Twenty-one year old Mello wondered blankly why Naomi insisted on having her wedding in Russia---he couldn't remember anything about his home country. Nonetheless, it was Naomi's wedding, so they ('they' meaning Mello, Misa, Lawliet, Matt, Linda, Near, Raito, Takada, Wedy, Aiber, Wammy, and, of course, Raye) got on the fastest boat to Russia. They were currently standing in front of a beautiful white three-story house. Well, he, Near, Naomi, and Raye were standing on the porch. Everyone else was by the cars it took to take them there, arguing over who would carry the luggage.

"Go ahead, Mihael." Naomi said happily. Mello glanced at her, then raised his hand and knocked on the door loudly. There was a shuffle from inside.

"Hold on, hold on, now." Came a muttered voice. The door was opened to reveal a male who was slightly taller than Mello. Thin frames of glasses were in front of astonishingly blue eyes. Dark hair streaked with white was hanging over the man's face as he peered at Mello. "Hello. Are you selling something, boy?"

"No, sir." Mello said clearly. The man blinked.

"Ah, good, good." He mumbled. "Good." He frowned slightly as he looked Mello over. "Come here, boy." Blinking, Mello glanced at Near before moving towards the man. Instantly, the older man's hand shot out and grasped Mello's face. Feeling an odd sense of deja vu, Mello allowed his face to be tilted in as many angles as possible. "You look a bit familiar, boy." He said gruffly. Naomi decided now was the time to intervene.

"Отец!(1)" She cried, coming from behind Mello and throwing her arms around the man's neck. He smiled instantly.

"Naomi, my dear." He said warmly, hugging her. "Что приносит вас назад здесь, моя дочь?(2)"

"Я получаю пожененным, отец!(3)" She said happily. "This is Raye." The man looked over Mello.

"You're marrying this fellow?" He raised an eyebrow at his daughter. "Why are you marrying someone who looks so much like our deceased son, Naomi?"

"Who the hell said I was deceased?" Mello hissed at Near, annoyed. Near glanced at him, amusement sparkling in his eyes.

"What was that you said, boy?" The man barked at Mello. Mello turned and looked him in the eye.

"I said, who the hell said I was deceased?" He repeated loudly. Naomi sighed and held up her hands, as if to ask 'why?' The man's eyes widened and he took a step back.

"Mita, come here." He called over his shoulder, still staring at Mello. "Mita? Now. Come here!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming, you old goat." A woman snapped. She was slightly taller than Naomi, her hand on her husband's shoulder. Near raised his eye brow when he noted the vibrant blonde hair that was beginning to be streaked with grey. "What is it?"

"Look." Was all her husband said, and with a sigh she straightened black glasses and peered up at Mello. Her mouth opened and shut a few times.

"Mihael?" She said softly, reaching out slowly and touching the sides of Mello's face. Mello closed his eyes and tilted his head into her hands. Mita laughed loudly. "Mihael, мой младенец, мой сынок!" She shook her head and pulled Mello's face closer, resting her forehead on his. "Mihael, мой Mihael...(4)"

"Я назад, мать, отец.(5)" Mello said softly, laughing a little.

Mello couldn't remember much of the service. He was standing by Raye (as a Man of Honor, or something like that), and Misa sat in the second row by Near, giggling quietly and throwing flower petals all over the place, most of them landing in Near's hair and spotting the normal silver with pink. The only part Mello really remembered was the important part.

"Делают вы, Raye Penbar, принять Наоми Misora Keehl как ваш правово wedded супруга, для того чтобы держать и лелеять, в болезнь и в здоровье, до смерть сделать вас разделите?(6)" Raye took a deep breath, staring solemnly into Naomi's eyes with a slight smile.

"Я делаю.(7)" Mello felt a smile creep on his face as Naomi flushed with pride. The priest repeated the question to Naomi, and she replied affirmatively as well.

"После этого, при сила возложенная в мне, как посыльный нашего лорда Иисуса Христа, я теперь произношу вас человек и супруга.(8)" Everyone in the church cheered softly when Naomi and Raye kissed, and Mello laughed, throwing an arm around his sister when she pulled away and spinning her around. Nine-year-old Misa shrieked with laughter, tossing her whole basket in the air and spilling flower petals on everyone.

At the reception, Mello laughed and grabbed his sister as she walked by.

"Танцулька с мной, большой сестрой.(9)" He said, spinning her around onto the dance floor. With a laugh, Naomi agree (not much else she could do) and as they dance, Naomi smiled.

"How does it feel to be back home, with everyone again?" Naomi asked, tilting her head. Mello laughed.

"It's great. It's wonderful, seeing everyone." Mello spun Naomi around, and she touched his shoulder lightly as she returned into his arms.

"I'm thinking about bringing them back with us." Naomi bit her lip. "Would you be fine with that?"

"Of course!" Mello's eyes widened and a small hand tapped his shoulder. "Huh?"

"May I cut in?" Near asked, shuffling his feet nervously. Naomi smiled and pulled away from Mello. "Thank you, Naomi." He smiled. "Congratulations, Naomi."

"Thank you Near." Naomi smiled, then disappeared to find Raye. Mello bowed, then grabbed Near's hand and they began to dance.

"Is Mello enjoying his stay?" Near asked quietly. Mello nodded so enthusiastically that it made Near chuckle a little. "Would Mello like to stay here, with his parents?"

"Near, shut up." Mello said firmly. Near looked up at him with wide black eyes. Mello looked down at him, blue eyes glinting sharply. "Don't even start, ok? I'm happy, in America, with you and Lawliet-sama and Raito and Matt. Understand?" Meekly, Near nodded and Mello allowed a smile to cross his face. He leaned down until his lips were brushing against Near's, making Near blush about six different shades of red. "Don't worry so much, ok?" He said softly. Near nodded again. Smiling, Mello placed more force into the kiss. Near's hands moved slowly from Mello's shoulder to tangle in Mello's hair, and Mello pulled him closer by his waist. Near's tongue flicked out slowly, and Mello opened his mouth.

"Dude, at least get a room!" Matt hissed, forcing the couple apart. Laughing at the looks on their faces, Matt spun Linda away. Mello cursed under his breath.

"One day, I swear I'm gonna kill that boy." He promised Near. Near cracked a smile in response.

2---What brings you back here, my daughter?
3---I'm getting married, Father.
4---Mihael, my baby, my son! Mihael, my Mihael.
5---I'm back, Mother, Father.
6---Do you, Raye Penbar, take Naomi Misora Keehl as your lawfully wedded wife, to hold and to cherish, in sickness and in health, til death do you part?
7---I do.
8---Then, with the power vested in me, as the Messenger of our Lord Jesus Christ, I now pronounce you Man and Wife.
9---Dance with me, big sister.

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