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Hermione Granger sat at her desk, in her office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and thought.

Specifically, she thought about Harry Potter.

It had been just a few days after his sixteenth birthday. Everything had been completely normal, until suddenly the Ministry detected a huge surge of magic coming from Little Whinging.

They had sent a squad of Aurors down to investigate, and they had found two things.

One, Harry Potter kneeling on the floor of his room at Number four Privet Drive crying, clutching the stump of his right arm with his remaining hand and staring at a bloody lump of feathers in the middle of the room.

And two, that everyone in Little Whinging, with the sole exception of Harry himself, and including Mundungus Fletcher and Alastor Moody, who had been watching the house, were dead.

It took them just a little while longer to realize that every person with a Dark Mark, including Voldemort himself, was also dead.

Harry was charged with two hundred and seventy-five counts of manslaughter, and whatever other crimes they could build against him, and was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences in Azkaban.

That was twenty-seven years ago.

Seventeen years after that, he had suddenly and abruptly vanished, straight out of his cell. There had been an investigation, of course, and inquiries, but they had all tapered off after about six months.

Hermione sighed, and sat back to begin grading her students' essays. Suddenly, she heard an incredibly magnified voice from just outside that castle. She dashed to the window and felt her jaw drop.

About a Kilometer out from Hogwarts, there was a cloaked figure floating in the air. His face was obscured by a hood, and a ragged cape drifted out behind him. He was crackling with a kind of black energy, and his right arm seemed to be composed entirely of that same energy. And then he began to speak.

"The great Galactus has been summoned. He will arrive here very soon. Your world is to be converted into elemental energy to serve as nourishment for my master Galactus. I have surveyed your planet and while it supports much life it will be sufficient for his needs. Though it will mean the end of your existence, you must realize what an honor it is that your death will provide sustenance to Galactus. Your time is short. Prepare for the end."

Hermione's mouth opened even wider than it already had.