Edward slowly walked forward with a sheet of paper but Bella beat him to the table and handed Esme a nice couple of pages. "Edward and I each wrote our own. I said we'd pick his but after seeing him pitifully shuffle forward I decided mine would win."

Emmet laughed as Esme took Bella's papers. "Honey, Let's Get Some Kids?"

Bella smirked. "It's all human, like Alice and Jasper's fic. I think you'll like it."

This is to show Alice and Jasper how to do dominance.

Carlisle sighed as he returned home from another day of saving lives. It was a good life. It was a boring life. It was his life. It seemed as if he only looked forward to coming home to see his wife, so they could do the same old missionary position before going to bed. As much as he loved it, his life was boring.

He sighed before opening the door and closing it behind him. He smelled a stake in the oven. It was Friday already. He dropped off his bag and coat at the door before traveling into the kitchen to give his wife a hug. He paused at the doorway when he saw his loving wife Esme cooking some pasta in some leather corset with chains and hooks hanging off of it. She had on some leather butt floss and her hair was flowing down her back over her shoulders. Her feet were bare but she had on a black ankle bracelet and she was humming 'Bad Things' by Jace Everett. He was perplexed.

He knew it was his wife from the same hour glass figure and chocolate tresses hanging down her back. He'd know those slender legs anywhere and the milk white of her arms. She turned to him and smiled. "Oh, you're home! I missed you."

She sauntered over in a delicate manner and kissed him lightly on the lips, letting her corset rub against the front fabric of his jeans. He was hard already. "I see you missed me too."

She dragged him by the tie and pushed him to sit in the chair he usually sat at for dinner. She went back over to her pots and drained the pasta. She set up the plates and dished out the food. The steak was rare, bloody, just how he liked it. The linguini was andante and the sauce completed the meal. The smile playing on his wife's lips scared him a little, but wasn't this what he was asking for? Something different to make life less boring.

He smiled a little. He finished his meal and sat there looking back at his smirking wife. She looked him dead in the eye and asked in a condescending tone, "Aren't you going to take my dish to the sink?"

He was hit with a little shock. Usually she was predictable. She would cook and take the plates and then they'd have sex, but tonight he could smell was going to be different. Carlisle smiled weakly before getting up and getting the plates. He felt Esme pinch him on the ass as he walked toward the sink and a manly squeak escaped his lips. What the hell was going on?

As the dishes dropped into the sink he felt warms hands rub on his back before then went around his shoulders to unbutton his shirt. He let the shirt fall with the last button before the leather of Esme's corset was pressed against his back. She pulled his slim form closer to her before chuckling lightly. Her hands traced along his stomach before hitting the tops oh his pants. She let her fingers play with the button of his pants before undoing it and pulling down the zipper. She slipped her hands in and snuck beneath the elastic of his cotton boxers. She could feel he was hard and ready for her. Her hands traced up and down along the shaft. The warmth of her hands was killing him slowly. She grabbed his cock harshly, squeezing his shaft. He groaned as her motherly laugh echoed through the kitchen. He smiled because she was happy and he was happy. She went on her toes and began to kiss his neck from behind. Her hands sliding and squeezing his cock like some sort of toy. She licked the column of his neck before nipping at his pale ear. "You're mine today."

He shuddered at the feeling of hot breath on his skin. Instantly her hands were gone and he was left in the kitchen with his fly open and an erection straining his underwear. He turned around and watched as his wife swayed her hips as she walked out the kitchen and around the corner. In his sexual daze, Carlisle followed her up the stair to their bedroom which he was surprised to see adorned with leather items on the walls and candles. The lights were off and their skin glowed from the dim black candle lighting.

Esme pushed him back against the wall and looked at him with authority in her eyes. "Clothes. Off. Now."

He touch was gone again and she was stand next to him waiting as he slowly slid off his shoes, socks, pants and boxers. The last was by far the most annoying as it had to run over his erect cock. Carlisle stood there in his naked glory as his wife eyed him like a piece of meat. She smiled and looked him in the eye before pushing him onto the bed and cuffing him in his trance. He was cuffed to the bed. He couldn't movie either arm or leg but was spread for Esme to ogle. She sat next to him and giggled. She grabbed his cock again earning herself a groan from him. She dipped her head and took his entire length in her warn mouth. She sucked and licked as her head bobbed up and down on him. She left him to lick over his balls before coming back to his length. The licked up the shaft and let her teeth hold down on the tip of him. He groans and shook against the cuffs but it was no use. He left his hip buck into her face but she used her hands to push him down as well as she could. Humans aren't a strong race after all. His cock twitched when she let her eyes catch his. He watched as her pretty lips sucked on him. He could feel the heat pool in his stomach. He was so close, oh so close. She licked up his shaft again before taking him in her mouth again and the feeling of the cold and then sudden warmth caused him to cum in her mouth without warning. Her throat muscles contracted sending him further on his journey to nirvana. She hummed lightly letting his cock feel the vibrations. She was writhing underneath him as she got off of his cock and stared down at the hot mess of man she laughed.

"I hope you're not tired. We have a long night."

He gulped as she walked over and got one of the candles off the dresser. She let her finger dip into the hot melted wax and moaned a little at the heat on her fingertips. She was wet and ready but she wanted to toy with her man for a bit. She held the candle in he hand and went back over to her chained man. She kissed him and took all of the dominance he tried to take. She let her free hand roam in his hair before she got up to sit on him. Her thumb rubbed lightly over his lips before she showed him the candle. He had no clue what was about to happen. She let one drop of she safe wax all onto the skin of his chest. He hissed as the heat but he enjoyed it thoroughly seeing as how he was fully flagged again. Her ass felt him press against her. She slowly dripped more wax letting it fall randomly all over his chest, the black bringing out the blond in his hair.

Suddenly she dropped to hover over him to blow on the wax. It cooled and tightened against his skin. She reached on the side and picked out one of the hooks on the side. The plucked it from her corset and scraped against his skin. He practically jumped at the cold metal on his skin. She began to scrape the wax off, in rushing moments that would turn his skin red. She scraped over his nipples and he gasped and bucked slightly into her smaller frame but her stokes only became slower and more sensual taking longer strides. She kissed his left nipple before taking the pebble in her mouth and sucking on him. He stopped and scraped off the rest leaving a trail of red heated skin in its wake.

Esme dropped to lay on him. Carlisle felt the cold leather on his body. She licked his skin, helping it recover. She started at the bottom, licking his creamy skin before traveling up and kissing her chest. The broad planes of hard muscle feeling good from the temperature beat down. He watched as she paused to take off the leather underwear before perching herself above his throbbing cock. She slid his tip in, letting him feel how wet he made her. Her head flew back as she let her hips swirl a bit. He tried to move his hands to hold her and caress her white skin. He wanted to touch her and grab her and pin her beneath him and fuck her four ways to hell, but he was bound and could move an inch. She smiled as she watched sweat fall from his brow. He shined in the dim lighting, like her own personal angel. She didn't give into her own pleasure or his because she needed to ask him something…important. "Sweetie…how do you feel about adopting kids."

His brain couldn't even focus on anything other than him being inside her, even it was just the tip. She was so warm and her juices were coating his tip nicely. He struggled but heard. "…kids? I…don't know…"

She increase her motions and reached a hand down to trail up and down his length. "But I want to give some kids a better life than, I don't know, an orphanage. How bout children who hop from home to home, I want to help."

His sweating increased. "But that sounds troublesome-AH!" His thought was interrupted when Esme decided to let her pussy fully engulf is cock. She stilled her movements.

"Please, Carl-ie?"

His tried to push upward and get more friction but she wouldn't budge. She was biting her lip to keep from moaning. "Please…move…I'll do anything."

She smiled. "Can we adopt?"

"YES!" He sounded so desperate.

She pulled herself up, thus pulling him out, before dropping back down onto him. She didn't hold back her sounds of pleasure and his bucked to meet hers. She rocked back on forth on him before pulling him out and pushing back onto him. "Es…me" he groaned.

She rode him, and rocked on him before letting her hands roam over his soft skin. She dropped down again and switched up the angle before taking his lips into a rough kiss bucking into him. She moaned but they were muffled by his lips. He loved her and hated the chains. He wasn't going to last long. His cock twitched inside her and she threw one of her hands down to rub and beat on her own clit. She let her juices explode onto him as she came on him. Her muscles tightened against him as she tried to ride out her orgasm but it didn't stop because she triggered his. The feeling of his seed diving into her, the warm liquid it was, heightened this roller coaster ride she called sex. She collapsed on him, not knowing that the hooks and chains were digging into his skin but he frankly didn't care.

Esme looked up at Carlisle and asked "Can we get teenagers, I was thinking six. We could be like the Brady Bunch!"


She looked at him with new fire in her eyes before she pulled off of him and walked off.

"Where are you going?!?!"

"She stopped at the doorway and turned to look at him with a devious smirk on her face. "To get the cane from the closet ,duh."

When the hell did they get a cane in the closet?

Bella sat back in her chair as Esme finished reading. Edward held onto his love as silence radiated through the room. Esme looked like is she could she would've been flush read. Bella kissed Edward on the cheek and laughed at everyone's expressions. She looked and noticed that Edward had a hard on. She looked at Esme for the grade. "This wins hands down." Esme got up from the chair and tried to leave the room.

"Esme, dear, where are you going with my fanfiction?"

Esme looked back at Bella and began to stutter. "Um…I…the fic…"

Bella's eyebrow rose. "You don't have to explain yourself to me, Esme."

Esme smiled before dragging Carlisle away by his the front of his pants.