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Cassie's POV

It's been six years since Nick and I made it away from the Division without much more than a scratch and an injection of soy sauce. He didn't remember what he said to Kira in her letter, and I didn't tell him. Truth be told, I didn't want him to go after her. I hoped it would keep them apart.

It didn't.

We were barely a month past the whole thing when she found us with a Watcher named Jaylyn. I hadn't heard the best about Jaylyn's Watching skills, but he was good enough to get to us, apparently, even halfway around the world, in California. Naturally, Nick welcomed Kira back with open arms. I survived it for a good six months, all of the gooey love scenes and constant kisses. The longing looks and the less-than muffled moans and groans late at night. It all disgusted me. I was tempted to shove Kira off of a cliff on more than one occasion, but I knew that would only hurt Nick. And that wasn't something I wanted to have weighing on my conscience.

On my fourteenth birthday, Nick promised me a trip to a nearby Carnival. I shouldn't have been excited at the prospect of such a childish thing and I played it off as such. But it was going to be with Nick. And that would make it perfect. I even blocked my Visions, hoping to keep any surprises he had in store for me. Something special, just for me.

Yeah, I know. We're eight years apart and he's always seen me as more of a sister. It didn't stop me from hoping that maybe he had some sort of feelings for me.

Apparently, I was a thick thirteen-year-old.

By the time the big day arrived, I was exhausted from halting my Visions whenever they began. I was putting everyone in danger doing what I was doing-the Division could have been after us at that very moment, and I wouldn't have known. So sue me; I wanted a bit of a surprise. And I got it. Sort of.

Turns out Kira wasn't as good as everyone seemed to think. She may have been Pushed into thinking her and Nick hadn't really been together, but she was a part of the Division. Still is. Since she killed Henry, she even took over. And I was at the top of her shit-list.

Of course, I didn't know any of this much until later, when both Kira and I were long gone.

The day of the Carnival, I woke early, dressed as quickly as I could, and was halfway out the door into the busy Los Angeles streets when I was shoved against the refrigerator. Fingers clasped tight around my neck, squeezing too tight to allow any noise to escape my throat but not tight enough to cut off all air.

"You leave now and I won't kill you." Kira swooped into my black-rimmed line of vision. Her eyes darkened and bored into mine. I fought as hard as I could against her Push and somehow managed to tear my gaze away before she was able to complete it. In retrospect, maybe I should have let her.

"No," I spat, having just squirmed away just enough to utter that one word. I shoved back against my assailant, but she was too strong for me. Kira's face darkens and her fingers flexed against my neck.

"I could do it in a second. Nick already does everything I say-I probably wouldn't even have to Push him to get him to pull the trigger on himself." My eyes, already bugged from the pressure, widened even more. She could threaten me all she wanted, but threatening Nick was out of the question. And a quick skip to the future told me that her words were more than true. I could have seen that without Seeing it.

Kira knew she had me. She grinned, let go of me, and left, saying only, "Your bags are already outside."

I left.

Not just because of Nick and Kira. I needed to find my mother. But I didn't think about that until after I was gone. It became an excuse for me. I left because I needed my mother and I needed my space from him. From Nick.

I still Watched him carefully, though, over the years. I knew exactly where he was and when. I Watched his Moving improve until he surpassed his father. I Watched as slowly, day by day, Kira's powers grew as well. Her and Nick lived off of the money she Pushed from people on the streets and he won by fixing gambling. It wasn't much different from my own way of living; all it took was a little Watching to See when someone would drop a wallet or lose something valuable.

About a year and a half after I left, Kira disappeared. So did the antidote. She must have had a Shadow with her, a very powerful Shadow, as I couldn't Watch her, no matter how hard I tried. Nick, however, was painfully easy. He went catatonic for a while after Kira left, then moved back to Hong Kong. he still worked on his Moving and beat up the occasional Division goony from other countries with the old gang. Like Scooby-Doo on crack. I could tell his heart wasn't in it, though. Watching him almost made me want to go back. Almost.

Nick never talked about me. Even after Kira left, it was like I was never there in the first place. Only once, when he was with Emily, did he mention me. Only after she asked him where I was. To which he replied, "No idea," and changed the subject as quickly as possible. Feeling the love, Nick. Feeling the love.

Maybe it was a good thing that I left. I knew I was more of a burden to him than an asset at most times, even if neither of us would ever admit it to each other. He probably didn't appreciate the affections of a kid eight years younger than him either. Hero-worship, he'd call it, after which I would smack him and demand he buy me booze. Which he never would.

In my absence from Nick, my powers have flourished. Others I come across is my travels often compare me to my mother's greatness; I can see years head, though the future is always changing so quickly that I can never get a good hold on it. Some days I catch sight of Kira returning and slaughtering Nick. Other I see myself with him, doing whatever we always do. I'm still not good enough to find my mother, though I Watch constantly, searching for a glimpse of her. It all only leads me on a wild goose chase. I've been everywhere from Athens to Paris to London to Idaho, gathering clues to my mother's mast plan. I have letters from her to others, pictures of her and my father, pieces of jewelry that I took to Sniffs and Readers to help me but that only led me to another set of random objects.

My mother is missing, Kira is missing, and the antidote is missing. The future is a jumbled mess, but there's one clear outcome that I See constantly.


As we know, I did become quite involved in this story, which is nice, because I like it and I love all my readers for going through it. I hope that those who are going back through to see the changes are pleased with what they find-I've found that my writing has changed vastly throughout this experience and I don't really like looking at how horrid these chapters were pre-change. XD For those of you who are new to KPM, be glad that you're getting this version. It makes a lot more sense. :3