Bad Kitty

Chapter 1: Karma

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It had been a long night below the streets of Raccoon City. Files were strewed about, and cold coffee in mugs were here and there in a mess that was a laboratory. The fluorescent lights could cause a headache if one was to constantly watch their flickering lights. The massive underground facility was unknown to the population of Raccoon City, save for a certain company, and a few greedy businessmen. Umbrella owned Raccoon City down to its every last rock.

Albert Wesker was glaring at his computer screen. The experiment was just not coming out correctly, even though he had spent all night trying to figure its formula. Of course, it didn't help that his lab partner was disturbing him every second as it passed. He turned slightly in his chair to look over to William Birkin.

William was easily entertained, but he was also way too intelligent for his own damn good. Even though, at times, he acted like the total opposite of a genius. Right now the handsome genius was humming a song while mixing some chemicals in vials. William was also entirely too happy. Wesker would have long ago strangled most men, but William was different. To this day, the strange friendship and partnership of the two of them still managed to annoy, confuse, and even calm Wesker.

"Will, shut up."

"What? Why?"

"You have been humming Mary had a Little Lamb for two hours straight."

William looked confused. "Really? Wow, how annoying!"

Wesker heaved a sigh. He turned back to the computer. He figured the best thing to do about the formula was to start back from scratch. Apparently, he got something wrong along the line, which annoyed Wesker. He was hardly ever wrong.

William started humming It's a Small World After All. Wesker felt his eye twitch behind his dark sunglasses. He spun his chair around, clearing his throat as loud as he could. William was quick to stop, snickering softly as he ran the vials over to another table. Wesker checked his watch, and realized it was about time to turn in for the night. He would have to be at the precinct early in the morning.

"Let's go, William," he stated, getting to his feet and hanging his lab coat. William nodded, but was still stuck on his experiment. Wesker had to coax his partner out like a child to get him away from his work.

As they were heading to a main elevator that took them up to the surface, inside the Umbrella Pharmacy, the two walked side by side. They were getting their keys ready as they reached the elevator. All the other scientists and assistants had already retired for the night. Wesker and William were usually the last ones to leave.

"You know, I have been thinking. Do you think that we will ever get what's coming to us?" William asked curiously.

"What do you mean?" Wesker asked, glancing over at him. William hit the button for the surface, and the elevator doors slid shut. They could barely hear the soft elevator music coming from the speaker above.

"You know, karma."

"William, will you stop with your karma superstition? There is no such thing as karma," Wesker heaved.

"Oh yes there is! One of these days we will be cursed or be smote or even arrested for the things that we do!"

"I'm going to smite you in just a minute if you don't shut up," Wesker growled.

"Alright, alright, geez…I was just wondering."

"We have been doing the same thing for many years, Will. If some sort of force was going to get us back, I'm sure it would have already happened by now."

"Yeah, you're right," Will sighed. His eyes then widened, and he was grinning again. "Oh, man did I tell you about that George Myler guy?"

"I don't think you have," Wesker stated, slightly smirking.

The elevator dinged, and the doors flew open to the basement of the Umbrella Pharmacy. The two men had all the keys, seeing as no one was even at the Pharmacy this late. They left the building, locking it up behind them and making sure that the security was up and running.

"He got stuck working with the dogs. Annette told me he made a mistake, and the dogs attacked him. She said they ripped him completely apart! What a dumb-ass!" William cackled.

"Indeed, he was," Wesker chuckled.

"I'm sure you can only imagine what Spencer had to say," Will added.

"I'm sure I can. See you tomorrow, William," Wesker answered, hitting the button to unlock his black BMW sport sedan. The lights flashed at him. William did the same with his silver Lexus.

"Yeah, have fun at the precinct tomorrow!"

Wesker sped off in his car, heading for home. The powerful engine of the car rumbled quietly under the hood. While driving towards his house in the high dollar suburban area, Wesker couldn't help but to think about William's words. He had to roll his eyes, smiling a little at his partner's absurd fallacy.

"Karma," Wesker chuckled to himself, slightly shaking his head. "I don't know about you sometimes, William."

He parked the BMW in front of his garage once he got home. He gathered his keys, briefcase, and handgun and entered his house. By this time, he was laughing at William's karma talk. Wesker couldn't even remember all the bad things he had done during his life. If karma truly did exist, surely he would have received some of it by now? William was no different, and neither were anyone else who worked for Umbrella…Wesker was just a little worse…

"Hey man, what's up?"

The sudden voice made him jump. He spun around, aiming his gun. A young man sat on Wesker's couch, legs crossed and arms spread out to line the top of the furniture. There was something extremely wrong with this scenario. Wesker recognized the man as his old mentor James Marcus when he was much younger. The neck length brown hair, the weird white robe he wore for a lot of his pictures, the face, it was all right on the dot.

If that wasn't bad enough, the Marcus man was faint and misty, and Wesker could barely see through him to the couch. Wesker couldn't believe his eyes. He cocked the gun, but was trying to prevent himself from firing the weapon. He was either dreaming or seriously drugged up somehow.

William, dammit. I told you to never drug my coffee again!

"Whoa! You don't need to aim that thing at me! I'm a friendly ghost!"

Ghost?! Alright, now I'm seriously fucked up, Wesker growled in his head.

"I'm here to punish you," the young Marcus ghost said, smiling.

"Punish me? How is that friendly? Wait a minute…Dr. Marcus?"

The ghost blinked. "Who is Dr. Marcus? My name is Francis Francy! And I am here to deliver your punishment."

Wesker took a second to absorb this. Somehow he couldn't handle that a punisher's name should be Francis Francy. He sighed, and shook his head, not quavering his gun.

"Then why do you look like his younger self?" Wesker growled.

"Who knows. I'm just here for your punishment," sighed the ghost. Francis Francy got to his feet, taking a step towards Wesker.

"What do you mean by 'punishment'?"

Francis held up his hand, slightly smiling. "Punishment. Noun. The penalty for doing something wrong. Or two, the act of punishing."

"This is some sort of dream. William really did put drugs in my coffee again," Wesker heaved, trying to shake his head to wake up from this weird dream. "This is what I get for having to listen to all of his karma crap."

Francis Francy chuckled. "Karma? I love karma! What goes around comes around is what they always say, ya know?"

"Shut up," Wesker growled.

"Fine, but I need to give you your punishment," the young Marcus look-alike ghost sighed.

Before Wesker could do anything to defend himself, he suddenly felt hot pain strike his forehead. He was blinded by the white light that came from the weird ghost guy. As quickly as it hit the S.T.A.R.S captain, it was quickly gone in a flash, and Wesker crumbled to the floor.

"I'm gonna have so much fun with this," Francis Francy giggled, his words very faint to Wesker's ears.

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