Disclaimers: Not a single one of the characters are mine. How Could I Not See? I've always watched you

Ever since you were young

Back then you didn't realize

What exactly you could become

I admit I was shocked

When you sent Toby away

You looked so surprised

As you looked upon real fae

Every time something bad happened

I did my best to help you

Because my dear Lady Sarah

The love I feel for you is true

I didn't recognize my feelings

Until it was already too late

You had left the Labyrinth

Left me with a great hate

Hate at how stupid I am

How could I not see?

This wonderful woman

Who had become so dear to me?

I gaze on your face

As the moonlight streams in

Entering your window

Which accidentally was left open

I was going to leave soon

But I could not

As your eyes opened suddenly

And I found I had been caught

You handled it well

Keeping perfectly calm

Asking my why I was there

As I looked down at my palm

I told you I loved you

That I always would

As well as that I could leave

Expecting you to tell me I should

But you didn't

Instead you took my hand

Asking me to back

Back to my own land

I did as you asked

And we returned to the underground

The next day we were married

And I must have been the happiest person around