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I haven't written anything in about a year (not properly anyway) and it's really rather short, but it's klcm's Birthday and as much as my muse is messed up it seems it couldn't resist just a little something for ya. Happy Birthday!

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"One last favour, look up the words sexy and brilliant in that computer of yours and tell me what you come up with?" Morgan said with a smile as he leant against the wall in the clinic.

"Look at that," She said softly as a massive smile drew at her red lips. Sitting back in her chair, her eyes sparkled as she continued, "it's me."

"You are a Goddess, woman. Ciao." He said as goodbye, leaving her somewhat blushing and over the moon.

Looking around at the looks he was getting from the women in the clinic he defended himself: "It was a work call."

Later that day...

"Miss Sexy-and-Brilliant here; talk to me, Stud." Garcia drawled into her cell phone after checking the caller ID.

He chuckled deeply at her greeting, the woman was priceless. "I'm glad the compliment got through that hard head of yours, Sweetness." He teased softly.

"So you managed to pry yourself away from all those women at the fertility clinic who wanted you for your swimmers?" She teased back, ignoring his comment.

"I did," he said with amusement, "and in one piece and with all my 'swimmers' too."

"Impressive work my Super Sexy Agent."

"Super Sexy, eh?" He questioned with a smile.

"Oh, you know you're a Super Fox, Derek Morgan, don't play dumb with me." She said with a grin, "Plus, I'm pretty sure I told you that last night, so don't make me say it again."

"I seem to remember you having something similar to say." He said with a laugh before he stopped abruptly and she could hear the gears spinning in his head.

"I had a great time last night, Derek." She jumped in, stopping him from going where she knew he would be; worrying.

He sighed in relief, "So did I Baby Girl, the best."

She couldn't help but smile at his words. "Did you doubt it for a second, Handsome? I always knew me plus you would equal...fireworks."

"Oh I didn't doubt that for even a millisecond, baby. You and I were always going to be perfect. I just...wondered if you wanted to do it again?"

"I definitely do, but Handsome, there's something you should know..." she began somewhat ominously and he began to think the worst.

That was until she spoke again, with that all too familiar teasing lilt to her voice; "I don't do phone sex until at least the third date, so you better make sure you ask again."

His loud laugh resonated in her ear as he realised that she was only teasing and she laughed with him, she couldn't help it, his laugh was addictive.

"Woman," He said; his voice low. "What are half our conversations at work then?"

"Merely foreplay." She flung back with a smile before her voice dropped and she added: "I'd love to, D."

"Really?" He asked in reflex and mentally slapped himself, way to play it cool, Derek.

"Eager much, tiger?" She teased, secretly flushed with happiness at the thought that he was so excited to take her out again.

Laughing at himself slightly he replied: "More than you know, Gorgeous."

"Aw, who knew Derek Morgan had a marshmallow heart."

"Marshmallow heart, baby?" He asked with a chuckle.

"You're all gooey." She clarified with a smile, enjoying their usual banter filled conversation that had a little bit more of an edge now.

"That's one description I've never been given before." He replied with a laugh and she was pretty sure that if she could see him right now he'd be smiling, so much that he'd have those little crinkles around his eyes.

"Oh there's plenty more where they came from, and not all of them as PG." She shot back, her voice low, her tone filled with promise.

"I don't doubt that for a second." He agreed; anyone who had ever heard their conversations would know that for a fact! "But those ones we'll have to keep out of work unfortunately." He added, bringing the conversation to a more serious turn.

"Yeah," She said softly. "That's probably the best idea, for now at least." She added hurriedly, not wanting him to think she didn't want to tell people.

"At least until we see where this is going." He agreed. "Though I can only see one place, P-"

"If you say your bed, Hot Stuff, I might have to spank you."

"Promises, Baby." He teased right back.

"Oho," She squealed excitedly and he sat up in his armchair in response, wondering just what thought had made her react so excitedly. "And sooner or later I'll get to go through with all those promises. Oh the possibilities..."

"Woman, you're gonna be the death of me!" He groaned out.

"But whatta way to go, my Adonis." She said wistfully.

"The best I reckon."

"You reckon? Oh Baby, I know. I bet my fantasies never did you any justice." She teased, smirking when she heard his breathing hitch.

"Woman." He half-heartedly reprimanded before getting his wits together; "We're gonna have to watch this at work, Mamma, I couldn't even hide the fact that it wasn't just a work call from a bunch of women at a fertility clinic today never mind from the team." He said with a laugh, not quite believing how terrible he had been at hiding it, they way they looked at him it must have been written all over his face that it was way more than just a work call.

"Aw, poor Baby," She teased knowing that usually she wouldn't have the team around to worry about that from her end. "We'll just have to do better with the 'professional' conversations at work. Or at least be better at hiding the fact they're not." She added with a wicked grin, this could be fun.

"I'm sure we'll be able to come up with something to cover up with if needed, plus it helps that we tease enough as it is." He said with a smile as she agreed.

"So about that second date, Sugar; when you taking me out?" She asked excitedly.