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Sam and Dean froze staring into the blinding white light waiting for the end. The light slowly started to fade leaving the boys looking down into a dark cavernous hole where to their shock stood a naked Lucifer holding sunscreen.

Startled, Lucifer looked up at the brothers with a vicious glare and growled, "Do you mind?!?! Can't you see that I'm working on my tan? Come back in another hundred years…" and with that he snapped his fingers and the floor closed over the hole.

The boys stood there for the next few minutes stunned at the turn of events. "What just happened?" Sam said with a dazed look, as Dean pulled him towards the convent doors. Dean glanced back at Sam and grinned, "I have no idea, but that was a lucky break!"

As the Winchesters left the convent, Dean with a smirk announced to Sam, "By the way, you're the one who's going to tell the angels that Lucifer wanted to work on his tan instead of wreaking havoc on all of humanity. I don't want to be the one who rains on their parade."