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My name is Amy Seasonle. And if you could see me, you would probably just think that I am a normal American girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes, always wearing a smile, I'm your typical teenager.


I am from the other side of the world. No, not Asia. I mean that no one from our side communicates with those from your side. We are a myth to you and your, pardon me for saying this, close-minded society. In most peoples' opinions on my side of the world, you all live in a protected bubble where imaginations and implausible stories are unwelcome. I don't believe that's true. But this is mostly because I've lived in your community and met people who believe in us.

Your seven continents are only half the planet Earth. As for us, we have four nations. We are human, like yourself (and if you aren't human, I'd like to know how you can read this). The only difference is that some of us have the ability to bend. Bending is a martial art that allows you to control an element. Only some people were given this special gift and can control an element. The only person who can control all four is the avatar.

The four elements are water, earth, fire, and air. The element a bender can control depends on which nation they are from. I am a water bender from the Water Tribe. My friend Meredith is from the Earth Kingdom and can earth bend, and my boyfriend Daniel is from the Air Temples and can air bend.

As you probably noticed, we don't have any friends from the Fire Nation. The reason behind that is simple. The Fire Nation started a war. And even that term is belittling. It's more like a bloody battle that takes place every day, tearing apart families and killing countless citizens from every nation.

And that's just the beginning.

One hundred years ago, the leader of the Fire Nation, the Fire Lord, invaded the other nations. He wanted to rule the entire world. What brought that on, I have no clue. Whatever the reason was, it doesn't seem that important after a hundred years of constant war.

He knew people would resist and people would die, yet he invaded anyway. Sometimes I wonder that if the present Fire Lord backed out of the war… would it cease to exist? I don't know if the Fire Lord knows about this side of the world, but even if he did, he wouldn't attack it. He fears you as much as your people fear us.

My closest friends and I have all been directly impacted by this terrible war. We all have terrible histories, and we're not the only ones. Everyone on this side of the world has been impacted.

Even though Dan's an air bender, he lived most of his life in the Earth Kingdom. His parents died, but we don't know how. He lives with a foster family, who are absolutely beautiful people.

Meredith's parent's died in the war also. She lives with her Aunt Fira and Fira's daughter, Patricia.

My dad is off at war, so I live with my mom and my older brother Mark. He's really fun, but we sometimes get in a lot of trouble. My dad's coming back in a few months, and we constantly pray that he will live.

All three of us and our families had fled our nations for various reasons. We all met in the United States. We were enrolled in school, and had peacefully been living here. Sure nothing exciting happened, but we were safe.

Until the Fire Nation prince showed up and put us all in danger.

We didn't know he was Prince Zuko when he first came. We just knew he was a teenager with jet black hair and a scar on his, which everyone thought was odd. He was cleverly disguised and none of us had a clue.

Except Meredith. She immediately knew he was from the other side of the world, because she had studied the four nations back in the Earth Kingdom. She was the one who figured out me and Dan were from the four nations in grade school. That's how we became friends.

He was a fire bender. We quickly added him to our group of training. We're trained by a woman by the name of Marissa. She had always believed in the other side of the world, and when we showed up, she was ecstatic. She knew about all forms of bending, and offered to train us secretly. We agreed, because our bending would get sloppy if we strayed from practice too long.

Our town was sometimes attacked by small fire nation raids. The keyword is small. As I said before, the Fire Lord doesn't want to start a war here, but he will wait until he has slaughtered the avatar and has ultimate power. We don't know what we'll do then, but we did find out that he wanted his son back, Zuko. Zuko was banished and was said to have committed a crime by which he was being hunted down by his sister, Azula, to return to the fire nation for punishment.

One day, Azula herself led one of the raids. We soon found out the fire bender enrolled in our school was Zuko, prince of the fire nation.

Azula offered Zuko a choice. Get rid of us and come home a hero, or side with us and come back a prisoner.

I guess he really wanted to go home as a hero.

We were all surprised, I mean, we thought he was our friend for one. We all were angry, especially Meredith. For a while, Dan and I had thought that he and Meredith had something going on, if you know what I mean. I guess it all disappeared when he joined Azula. Meredith offered to handle it. Dan and I agreed, only because we knew Meredith was much better at fighting than Zuko. Azula quickly agreed to the Agni Kai as well. Zuko on the other hand, he knew he had to at least try.

That was the showdown of a lifetime. It was amazing, even though they both kept screaming nasty things at each other. Daniel and I watched with constant worry, but Azula seemed to enjoy the excitement.

In the end, Meredith knocked Zuko down, and trapped him in earth blocks. He struggled but could not move.

"This battle is over," Meredith had said to him.

"Come back here!" Zuko had screeched.

"And do what, kill you? Because that's what I'm supposed to do right now."

If looks could kill, Zuko would have been dead. However, physically, Meredith could never kill someone; she was just incapable. And Zuko couldn't reply to that.

Azula attacked us. She is officially the scariest person I have ever met. We just barely made it to the car. Even as we drove away, I could still hear Azula screaming at him.

"That was pathetic. You leave for three years, and this is what has become of your fire bending? What's wrong with you, Zuko? You had better start training when we get home. Wait until father hears about this." Then Zuko muttered something, but it didn't matter what he said, because it's not like we would see him again.

I was wrong. Now Meredith, Dan, and I are headed towards the other side of the world, and you will soon learn why…

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