Eclipse chapter 18 INSTRUCTION

Start from the middle chapter where Emmett and Alice take turns to fight Jasper in training against the newborns. Edward goes after Alice to fight. Just something I thought of. One shot but could change if reviewers want.

Bella POV

He squeezed my hand before he let it go.

I sat for a couple minutes to watch Edward's movement but they just disappeared.

I started to get thirsty. I looked around when Alice stood by Emmett motioning me toward her arm with a water bottle.

I repressed a smile. Trust Alice to be prepared.

I got up, walking toward her when I tripped over my own foot, landing straight, face down and my nose in the ground.

I could hear Emmett's booming laugh when I started to get up slowly.

Esme and Alice approached me, both were looking like they were holding back chuckles. Both took each side of my arm and stood me up.

I blushed a deep red when I heard rough sounds from the werewolves. Carlisle approached me having an amused smile.

"Are you okay dear?" I felt Carlisle place his arm on my shoulder.

I nodded, blushing again. It was embarrassing enough to trip on my face infront of vampires but I tripped in front of big dogs too!

Alice and esme began to move me to one of the logs for me to sit. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Rosalie roll her eyes.

I didn't blame her. My reflexes did get predictably boring.

I didn't notice Edward had stopped fighting with Jasper until I felt his arm around my waist.

"hey love you okay?" I blushed a deep red and hid my face in his chest, feeling his shoulders moving with chuckles.

Great now I had more attention. Everyone was looking at me.