Okay, well I have no ideas for stories, so this just popped into my head. Make nooo sense whatsoever, but, ok. Alice & Bella are friends & Edward is her cousin. Jasper is boyfriend, Emmet is her brother, and Rosalie is his girlfriend. & Barbie Bella!!


"ALIIICCE," I whined. "DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! PLEEAASEEE!!!!" Alice's cousin was coming to stay with them after his parents had died in a car accident. So, Alice had decided that 'Barbie Bella' was in order. She curled and poofed and brushed and yanked everything she could reach. Apparently, Alice had gotten into her head that her cousin and I were 'meant to be'. Yeah, sure Alice. Not likely.

You see, I haven't seen any pictures of this kid, not one. Although Carlisle and Esme, Alice and Emmet's parents, speak very highly of him, not one picture. I mean, at my house we have pictures of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, 2nd cousins, great-grandparents, everyone. And they seem to have pictures of just them. Emmet, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and sometimes the Hales; Rosalie and Jasper.

See, Rosalie and Emmet have been going out since 8th grade. And Alice and Jasper in 9th. They have all seemed to have found the perfect person for them early in life. Sometimes I feel like the third wheel, or in this case, the fifth.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the guys. Alice and Rosalie have been my friends since 3rd grade, and Jasper and Emmet in 4th. It's just sometimes when we go out, I feel kinda lonely. Okay, not kinda. Really lonely. But I have dated a lot. I just haven't found that one person for me. I mean, Mike was a skirt-chaser. Eric was just gross. And Ben was too in love with Angela. I guess that's why I like to hang with the guys. I can always depend on them. If I go through a bad break-up, Alice and Rosalie are always there to help me through it, and Jasper and Emmet are always there to beat him up if need be.

So, this is why Alice insisted on Barbie Bella. And why I insisted that the 'happily ever after' she imagined for us wasn't going to happen. After going out with guy after guy, you don't really expect anything as to not get disappointed.

"But Bella," she whined right back, "I need you to be perfect for Edward!" I pondered the name. It wasn't that common, it seemed like a name from the 1800's. Not very 'now', as Alice put it.

As she finished my hair, make-up, and found the 'perfect' earrings, she walked in holding a very low necked white dress. Almost like a Marylyn Monroe dress, but more classy.

"Alice, I am not going to wear that! Besides, Esme said the dinner tonight was in-formal. No dressing up. See?"

"And I said it was. So get your ass in the bathroom, put on your dress and I'll get your shoes." Man, that pixie could be bad-ass when she wanted to be.

"No heels; ballet flats only," I reminded her. I heard Alice grumble to herself that sounded something like: 'clumsy, no boyfriend, disbeliever of love.' Hmm, odd.

Along with being ultimately withdrawn from having a long-term relationship, I also had the tendency to fall quite a bit. And heels break ankles if in the wrong hands, or feet.

Alice returned from her room wearing a sparkly deep purple dress and 4inch light purple heels. She had her hair in their perfect spikes, but also with some streaks of purple. In her hand, she carried ½ inch white heels, intended for me, I guess.

"Alice," I warned her. "I can't. You know what will happen to this dress if I do."

"Bella," she whined. "They're not even that big. Just for tonight, please! And Edward will love you in them." I didn't know this Edward kid, but Alice was certain he'd love me. As if. But, just to please her, I took the shoes from her hands. Just as I was slipping them on, the doorbell rang.

"I'LL GET IT!" screamed Alice. Man, for a tiny person, she was loud. She grabbed my hand, and exiting the room, yanked me down the stairs and into the hallway. She let go of my hand, and reached for the doorknob. She yanked it open and standing in the doorway there was… the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. He was almost like a Greek god. But in a tux.

"Hello, Alice," he said. Oh. My. Gosh. His voice was like pure silk. I just wanted to drink all of him in.

"Edward!" Alice squealed. Typical Alice. She enveloped him in a hug, and for a second there, I was envious of her. I recovered quickly thinking, He's Alice's cousin. I barely know him. How am I falling this quickly? I stood there, uncomfortable until he let her go and looked at me.

"Hello," he said. "You are…"

"Bella," I said quickly. "Bella Swan."

He laughed. "So you are this Bella Alice is always telling me about. Has she told you, that, umm…" he shifted nervously.

"That you and I are going to live 'happily ever after'," I said using air quotes. What I wouldn't give… "Yeah. She's been going nonstop." Now it was Alice's turn to look uncomfortable.

"Umm, why don't you two go sit down with Emmet and Carlisle in the living room. I think Rosalie and Jasper are going to be here soon." Alice almost shoed us down the stairs into the formal dining room. Carlisle and Emmet were already there, talking about some sport, as always.

"Carlisle, you got it all wrong. The Mets are going to beat the shit out of the Yankees this year." (sorry Yankees fans =]) Emmet was about to go on, until Carlisle saw Edward and I.

"Edward," Carlisle said, "always a pleasure to see you. And Bella, looking beautiful as ever." I blushed, not knowing what to say.

Emmet came up to us next. "Eddie, hey man!" Emmet was just like his sister, except more manly, kinda. "What's been up? And Bella, I see you've met Edward. Has Alice put her plan into action yet?" he said, snickering.

"Why, what plan Emmet? You mean the one where you and Rose-"Emmet slammed his hand over my mouth, causing me to shut up. As he looked up, I bit down on his hand, hard. He pulled back, pulling his hand over his chest, nursing it.

"Uhh, Bella, Esme is in the kitchen if you would like to help her," said Carlisle, not noticing the entire interaction between Emmet and I.

"Of course Carlisle," I said, exiting the room. As I looked back, Edward turned to look at me, with a wicked sexy crooked grin on his face. Cue fainting of Bella. As I was about to fall, Edward reached down and pulled me to my feet. I blushed, yet again, and walked away into the kitchen.