Dylan Cooper is Chad Dylan Cooper, and even though it was very hard to be his personal assistant, Sonny would do her best. It's the least she could do after what he's done for her.

"Great." He walked down the hall and stopped in front of a dark blue door, with a huge star on it. Opening it, and turning back to her, he said, "You take care of that, and I'm going to take a nap."

"Oh, okay." Sonny looked down on her clipboard and notepad, and then back to Chad. "But just remember you have to be on set in fifteen minutes."

He waved an airily hand to her. "Yeah, yeah. It's just a quick nap." He didn't seem to actually mean it though, because he seemed a bit distracted to Sonny.

"Okay, but you might want to set your alarm clock or-" But the teen star had already shut the door, leaving her alone in the hallway of Mackenzie Falls with a clipboard and notepad. Sonny sighed, and headed back down the hall to the cantine to get some food. She had been following Chad around since six o'clock in the morning, and had to skip breakfast because of it. It was now two o'clock, she checked, and her stomach was grumbling so loudly, Chad could probably hear it from all the way across the hall.

Quickening her pace, she finally arrived at the cafeteria, only to be greeted with her new Mackenzie Falls friends. They were all wearing the exact same uniform that Chad had put her in herself, and were smiling warmly at her. The girl with the brown hair, and striking face-Portlyn, she remembered was her name-waved her over to their table.

"Sonny!" she exclaimed excitedly when she arrived at the table. Patting the empty seat next to her, she said, "Come sit. You must be hungry-here, have some lobster." Portlyn shoved a plate of huge red lobster towards her. Sonny stared incredulously at the huge plate. She had never seen that much lobster before. But when she glanced around the table at her fellow cast mates, they all seemed pretty used to it, for they were acting very nonchalant.

Not wanting to feel left out, she hurriedly grabbed a piece of the lobster, and stuffed it into her mouth. "Mhhmm..." she moaned, chewing the piece loudly; each move making a loud crunching sound. She held up her thumb, and managed a smile-well, the best smile she could while chewing a giagantic piece of lobster.

The Mackenzie Falls cast smiled and cheered at her. A boy with dark brown hair reached over, and patted her on the back. It was supposed to be a friendly gesture, but with all the lobster in her mouth, it seemed like he was trying to choke her. She coughed softly a few times, before forcing herself to swallow the big piece of food. Then, after taking a huge gulp of water, she did her best to smile wryly at the boy.

"So listen, Sonny," Portlyn started, making her turn around. "A bunch of us girls are going shopping this Friday. You wanna come? It can be our girl's night out."

The dark-haired boy started humming the song, "G.N.O." by Miley Cyrus, until he was shushed by everyone in the table. Sonny giggled and turned back to Portlyn, who was rolling her eyes. "Um...I'd have to check with Cha-"

"Sonny!" cried a very furious voice from behind her. She whipped around to face a very angry-looking Chad; his sparkling blue eyes losing its sparkle because he was so mad. "What do you think you're doing?"

"What do you mean, Chad?" Sonny whimpered, confused and scared as to why he would scream at her all of a sudden.

Chad glared at her icily, and pinched the bridge of his nose while shaking his head slowly-making his golden locks flip back and forth. "Tell me what time it is."

Sonny glanced at the clock. "Two-thirty."

He glanced up and his eyes flashed with rage. "Exactly. You were supposed to wake me up fifteen minutes ago so I wouldn't be late! What is wrong with you?"

Sonny blinked; unsure of what to say. Inside, she was feeling a bit guilty, when she realized she'd done nothing wrong. So instead, a swell of anger rised up in her chest, and she stood up so abruptly, it knocked her chair down. But Sonny couldn't care less about the chair; her eyes were fixed on the blond star waiting expectantly for her answer. "Nothing."

Now it was his turn to blink; his face morphed into confusion. "What...what do you mean nothing?"

"Nothing's wrong with me," she clarified, her back still straight as she refused to take her gaze off of Chad's eyes. His eyes flashed in anger, but before he could utter at least a word, Sonny cut him off. "I told you you were supposed to wake up in fifteen minutes. I told you that. You didn't say I had to wake you up-and frankly, I don't have to. It's your responsibility to get on the set because it's your movie; not mine. I did my job; I reminded you already. It's not my fault you didn't listen to me, because you were too busy thinking about your precious nap. So it's not my fault, Chad. Nothing's wrong with me. It's you. All you." And with that, she turned on her heel angrily, shoving past her so-called "friend" and walked out of the cafeteria. Little did she know, a few of her former cast mates from So Random witnessed the whole scene.

- OOO -

Chad stood standing there in shock for a while after Sonny left. His eyes were staring at nothing, and they had a blank and glassy look to them. He only sat down when Portlyn gently tugged on his arm, and pulled him down slowly to sit beside her. "Chad..." her voice was sort of sad; he vaguely remembered her shaking her head slowly. He felt her push a strand of his hair aside, and tucked it behind his ear. "What have you done?"

Now, he whirled around to face her in shock. "Me?"

Portlyn frowned; her thin lips pressed together until you could only see the white of her chin. "Yes you. It was your fault. If you think you can control her that easily, you are sadly mistaken. She just lost her memory; not her personality. She's still going to fight for what she believed in before. That's not going to change, you know that. Really, Chad. How dumb are you?"

"I guess I got carried away." Chad slumped his shoulders, and buried his face into his hands. When he lifted them up, Portlyn could see how tired he looked. "What do I do now? They'll take her back, and she won't believe me anymore."

Portlyn didn't ask what he meant by "They". She already knew. As if by reflex, her eyes flickered quickly to the So Random table, expecting to see the goons there. They weren't. She swore they were there a minute ago. Now her eyes flickered to the door, where she just saw a tall, blond figure duck out of there. She knew it was Tawni, and she realized now that they must've seen the whole scene, and were going out to get Sonny. Quickly, she got up her seat to make sure Chad's plan wasn't ruined. Somebody has to do something right here. Chad called out to her to ask her where she was going, but Portlyn had already fled through the doors.

She came out just in time to see the So Random crew surrounding Sonny and interrogating her as to why she was eating with the Mackenzie Falls cast. Portlyn slipped in beside Sonny and grabbed hold of her arm. "There you are, Sonny! I'm so sorry about what happened with Chad. Come, we should have a girls day out and-" she paused on purpose, and looked at the comedy folks, as if just realizing they were there. "-oh. I didn't realize you were in a conversation with them. Do you want me to leave?" Very quietly so the So Random people couldn't hear, she whispered into Sonny's ear, "Remember what they did to you."

Sonny's eyes narrowed into pinpricks, and Portlyn could see that she had no intention of staying with these people that "hurt" Sonny's feelings. "No." Sonny squared her shoulders, and grabbed Portlyn's arm, dragging her away. "I don't want to stay. Let's go, Portlyn."

Portlyn pretended to look upset and understanding to Sonny, but over her shoulder, she cast a sly glance at the crew of Chuckle City, and smirked at them. Their mouths dropped open, and were looking even more idiotic then they usually did.

The blonde one-Tawni-started jumping up and down, pointing at Portlyn and Sonny.

"Did you see that? Did you see that?" she cried, causing Sonny to stop walking and turn around to glare at her.

"What are you talking about?" Sonny rolled her eyes and gave the crew a disgusted look. She looked exactly like a Falls person. "You Randoms are so immature. Portlyn, I can't stand another sight of them. Get me out of here, now, and away from these low-life wanna-be actors."

Every single jaw of So Random dropped open. They looked at Sonny with wide eyes, while Portlyn just smirked. She had to admit, this was the best work Chad has ever done.

It was Tawni who finally spoke first. "What have you done to her?!" Her soft blue eyes were staring at a firey glare at Portlyn, but it didn't affect Portlyn one bit.

She pretended to look sad. "Me? Sonny. Obviously, they don't have a clear enough sense on who did what to who. Let's go."

They linked their arms through each other, and turned their backs on the Randoms, leaving them with their mouths hanging wide open once again.

- OOO -

"Don't take it personally," Portlyn was saying, as she patted Sonny's hand gently in a comforting gesture. They were at a mall; sitting on one of the benches, while drinking their smoothies. "Chad always does these things-to all of us. You'll get used to it."

Sonny sighed, and then looked down on her lap. "It's just...I thought we were friends. Last time I checked, he told me he was the one who was nice. And well, that didn't seem so nice to me."

Portlyn didn't say anything for a while. Her eyes flickered back and forth from Sonny's face to her lap. She looked like she was contemplating on what to say. Finally, she smiled up at Sonny, and then shrugged. "Sometimes, if he's in a bad mood, then...well, that's what happens. But the fact that he even paid that much attention to you means he really cares about you."

Sonny raised her eyebrows; not believing this at all.

"It's...complicated." Portlyn heaved a sigh, and then looked at her hands. "That's just how he shows his love. That's Chad to you. He does that to everyone." When Sonny still didn't look very convinced, Portlyn continued. "Take me, for example. I've been his friend for-what? Ten years, now? And he shouts at me at least once every week. But there are times when I really need him, and he's there for me. That's just his way of saying he loves me-er, as a sister or friend, of course."

Portlyn had enough experience with drama on the show to know how to make up stories, and tell lies. This wasn't at all what Chad was feeling. He doesn't scream to show he cares-he screams because he liked to be in charge. True, he has his moments, where he's a great friend to work with (she should know, since they're practically best friends), but most of the time, he always liked to feel in charge. To always be number one. And what happened today, wasn't any different. He wanted to control Sonny. He wanted to feel that power against her, because she was the only person here that doesn't worship him. But he took it too far. And because of that, Portlyn needed to tell Sonny all of this, or else she wouldn't believe his act anymore. It was always Portlyn who fixes Chad's mess. It wasn't any different now.

"I guess you're right," Sonny said, snapping Portlyn out of her inner babble. "Maybe I kind of overreacted."

She had to hold back a smile from her job well done. "You didn't...you just know better now, right? He really is sorry. After you left, he was so, so sad and upset at what he did. It was because he didn't want to lose you as a friend." Well, it was half-true. It was because he didn't want to lose her as an assistant.

Sonny nodded, and then her usual bright smile came back into place. "You're right. Thanks, Portlyn."

They leaned in for a hug, and Portlyn found herself smiling genuinely. She had no idea how much fun this girl could actually be. And for the next few weeks or so, Portlyn had to pretend to be her friend. But maybe, she didn't have to pretend as much as she thought she would.

She squeezed Sonny a bit and realized this was the start of a new friendship.

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