Happy birthday, Sammygirl1963! Sorry this is late!

word: relax
word count: 100

By Your Side

"Relax, Sammy. You're gonna be fine, dude," John reassured, rough palm brushing back the boy's sweat-soaked hair.

The five-year-old whimpered, glassy eyes searching. "Where's Dean, Daddy? Wan' Dean."

"I know you do, Sammy, but Dean's sick, too." John moved so Sammy could see Dean tossing and turning, sleep fitful.

Sammy stretched out trembling arms. "Dean," he pleaded, tears quenching fever-bright eyes.

John sighed, unable to resist. Neither boy had been sleeping well anyway. He lifted Sammy, tucked him next to his big brother. Dean flopped one arm over the younger boy; Sammy snuggled close.

Within moments, both were peacefully asleep.