One shot inspired by a Scene from 3x04 Children of the Dark. My M/G mind working on overdrive. Let's just say they were together and let's just say she forgot who else was there for a minute. And let's just say he phones her back, what could that conversation have gone like...

"Hey girl, you're on speaker behave."

"Or what you'll spank me?" Realises wha she said and pauses. "So I've been searching the area for unsolved robberies, I found four with similar elements: phone lines cut, small valuables only.."

"Occupants tied up?"

"Yes but no homicides."

"Ok, thanks doll face, I'll call you back."

Later that day…

"You, Penelope Garcia, are in so much trouble when I get back." He said thickly, not bothering with a greeting.

"Promises, promises Agent Morgan." She drawled back, her voice deliciously sweet in his ear.

"But you see, now that they are promises I can keep baby girl it makes them all the more sweet." He said, the teasing lilt creeping into his voice.

"Why do you torture me so hot stuff?" She questioned dramatically.

"Because you know you love it mamma." He said, batting it straight back her way waiting to see what her answer would be.

When she answered her voice came through thickly: "That I do Derek, but you love it almost as much as me…" She trailed off with a grin, a grin that he knew was there from the other end of the phone.

He groaned slightly as he imagined just how that smile looked pulled over her white teeth and causing her eyes to sparkle with glee.

"What's wrong Hot Stuff, can got your tongue?" She asked with a throaty chuckle and he only just kept his groan at bay this time.

"No, a very cruel cruel woman is being a tease."

"Me? Cruel? Handsome…how can you wound me so?" She asked, her voice full of mock hurt and he could imagine the cute pout on her face.

"Because you, Goddess,-"

"Oh, so I'm 'Goddess' now, am I?" She cut across his next words.

He continued, ignoring her teasing. "You, were being very careless earlier and now you're making me want to come straight back home and do some very naughty things to you." He said with a small laugh.

She bit her lip to try to stop the soft groan from escaping her lips as the many mental images flooded her brain. "You," She said huskily. "Derek Morgan, know just how to make a girl go from zero to want in a sentence."

"A sentence, Baby Girl? I thought I could do it in a word." He said with confidence, knowing that he did in fact only need to say one word. When she didn't reply he knew exactly what she was doing: she was drawing that luscious bottom lip between her teeth to try and stop herself from making any give away noises or saying anything to agree with him.

"Want me to prove it?" He asked with a smirk she could hear in his voice. She shook her head, silently begging him not to. She knew that with one word the man could make her positively horny and wanting nothing more than to jump his gorgeously packaged bones.

"Pen-e-lo-pe." He drew her name out in the most sinful manner, and upon hearing her small gasp from the other end of the phone he smiled triumphantly. "See. Told you." He said triumphantly.

"Get that smirk off of your face, Derek Morgan." She warned when she got herself under control.

"What smirk Baby Girl?" He asked with mock innocence, said smirk growing larger with every syllable.

"That exact one!" She replied. "You are not the only one who can do wicked things with there voice…" She threatened, although it was a threat that held no maliciousness.

"Oh, I know sweetness, I know. But you have to get a dose of your own medicine sometimes." He replied back with a grin.

"Is that so?" She questioned.

"It is sweetness. I can't be the only one driven to distraction all the time." He said with a smile, knowing that she was going to come back with an indignant response.

"Oh ho, you Agent Morgan, don't give yourself enough credit. You walk in with those jeans on, one of those trademark tops and your badge on your hip and you don't know the half of what goes on in my head…" She trailed off with a smile as her mind replayed the many many things she'd ever wanted to do to him when he'd stood in front of her in said outfit and she waited to hear his reply.

"You'll have to show me sometime." He answered quickly.

"How about when you get back Hot Stuff? My place?" She asked, suddenly wanting to have that set so that she knew she was going to get some very good pay off after many a torturous conversations like this one that were bound to occur between now and when the case was closed.

"That is a plan Garcia. I'll see you then." He said, his tone now that tiny bit more formal, telling her someone had come into the room.

"I look forward to seeing you then Agent Morgan." She drawled. "And when that sweet tush lands back in Quantico stay in those work clothes…I may just show you what's going through my head…right now."

The next thing he heard was the dial tone in his ear. He flipped his phone shut with a sigh before turning and walking back into the conference room, passing a rather curious looking JJ at the door.

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