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"Do you feel like we're getting uh…boring?"

Mike blinked in surprise at the question. "Boring?" He looked over at his boyfriend John Morrison questioningly. "You think we're boring?"

John saw the slight look of hurt that flashed across Mike's face and backtracked a bit. "I didn't mean like US personally. I just meant like the shit we do. You know, we're always doing the same thing night after night and I just feel that it's getting boring. You know?"

Mike thought about that for a moment and realized that John had a good point. They had settled into a routine without even meaning to. Their lives were pretty much wrestling, going to the gym, traveling, going to a club when they had some free time and then coming home or back to the hotel to fuck until they passed out. It had been suiting him just fine but if it was bothering John then it was sure going to bother him now. "Well what do you say we do about it then?" he asked.

John shrugged. "I don't know."

"Well that's totally not helpful." Mike leaned back in his chair and bit at his thumbnail as he tried to think of something different for them to do. This thinking thing was actually a lot harder than it sounded. He wasn't much of an idea guy unless it was completely in the heat of the moment and then he usually came up with really dumb ideas that didn't end very well. "Um…you wanna like do something nuts? Like bungee jump or-"

"Oh hell no," John quickly said. He shook his head quite vehemently to help make his point. "We gotta do something new, not insane."

"Well why don't you think of something then? Because I don't know where to start."

"Fine then, I will." John gave Mike quite the haughty look before getting to work on that thought process. Mike waited as patiently as he could but got bored in about a minute and instead started focusing on blowing on a piece of fuzz that came floating by him and keeping it up in the air. Come on, stay up stay up don't you go anywhere…

"I got it!" John suddenly exclaimed, startling the leaning back Mike so much that he promptly fell backwards and landed almost head first on the floor.


John didn't even have the decency to look concerned. He just threw his head back and howled in laughter, which made Mike glare at him as he got back up to his feet. "That's great," he said sarcastically. "Really, that's just awesome. I'm fine by the way. Just fine."

"I'm sorry," John said as he tried to gasp for breath. He was trying to sound serious and apologetic but it wasn't really working. "I'm sorry really, are you okay?"

"I'll live," Mike replied curtly. He put his chair back upright and sat back down in it. "You know, if I would have broken my neck right there, you would have felt really awful for laughing."

"But you didn't," John pointed out. "So I don't." He walked over and sat down on Mike's lap, pressing his forehead to his and kissing him until he finally kissed back. "Now do you want to hear my idea?"

"I'm sure you'll tell me even if I don't."

"I think you will. It's a sexual one."

Of course that got Mike's attention. He perked right the hell up and smirked at the look John was giving him. "Oh really now?"


"Well color me interested." Mike nipped at John's lower lip gently. "Do tell me what it is."

"Well we've done threesomes before in the past and they're great and all, but how about we try having a foursome?"

Mike blinked several times and his eyebrows shot up. "A foursome? With who?"

John shrugged. "I don't know. We'll have to find the perfect people. Nobody but the best gets to be with us."

"Damn right," Mike agreed. He grabbed on to some of John's hair and kissed him hard. "Question is, where do we start looking?"

John smirked a bit. "I have an idea…"

Mike blinked and held John's hand as they made their way through the club. He hadn't caught the name of this place but then again, it wasn't something that particularly mattered. What mattered was the whole reason while they were there. Finding suitable fuck buddies for the night seemed to be very serious business for John. He was leading Mike up the stairs so they could be up in the balcony, which would allow them a better view of the almost all the people there. "See anybody yet?" Mike couldn't help but ask.

"No," John replied. "Don't be impatient I just started looking."

"Well don't take too long. The longer you take the less time we have to fuck."

John swatted him out of irritation before resuming his search. Mike started looking around as well, figuring he might as well be helpful while waiting to get laid. "What about them?" he asked, pointing to a couple of guys dancing quite enthusiastically up on the bar. "They look deliciously willing."

John snorted. "No way. They're twinks. I'm not fucking total twinks."

"Afraid that I'll think they're prettier than you?"

"Even YOU aren't dumb enough to think that." John poked Mike's chest hard and tossed his long dark hair back as he continued to scan the club. At first a very displeased look crossed his face because there were no worthy people to be seen. But then, right before he could reconsider his choice of club to scout in, he saw them. The perfect duo that would make for a very fun night. He actually scolded himself for not thinking of them before. "There," he said, pointing to who he saw.

Mike looked and couldn't help the smirk that crossed his lips. "You think they'll go for it?"

John snorted. "If you knew them better, you know that wouldn't have to be a question." He grabbed Mike's hand once more and started pulling him along. "Come on. We gotta get them before someone else puts their ugly paws on them."

Matt's eyes scanned the club as he sat next to Jeff, who was happily trying to drink himself into oblivion. They had originally come here with Shane and Shannon but the two of them had already taken off with their booty calls for the night. Several people, both guys and girls, had come up to Matt and Jeff and tried to get them interested in spending the night with them but both brothers had declined all invitations. Unbeknownst to all the attempted suitors, Matt and Jeff had been holding hands under the table the entire time they had been there. The relationship they had was not one the general public would ever understand and knowing full well the ramifications of people finding out, they kept things as low key as possible. Still though, they couldn't resist this sign of affection.

"Is it me or is this place kind of lame?" Matt finally asked.

Jeff looked up from his drinks and shrugged his shoulders. "Kind of." He pushed his glass away from him and let his eyes wander all around. "I mean, it's not THAT bad. It's just…I dunno. Maybe if we wanted to come here it would be better, you know?"

Matt nodded along. Truth be told, they had only come here because Shannon and Shane had insisted on it. While they both loved to party as much as any of their friends, they had been wanting a quiet night in tonight. Shane and Shannon had pretty much annoyed them into going out and now that the annoying tag team were thoroughly busy, they weren't leaving for some reason. They were just sitting and spinning their wheels.

"Hey Hardys!"

One of Matt's eyebrows shot up as Mike and Mor started coming their way. "What do you think they want?" he asked Jeff quietly.

Jeff shrugged. "Only one way to find out." He leaned back in his chair and gave the approaching couple his most flirtatious grin. "Mizzy…Morrie…"

"Don't call us that," Mike said as he and John sat down.

"I'll call you what I want bitch."

Matt smirked as Mike pouted, giving Jeff's hand a good squeeze underneath the table. "What can we do for you guys?"

"Well…" John smiled coyly and exchanged a look with Mike. "You see, Mike and I are looking to have some fun tonight and we wanted to know if you would be interested in-"

"Having a foursome with us," Mike blurted out.

John's eye twitched. "I was going to do it more SUBTLE than that!"

"But…but…what if they misinterpreted the subtle shit? At least with my way they know what's on the table."

"Your way proves you're an idiot."

Now it was Matt and Jeff's turn to exchange looks while John and Mike bickered back and forth. Jeff definitely seemed interested in this offer and he was looking at Matt quite hopefully. They had done some experimenting before but they had never done a foursome. Adding more people into the equation wasn't typically Matt's thing; he enjoyed just being with Jeff himself much more. But Jeff looked ready to beg and pout if he didn't get his way and maybe the boredom Matt had been feeling just sitting there for so long had started to get to his head because the idea did have enough appeal to make him nod at Jeff. A big smile spread across Jeff's face and without even having to say a word they both leaned across the table and interrupted the ongoing argument with a kiss. John's eyes about popped out of his head as Matt dominated his mouth and Mike just about got pulled up over the table and on to Jeff's lap. The kisses lasted until all four of them were screaming for oxygen and when they broke apart Jeff had a smirk waiting on his lips.

"Count us in."

Despite the fact it was the mission they had set out to fulfill, Mike was having a hard time believing it was working as they led Matt and Jeff into the room. It just seemed strange to him that they had given in so readily. John of course, wasn't surprised. He had known the brothers longer than Mike had and he knew that even if they wouldn't have said yes to begin with, they could have been persuaded to still do this.

"Come here," Jeff said, surprising Mike by once again taking charge and pulling him in for a kiss. This time though he pulled Jeff even closer and arched his groin into Jeff's while his hands eagerly explored the older man's body. Matt and John both watched for a moment before Matt came up behind John and started kissing his way across his neck. "Don't they look so hot like that?" the older hardy whispered as his hands went up Morrison's shirt. "Jeff's mouth really is amazing." He kept rubbing John's abs and tried to slip a hand down John's jeans, but found that they were way too tight to even do that. "Are these painted on you or something?"

John smirked a bit. "Maybe. Why don't you try to take them off and find out?"

That sounded like a dare and of course Matt couldn't just back down from one of those. He quickly unbuttoned John's jeans and pulled out the younger man's cock. "No underwear?" Matt said with a smirk. He wrapped his hand around John's cock and started to stroke it slowly. "You little slut."

"You try getting-ooh fuck-these things on with underwear," John said in his defense. He was trying to buck shamelessly into Matt's hand and let out a loud whine when Matt forced him to stop. "It's impossible." He tried once more to thrust into Matt's hand and whined again when it still wasn't allowed. "Come on Matt please-"

"I'll stroke you at the pace I want to stroke you," Matt growled. He went a little faster for a second and then purposely slowed down just to drive John nuts. "And you're going to like it. You got that?"

"Is your brother always like that?" Mike asked Jeff in between heated kisses.

Jeff nodded. "Oh yeah."

"It fig-wait, how do you know?"

Jeff just smirked before turning around and grinding his ass against Mike's crotch, loving the way he moaned and started grinding back against him. "Hey Matty, what do you think we should do with our boys here?"

Matt smirked back at him. "I have an idea." He started stroking John a bit faster while one of his hands pulled his head back by the hair so he could bite down on John's earlobe. "I want you to suck Jeff," he said loud enough for Jeff and Mike to hear. "I want you to get on your knees and wrap your pretty lips around Jeff's cock while your boyfriend fucks him."

"You just gonna watch big boy?" John asked. He slid his hand down to Matt's crotch and started groping him through his jeans. "Or are you gonna join in?"

"Oh I'll be joining in. I'm going to fuck you so hard you forget your own name."

"Mmmmm…" John kissed Matt eagerly, moaning slutishly as Matt completely dominated his mouth. Mike watched with wide eyes, getting completely lost in the hotness in front of him until Jeff bit at his neck to get his attention.

"Go get your lube Mizzy," Jeff said, sucking on where he had bit to make a hickey. "You don't think you're fucking me dry do you?"

"No. And don't call me Mizzy."

"I'll call you what I want bitch." Jeff slapped Mike's ass as he went over to his bag to get the lube. There was a nasty glare sent his way but he didn't even notice it. He was much too busy getting rid of his clothes, which led him to getting rewarded with Matt capturing his lips for a kiss and John eagerly taking his cock into his mouth and sucking. "Mmmmm….fuck…" He eagerly returned Matt's kiss while reaching down with one hand to grab a hold of John's hair. John's tongue was rubbing the vein on the underside of his cock as he sucked and it was seriously hard for Jeff to not just cum on the spot. Matt had sucked him before sure, but John was clearly an expert of another breed.

Mike grabbed the lube and stripped himself of his clothes before popping the lid of the lube up and drizzling a good amount on the palm of his hand. He tossed the tube over to Matt and started rubbing it all over his cock.

"Are you real tight Johnny?" Matt asked. He tossed the lube away when he was done and rubbed the lube on his cock like Mike did before sliding two of his slicked up fingers inside of John. "Huh? Are you nice and tight?"

John just moaned and moved back as much as he could against Matt's fingers. Jeff's cock was still in his mouth so every time he moaned he sent all kinds of lovely vibrations through the dark blue haired man's cock.

"Jesus Christ," Jeff moaned. He had John's mouth on his cock and Mike's fingers in his ass so he had no idea which one to move more towards.

"You like that Jeffy?" Mike asked. He slipped a third finger into him and brushed them against his prostate, which earned him a rather loud moan. "That feel good?"

"It would feel better if it was your cock," Jeff replied. "Fucking fuck me already."

Mike couldn't think about disobeying that order. He grabbed Jeff's hips and thrusted into him hard, inadvertently making Jeff thrust his cock further down John's throat. John gagged in surprise but he didn't get much time to recover. Matt was thrusting into him before he knew it, which drove his mouth and throat further up Jeff's cock. He forced his throat to relax as much as he could and focused on the jolts of pleasure that went through him as Matt thrusted into him. Every thrust led to the head of his cock stabbing his prostate and his own cock was rock hard and leaking precum, just begging for attention.

"Stroke yourself Johnny," Mike said, seeing the desperate state his boyfriend was in. "Come on stroke yourself. Show them how pretty you are when you do it."

John moaned and did just that. Matt and Mike both moaned at the sight and increased the pace of their thrusts. Jeff couldn't even look at what Mor was doing. Getting sucked and fucked by Mike and John was making his head spin and when John started probing his tongue into the slit of his cock that was it. He came hard right inside John's mouth, cumming so much that his mouth overflowed despite his best attempts to swallow. Jeff's walls tightened around Mike's cock and he came next, moaning loudly as he did so. John finished swallowing Jeff's seed and came all over his hand as Matt came deep inside of him. As the moans died down, the only sound in the room was them all panting for breath. One by one they slowly started to recover and a bit of an awkward silence fell over them-well until Jeff recovered anyway.

"You think we could try to do that in the shower?"

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