Blood Bender: Katara

Prologue: A Trail of Blood

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"You might have fooled everyone by your transformation, but you and I both know you've struggled between good and bad in the past. So let me tell you something right now, make one step backward, one slip-up, give me one good reason you might want to hurt Aang. You won't have to worry about your destiny any longer. I will make sure your destiny ends, right then and there." With her sapphire eyes she glared at him fearlessly and threatened him like a criminal.

Slowly, he stirred until his amber eyes opened. The full moon bathed his wide room with its glow through the large window. Unconsciously, his hand traveled to the scar on his torso- a mark left by his twisted little sister in the battle for the title of fire lord. It was a mark he sustained not because he was careless but because he chose to protect her.

"How many years has it been?" he quietly asked himself as he sat up and gazed out the bare window.


"I'm going on a trip- to meditate and also train. I'll keep you guys informed don't worry about me," that was what the letter said. Several letters with the same content were delivered to Sokka, Aang, Toph, Sukki and Zuko.

His hands crumpled her handwritten letter as soon as he read it. He knew the real reason why the water bender girl decided to keep her distance. Frankly, he wasn't that surprised to know about the growing relationship between the avatar and the blind earth bender. They have grown close after the war and Katara was neither dumb nor numb to not realize where she stood in Aang's life.

This was her choice. A wise man would distance himself from those he loves in order to protect them from himself. Everyone was uncomfortable with it for a while but in her letters, she seemed to be healing her wounds well so they decided to let her be. Even if days turned into weeks and weeks into months and months into years.

No one has the right to question how long will she take, because no one knows how much she's hurting.

A year has passed since they last received a letter from the water bender. Without fail, Katara would always keep them informed about her journey every month. That was when they finally began to look for her again…

End of Flashback

His sharp senses kicked in, it was quiet… too quiet. Without a sound, he got out of bed and hid in the shadows just in time for guard to openly walk into his chambers and stab his bed. Flames burst from his hands as he was about to end the guards life when he saw the terrified look in his eyes. "Please, don't kill me, Fire lord Zuko,"

His amber eyes narrowed upon quickly inspecting the body of the guard. Like having a will of its own, the body attacked him even against the owner's command. I know this technique…

Zuko was about to search for the puppet master when his body too acted in its own volition. Even with his trained strength, he can't move a muscle. The guard's sword was taken out of the bed and was pointed at him.

"Zuko!" a familiar voice called out from the outside. A blast of whirlwind knocked the guard unconscious. The sun made its presence known from the horizon. Immediately, his body was released.

Several men rushed to his room together with Aang and Toph who were supposed to be visiting tomorrow. "What happened?" the avatar rushed to his side to help him up.

"Don't tell me the great Fire Lord Zuko has lost his fiery touch," Toph mocked as she approached him.

"Its not that I lost it… it's just that… I couldn't use it," Zuko took a glimpse at the guard made to kill him awhile ago.

"What do you mean?" Aang too looked at what his friend was looking at.

"A technique that controls the body… I've only seen it once," his tone was cold and distant.


"What do you mean you're looking for her again?!" his fiancée, May, yelled as he made his way out the palace. "You've been to the shershrew. Her scent led you to the answer you needed!"

His eyes remembered the day June, the bounty hunter with her shershrew, led them to a lost village. Dead bodies lined the streets and at the center of the village was her tattered clothes and the water bender necklace she treasured… blood covered them all.

"Katara is still alive. I know it," Zuko continued to walk ignoring her protests. Somewhere in his mind, he prayed that he is right and that he was not saying that just to convince himself to be right.

"Zuko, it's been almost a year. Even the Avatar stopped searching. Why do you keep doing this?" her tears trickled down her pale cheeks and onto the marble floor. "I have been turning a blind eye ever since you came back from war. They way you look at her. The way you respond to her… even the dumbest person can understand. You love her don't you?" without waiting for anything, May walked out of the palace and out of his life.

Since when has it been that whenever you called, I'd feel as if my name meant something special? How many smiles did it take? Since when…had it become too unbearable not to love you?

His vision turned blurry as moisture build-up in his eyes. Leaning on a nearby pillar, the Great Fire Lord Zuko cried. I…love her… and I'd have to lose her for me to finally realize it.

With all the power of his fire bending or even with the help of the avatar himself… they can't bring back time… they can't bring her back.

End of Flashback…

"She used it once when we were looking for her mom's killer," Zuko faced the sunlight. Its warmth and glow slowly crawling to reveal his features. His scar on his face was close to disappearing, his features certainly fit for royalty.

"Blood bending…" Aang's eyes lost its enthusiastic glow.

"But that doesn't make any sense. The only blood benders are Hamma and Katara… and they're both…" Toph didn't need to finish the sentence. Everyone knew how to end it.


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