Author's Note: I have revisited this fic after a very long hiatus. I won't go into detail, but life has kicked my ass over the years since I last touched this thing, and it is still kicking my ass. All that to say, I have gone back, and changed A LOT of things throughout this story, and each chapter will be different. So, if you have already read this fic, and are revisiting then you will want to start from the beginning.

He couldn't comprehend what had happened. Where had he gone wrong? How in Kami's name had he wound up stranded on some God forsaken planet, brought back to life by some botched up wish? Not that he was complaining about it. Hell had been just that, and he'd rather wait till the end of his life to meet his fate. He shivered at the thought, and violently switched channels in his brain.

"Fucking Kakkarot." He muttered under his breath.

If it hadn't been for that lousy excuse of a third class idiot, he would have had his wish for immortality granted, Frieza would be dead, and the universe would be his to rule for the rest of eternity, but no. Things were never that simple. No, now he found himself standing under a tree in the dew covered grass watching a bunch of Namekians, and a hand full of Earthling rejects as they mourned the misplacement of the third class idiot due to the aforementioned botched wish. It was enough to make him bring up. Not once in his entire life could he recall ever experienced such a pathetic display. The concept of such sentimentality in any form was completely and utterly beyond his comprehension. He'd never witnessed it before, and it made him uneasy, and agitated. He had to put an end to it; for his sanity's sake.

'Idiots, the lot of them.' He thought as he dug the tip of his boot into the grass; uprooting a small patch, creating a divot.

"The earth has a check in station, right? Just wish him back there!" Vegeta groused, mentally cursing himself for suggesting something that would aid the Earthlings in their humanitarian acts. They were all a bunch of sentimental weaklings.

He went back to digging his boot into the already dirty hole; seemingly fascinated by the carnage.

"Hey, thanks Vegeta."


His eyes shot upward, and came to rest on the abomination known as Kakkarot's offspring. The whelp had his hand outstretched in some gesture that was foreign to him. He was in no mood to decipher it's meaning, and felt no need to socialize with a child that was not his own. His first instinctual urge was to wipe the brat from existence, but at present he saw no harm in letting the pup live. Vegeta was keenly aware that he possessed certain traits that his people found unusual, especially for one of his rank, but his reasoning had been muddied up under Frieza's control. He wasn't feeling quite himself, and was extremely out of sorts. He didn't know how to handle the gravity of being free to make his own decisions, and quite frankly, wasn't sure how to. The uncertainty of his future, and his ability to cope with ultimate freedom being more than he wanted to think about caused his brain to subconsciously switch to auto pilot; he did what came natural. He defended himself.


He backhanded the child's small fist, and turned his head with a growl . Hopefully the mutt would get the hint to retreat, and thankfully he did. Once the child was a safe distance away, Vegeta allowed his mind to wonder.

'Frieza is dead, Kakkarot is gone for the time being, and I'm stuck here on this hell hole of a planet without any means of escape. Sigh, what to do, what to do?' He grumbled mentally. He needed a plan.

As Vegeta stood under his tree, contemplating his next course of action, he was unaware that the rest of the group's occupants had made one of their own. He was stirred from his thoughts by the sound of an engine in the distance. He cocked his head in interest, and sniffed the air inquisitively. A Saiyan's sense of smell was nearly a hundred times stronger than a humans, and an extremely important aspect to their social society. Saiyan's recognized one another based more on their scent than their looks. Looks could be deceiving when dealing with races that possessed the ability to change their form, and it had become almost second nature to his race. Even Kakkarot, a brain damaged moron, scented the air around his comrades. It was his best way of identifying them. No wonder the humans thought it strange that he didn't understand their concept of beauty; or gender for that matter.

He snorted as the exhaust fumes filled his nostrils, and focused on the group that seemed to be congregating around one individual; the blue haired human female. His eyes narrowed as he attempted to scent her, but the plethora of other smells in the area were much too overwhelming. He ceased his attempts for fear of sensory overload. He didn't feel like inducing a migraine.

"Alright, everyone aboard! Next stop, Capsule Corp.!" Bulma chimed happily as the shuttle's ramp touched the ground. She really hadn't planned on bringing the Namekians home with her, but since their home had been destroyed, and she had the means as the richest woman in the world; she felt morally obligated to house everyone who suffered from the devastation.

'Thank Kami they only drink water!' She thought as she watched as them trudge up the ramp, and into the ship. She made to follow, but hesitated for a moment as the nagging sensation she'd forgotten something tinged at the back of her mind. She turned suddenly, her eyes scanning the area, and she groaned mentally when a flash of black crossed her field of vision. She knew her last "guest" was not going to be an easy one to accomodate. However, she couldn't just leave him stranded. She sighed as she rallied what courage she possessed, and slowly made her way back down the ramp.

Vegeta snorted in derision as he watched the entire Namekian village pile into the hover craft like cattle; followed by the Earthling rejects. He watched as the little female made sure everyone was on before making her way up the ramp herself. His eyes followed her movements with mild curiosity when she suddenly stopped short and turned around with a troubled look. Could she sense something he had missed? He let his senses fan out, and scanned the area, but came up short.

'Daft female.' Vegeta thought in slight derision. He shook his head before closing his eyes, and returning to his previous thoughts.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

His left eye cracked open as the sound of footsteps in the tall grass came closer in his direction.

"Hey, aren't you coming too? You're gonna need a place to crash. You can stay with me until you feel like leaving!" Bulma said as calmly, and as steadily as her voice would allow. She was still terrified of Vegeta, but didn't have the heart to purposefully leave him out. Something about him drew her attention, and she questioned her sanity.

Extremely put off by her offer, Vegeta quirked an eyebrow in confusion and surprise.

"Why would I want to do that? I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I don't need your help or your fake hospitality, human." He growled, and bared his sharp canines at her for good measure. This female was annoying.

Bulma took a shaky step back, and curled her hands into little fists at her sides; eyes falling to the ground. She had tried her best not to let her fear show, but his very obvious threat didn't go unnoticed, and she couldn't help the tiny shiver of fear that crawled up her spine. She slowly returned her gaze to him, but refused to meet his piercing gaze; she feared what she may see in his depths.

She watched as his head rose slightly, and his nose twitched. She wasn't even sure he'd done it, it happened so fast, but its meaning was lost to a sudden thought. She gasped silently.

'He wouldn't actually bite me, would he?' Bulma thought briefly before averting her eyes. She pursed her lips, and clenched her jaw. She would not be intimidated. Not after all she'd been through. Not by him. If he was going to harm her; she would face her death head on. She suddenly straightened her back and took a step closer to him; wondering briefly as she watched him tense.

"Look, I have a training room you can use that magnifies gravity like the one Goku trained in on his way to Namek, and if you really want, a ship that will take you off this planet." She offered, praying that he would take the latter. The further away he was, the safer she felt.


She watched in what could only be described as morbid fascination as his tail unwound from his waist, and snake out to curl around her wrist before she could react. The grip was not painful, it wasn't meant to be, but as it slowly and deliberately drug her closer to his crossed arms, Bulma's trepidation increased tenfold. She was afraid to move, to speak. A lump had formed in the back of her throat, and she knew she was in trouble the minute her terrified mind registered the sound of her father's shuttle taking off into the distance. Hadn't anyone felt the need to make sure she was aboard? For that matter, how could they not notice her missing? Why did they always forget about her, and leave her behind? As the sounds of the engine slowly faded away to nothing, Bulma was acutely aware of the gravity of her situation. She was alone with Vegeta, and no one would be able to hear her scream.

'Kami, help me.' Was all Bulma thought as she felt her wrist, and body come in contact with his crossed arms. His body heat radiating like a furnace against her chilled flesh.

He watched the emotions play across her face like the scenes of a movie. He could almost taste her fear; it hung so thick in the air he'd felt the need to get a better scent of it. He'd seen her on Namek, and had to admit he'd never seen such and exotically colored creature. She was the first Saiyanoid he'd ever seen. Human's were the closest beings in the universe that resembled Saiyans, but he had to remind himself that though very similar in appearance, they were much weaker, and their customs were entirely foreign to his own. He was sure she was not as much terrified of what she knew of him, but what she didn't know of him. He was strong, she knew that. He was a murderer, she knew that as well. That was the extent of her knowledge, and that was the source of her fear; her lack of knowledge. For some strange reason the female intrigued him. He was a slave to his curiosity, and for the first time saw no harm in allowing it to take control; what harm could it do? She was too weak to harm him.


He allowed his senses to fan out, and once he'd assured himself that no one was close enough to spy. Vegeta gave into a little craving he'd had since he saw the female.

Bulma couldn't help her blush. Of all the things she thought Vegeta would do to her; she was definitely not prepared for this. It became apparent to her that Goku was not the exception to Saiyan curiosity about the opposite sex, and had to stifle a giggle as Vegeta's nose brushed her temple.

'He's scenting me. What in the world possesses Saiyans to do such weird things?' Bulma thought as she recalled all the odd behaviors Goku had exhibited as a child. She had asked him once why he was so intent on smelling everyone, and he'd said the strangest thing about that being his way of knowing someone. She didn't understand then what he'd meant, but over the years she'd started to liken his sense of smell to that of the canine. Dogs recognized people by scent and what they looked like, but they relied more heavily on scent. She guessed that would be the more reliable way; after all, people change their appearance every day.

She couldn't help the giggle that escaped her lips. He was tickling her.

With his arms still crossed, and his frown still present, Vegeta used his tail to pull the Earthling female close enough for him to properly assess her status. He inhaled her unique scent a few times before guiltily burying his nose in her silky soft hair. She was definitely interesting. Underneath the dirt and grime, she held the scent of others on her skin, but for some reason he felt himself relax slightly once the different fragrances that played on her skin and in her hair registered; he felt like he was almost playing a game of hide and seek for his senses, and the idea was to find her true scent. He growled softly as he found the soft side of her head.

'Ah, there you are.' He thought triumphantly, as he rubbed his nose against her when he'd finally found her natural scent. He wasn't at all unpleased by it as he'd originally thought. Apparently humans smelled remarkably like Saiyans, albeit a lot sweeter.

He snorted to clear his nose of her. He'd imprinted her scent into his memory. Now, he could find her anywhere.

"haha, ok, ok, nice to meet you too." Bulma laughed as she placed her hands on his crossed arms and gave a gentle push.

Vegeta immediately released his tail's hold on her wrist, and allowed her to place some distance between them. As far as he was concerned she smelled rather clean considering, and aside from her obvious fear of his intentions, she held no scent of deceit; merely the outdoors, and those who surrounded her.

'She is not a threat.' Vegeta's mind reasoned.

"Fine. I shall take you up on your offer, woman. Now, which was is this Capsule Corp." Vegeta demanded as he pushed his back from the tree he'd been occupying, and strode past her. He was eager to explore his soon to be new domain, and start training in this gravity room. He needed to prepare for Kakkarot' return.

Bulma's eyes flashed in anger, but she bit her tongue. She was still stranded, and didn't want to arouse his anger. He'd just proved her worst fear; his unpredictability. She wanted to make sure he stayed out of trouble, and the only way to do that was to convince him to stay with her if he wasn't intending to leave the planet. Her anger would only drive him off. She sighed as she pointed off into the distance. "Over that way, but we can…AHHH! HEY!"

She never got to finish her sentence before Vegeta powered up and blasted off in the direction she'd pointed, leaving her alone in the woods to apparently find her own way home.

"YOU'RE LUCKY I HAVE MY CAPSULES BUDDY!" Bulma screamed at the blue streak that was slowly fading into the red sky.

huffing in irritation, and muttering something about men from all planets being the same, Bulma popped her air bike, and revved the engine before making the long drive back to her home. She kicked in the turbos, and swore to give a certain Saiyan prince a piece of her mind when she got there after hunting down a few so called friends.