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WARNING: there will be slash, cursing, violence, OOCness possible mpreg. If there is more I'll add it.


It was the night of a full moon when two teens were trying to get home before Weres found them. They were walking through the busy streets of London then turned down a side street that led to Hermione's house. The young man's eyes were darting around the street, looking at the top of buildings, down alleys and at every shadow to make sure they were safe.

Hermione had just turned to Harry when she screamed and fell forward, but the attack wasn't over. A huge Leopard was on her back. Harry yelled and swung his fist at the thing when he felt a horrible pain in his side. He made a small noise of distress as he stated to fall. It took a moment before he started to fight back.

He reached back with his arm and landed a hit in the werewolf's ribs. Instantly the Werewolf let go with a wail. Harry turned over as the Werewolf lunged at him. Harry rolled out of the way, causing the Werewolf to run into the Wereleopard, knocking it off of Hermione.

"Mione, run!" Harry yelled staggering to his feet.

Hermione followed Harry's example and got to her feet. Her shoulder was painful as she moved and so was her back. Harry's side was almost crippling pain, but he did his best to ignore it when they started to run. They were just at the yard into Hermione's house when they heard the Weres on their tail. Harry caught Hermione's arm and pulled her to his chest with his arms wrapped around her. The pair got knocked down, landing with Hermione safely under Harry, mostly protected from harm.

Both Weres were clawing and biting Harry, the Werewolf for the hit to his side and the Wereleopard trying to get at Hermione, but Harry wasn't moving. The pain became too much and Harry scream a blood curdling scream, bringing Mr. Granger out with a gun in hand. Without hesitating, he shot twice at the Weres hitting them both in the side. The Weres reared back with animalistic scream then ran off to nurse their wounds. Mr. Granger came running out with a young man and Mrs. Granger.

The three made it to the pair on the ground and gasped in shock.

"Harry? Harry can you hear me?" Hermione asked tearfully.

Slowly Harry opened pain filled emerald eyes, "I can hear you, 'Mione. I can't move." He said roughly as he tried to shift his body off of her.

Gentle hands caught Harry's waist as another set caught his shoulders lifting him up into a standing position. Hermione got up with the help of her mother as the two men helped Harry to stay standing.

Suddenly they heard a growl and the young man that had helped them cried out as a set of claws tore into his shoulder. "Cygnus!" the girls cried out as he grabbed his shoulder.

Pissed off, Harry's magic finally reacted and sent the Werewolf flying. "We need to get inside, now." Harry said in a weak voice.

Mr. Granger and Cygnus assisted Harry into the house with the women leading the way. Harry muttered a few things and spells surrounded the house forming wards.

"What was that?" Mr. Granger asked curiously.

"Prevention Wards. They keep the Weres out of your house." Harry explained.

Mrs. Granger walked Hermione to a stool to sit on then rushed down the hall. She returned moments later with medical supply, a large plastic tub filled with water and towels, wash clothes and a sheet under her arm.

After making sure Cygnus had Harry, Mr. Granger went over and helped to unload Mrs. Granger's arms. "Lay the sheet on the floor, honey." She said as she walked over to Harry. "Is there anyway we can contact someone? Someone that knows how to treat people that were attacked by those things?" She asked.

Harry nodded and tried to reach into his pocket. Cygnus gently shifted Harry then reached into his pocket, pulling out a mirror and placed it in Harry's hand. The mirror was silvery blue with wave-like designs around the oval viewing glass. Harry raised it slightly then called out, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, I'm the fairest of them all."


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