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Something was wrong. He was certain of it. While his body had grown exponentially stronger as an aftereffect of his thrashing he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. His muscles tensed and flexed as he stretched, brushing the foreboding feeling to the recesses of his mind. He merely needed time to adjust to the changes his body had undergone. Nodding to himself, he allowed his mind to clear of any stray thoughts as he focused his attention inward, and settled into a familiar kata.


Vegeta's left eye twitched as the silence was shattered, and his focus lost to the pain in his head. He halted his movements, and attempted to tune his ears from the deafening sounds; tail lashing about in agitation. The reverberation off the metal walls enhanced the sounds, and they clawed at the back of his skull like nails on a chalk board. He gripped his head in his hands, and groaned at the sudden assault to his senses, and felt something within him snap. Exhaling sharply through his nose he stalked toward the control panel, and slammed his palm down, disengaging the enhanced gravity. He would put an end to this madness once and for all, his body moving as if driven by an unseen force as he emerged from the GR.

Bulma stood at the far end of the outdoor testing range, her stance widened as she held a rather cumbersome weapon in her hands; eyes leveled on the tiny sights. She exhaled slow as her finger squeezed the trigger repeatedly, letting loose a barrage of red beams on the target positioned down range opposite her. She watched as the target exploded on contact, but frowned as she drew the weapon from her eye's level, and allowed it's muzzle to fall toward the ground at her side. She shook the hand holding the stock, and examined her reddened palm.

" Damn thing's over heating." She muttered to herself as she angrily laid the weapon atop the bench behind her, and retrieved a pad and pen from one of the leg pockets of her black BDU. She flipped a few pages before scribbling some notations then returned the pad and pen to her pocket before retrieving the weapon, and slinging it's strap over her shoulder. She would need to make some serious modifications to the power core to remedy the issue of overheating.

"Hmm, maybe a bump stock would make this thing easier to handle too?" Bulma thought aloud as she turned to make her way back to her lab. She had only taken a few steps before she nearly jumped out of her skin when her surly house guest appeared before her out of thin air.

"Ah! Vegeta! How many times do I have to tell you not to sneak up on me like that?! Kami, now you're as bad as Goku with that instant transmission technique." She admonished, hand on her heart.

Vegeta leveled his gaze with the weapon hanging from her shoulder before it shifted to meet hers, and he snarled. He growled as he snatched the weapon from her shoulder, and swung it down, shattering it against the concrete barrier wall.

Bulma's eyes blinked rapidly as her mouth formed a little O in shock at his sudden outburst of anger. What was wrong with him?

"WHAT THE FUCK, VEGETA?!" She raged as she took a step toward the shattered plasma rifle that lay in pieces across the gravel range.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed, and he ticked his head to the side with a grimace as the shrill pitch of the woman's voice caused a sharp pain to pulse in is head. He remained silent as he turned his back to her, and strode back to the GR.

Bulma, incensed at Vegeta's blatant display of disrespect charged forward after his retreating form, and snatched up his wrist, halting his movements with a tug. She knew that he had allowed her to stop him as she did not possess the strength to force him to do so against his will. She was also keenly aware that something was wrong with him. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something in his energy just didn't feel right, and it put her on edge.

"Vegeta, do not walk away from me." She demanded in a hushed tone as she struggled to control her shaking hands.

The fur on his tail bristled, and his hackles stood on end as he felt the rage building behind his eyes. He slowly turned his gaze to where her hand tightly gripped his wrist before meeting her gaze. He was eerily calm as he slowly and gently pried her fingers away, and removed himself from her grasp. He remained silent as he turned to face her fully, and snarled as he leaned in closer to her face.

Bulma stiffened, and took a step back as his dark energy engulfed her being like a weighted blanket. It was suffocating, and her body instinctively engaged her fight/flight response as she stood rooted to her spot. Something was definitely wrong with him. His irises had taken on a strangely darker hue, and she could see the faintest hint of red against the white of his sclera with his sudden proximity. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she struggled to find the words to express what she was feeling in that moment, knowing full well that she needed to choose her words carefully.

"Listen, I'm sorry for yelling, and I know you've been feeling a little off lately. I just need you to understand that rather than flipping out you can just tell me if something is bothering you. You can't just keep destroying things when you get upset." She tried to reason as she steadied her wavering gaze, afraid to look away from his piercing glare. His silence was unsettling, and she felt as if one wrong move would trigger an attack. He was wound tighter than she'd ever seen him, and belatedly she realized the gravity of the situation she'd found herself in.

His eyes were unseeing as his vision blurred into tunnels. A dull ringing echoed in his ears, and his nose twitched as he struggled to ground himself on the woman's scent, and failed. He felt the familiar burning at the base of his skull as it seared its way down his spine to the tip of his tail. He shook his head violently as he reared back away from her tiny form; clutching his head in agony. This was all wrong. How could this be happening to him? He was the prince of all Saiyans. He was always in control.

Bulma's eyes widened in concern, and she stretched her hand out toward Vegeta's distressed form before withdrawing it. She dared not approach him in his current state, and felt the cold grip of dread wash over her. He was struggling against some unseen force within himself, and she was powerless to render him any form of aid.

Her hand flew to cover her mouth as her eyes widened in alarm. She knew this was serious, but as her blue eyes met the wild eyes of the Saiyan prince her heart dropped to her stomach. She had seen that look before when Goku had transformed into his Oozaru form. Her blood ran cold as she realized what was happening. Earth's moon had been restored years ago, and Goku had told her before that he could still feel it's pull on him even with his tail gone. While Goku and Gohan were no longer able to transform they still felt the instinctual pull of the moon's rays. Her eyes traveled down to settle on the furry appendage slashing the air behind him, her brows knitting together in concern. Vegeta was clearly not immune. She flipped her wrist, and tapped the screen on her smart watch, grimacing at the readout display. The moon was going to be full.

Her thumb flew to her mouth, and she chewed her nail in angst. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck!' While Vegeta had been in control of himself when he transformed during his first battle with Goku it would appear that he was no longer in control of himself. 'What happened? What changed?' Her mind finally connected the dots, and a cold sweat broke across her skin. Back then he had yet to undergo his final thrashing. He was losing control.

'If Vegeta transforms...' She couldn't even allow herself to think what Goku may be forced to do. She felt sick at the thought. She did her best to calm herself, and slowly took a few tentative steps backward as she locked eyes with the now feral Saiyan prince.

' Never run.' His words echoed in her head like a mantra keeping her from following her human instinct to turn and flee from the danger before her. She needed to put some distance between them, and figure out how to help him before the full moon rose, and he completely lost control.

Vegeta's eyes tracked the little woman's every move, and a low growl tore from his throat as she backed away. His mind cleared for a brief moment as he focused his attention on her terrified blue eyes. He shook his head trying to subdue the beast within, but he felt his hold slipping as his primal mind fought for control. His eyes darted toward the sky. He let out a guttural roar as he powered up, and rocketed into the sky, disappearing into the evening sun. He needed to get as far from the woman as possible. If he failed to conquer his primal mind, at least she would be safe from the Oozaru rage.

Bulma's hands flew to shield her eyes as the dust kicked up, and swirled around her. She panicked as she watched his form fade off into the distance, fearing the worst if she were to lose track of him in his current state. All thoughts of her deadline forgotten she sprung forward, and raced toward her lab. She had to hurry. As she neared her destination she pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed Goku's number, praying he would answer.


'Come on Goku, pick up, pick up, pick up.' She commanded mentally, her boots echoed against the tile flooring as she sprinted down the empty hall. When the automated voicemail kicked in on the other end she let out a frustrated string of curses as she hurled the device against the wall. 'Looks like I'll have to take matters into my own hands' She fumed as she violently slammed her hand against the access panel, and slid through the crack in the door before they had fully opened. She rushed to her desk, and threw open the top drawer, emptying it of it's contents in her haste. She chirped in triumph when her hand closed around the alien device that had been haphazardly tossed within. She quickly placed it over her eye, and fingered the buttons on the earpiece. She watched as the screen came to life, and the data began dancing across her vision. She smirked at her own genius as she snatched her capsule case from the drawer, and sprinted back the way she'd come. Her feet skidded to a halt outside the medical dept. and her shoulder shoved through the swinging doors in her haste. She ripped open a few cabinets, and came away with another capsule before sprinting back outside.

"I hope I'm not too late" She whispered aloud to herself as the sun began to sink toward the a moment's hesitation she tossed her hover craft capsule to the ground, and in one fluid motion, hopped inside the cockpit. One push of a button, and the engines roared to life. After locking in the coordinates of the fluctuating ki that danced across the scouter's screen she launched into the air.

Goku had hopefully seen her missed call, and felt Vegeta's sudden surge of energy. As much as she hated to admit it, she knew she would need his help if her plan didn't work. Her hand reached down from the controls to retrieve the capsule from her pocket. She flipped it around, and pressed the plunger as she tossed it to the seat beside her.


The deep green liquid that filled the syringe glint a sharp contrast against the grey leather of the seat, and her eyes drifted down as she took it in her hand. Her gut twisted and she fought back the tears that burned her eyes at the thought of losing either Saiyan if a fight were to ensue, but she shook herself out of her negative thoughts, and shoved the syringe into the leg pocket of her pants. This plan had to work.

**********************************Somewhere in the desert region************************************

His tail lashed back and forth as his feet touched down on red earth, dust kicking up to be carried on the wind. Scanning the area he heaved a sigh as he realized he had found the most remote region possible in the time he had remaining. Why he had even made an effort to remove himself from all forms of human civilization was beyond him. His instincts were needling the back of his mind, urging him to hunt, to kill, to destroy, yet he found himself standing in the middle of the desert in strong defiance. It wasn't that he didn't want to give into his primal desires and urges. Far from it, he wanted to let go, to feel the Oozaru's power as he ripped the tiny planet apart, and crushed it's inhabitants under foot. However, something completely foreign to him whispered in the recesses of his mind, and he stayed his hand. He gnashed his teeth as his feet moved, carrying him back and forth as he paced in agitation. Never before had he felt so at odds with himself. Never before had he concerned himself with the consequences of his transformation.

'This is all her fault' The thought caught him off guard, and he halted. The woman's terrified eyes, and shaking hands flashed across his mind's eye as it replayed the events that transpired months prior, and he sneered at himself in disgust. What had he become? What had he allowed her to turn him into? He was a conqueror and destroyer of worlds, entire solar system quaked in fear at the mere mention of his name. Yet one tiny, weak woman had changed things. When had it happened? When had he allowed her to tame him? Suddenly his eyes darkened, and he felt the beast within rage. He lifted his gaze to the darkening sky as a feral smirk pulled at his lips. He would remind them all who he was, and just what the prince of all Saiyan's was capable of.

****************************Elsewhere in the wilderness****************************************

The wind whipped her hair tangling it into knots around her face as she leaped from the cockpit of her hover jet. She smoothed it away from her eyes as she scanned the vast area following the cursor arrow that had appeared on the scouter's screen as a proximity alert for Vegeta's unique ki signature. She steeled her resolve, and carefully made her way across the uneven terrain when the arrow suddenly flashed as it locked on target. Her plan was not well formulated, and she hoped that the syringe of sedatives would be enough to subdue him long enough to think of a more permanent solution. Cutting off Vegeta's tail without his consent would be like cutting one's nose off to spite their face given they needed him in the fight against the androids, and destroying the moon would only offer a temporary solution to their problem as the planet needed the moon in order to maintain balance. Her lips thinned, and she once again pulled her phone from her pocket, and dialed her friend's number.

"If Goku doesn't answer this time, so help me, I will kill him when I get my hands on him." Bulma raged as she made her way across the barren wastelands before her. She tapped the button on the scouter once more, and gaped when the screen rolled out a startling barrage of numbers before it fizzled out, and the device over her ear exploded, sending shards of glass and shrapnel flying. She let out a loud cry of pain and surprise as she whipped the device from her face, and threw it to the ground. Her hand instinctively flew to cover her ear as it rang from the miniature explosion, and she felt the telltale sting of the burn where it seared her tender outer lobe. She hissed as she felt the pain travel around to her face, and something warm trickle down against her fingers. She uncovered her ear to swipe at the wetness, and brought her hand to her face for inspection. 'Of course' She growled at the bright red blood that stained her hand. The screen of the scouter must have cut her when it shattered, and she huffed as she wiped her bloody hand on her pants. Luckily she had seen the direction of the arrow on the screen before the device exploded, and knew that unless Vegeta had moved she was oriented in the right direction.

'Vegeta can't be far. Not with how strong a reading that scouter got.' Bulma thought numbly as she started walking through the compact sand and dirt, swiping the back of her sleeve across her face every so often to keep the blood and her hair out of her eyes. She cursed under her breath as she scanned the horizon, and noted the sun was almost completely set. She had to find him, and fast, before he moved on, and out of her reach.


'SHIT' She whipped around, and scanned the area behind her in a panic. She had dropped her phone when the scouter exploded, and had completely forgotten about her friend. She dove to the ground, and snatched up the device when her eyes settled on the bright screen, drawing her in like a beacon.

"GOKU! GET OUT HERE NOW!" She exclaimed as her finger swiped the answer button. She heaved a sigh when she heard the concerned voice on the other end followed by the end call chime. She placed her phone back in her pocket, and waited. Everything would be okay now.

Goku's form pixelated and came into focus before her eyes in a matter of seconds, and his brow furrowed in concern as he spotted the blood flowing down the side of her face. "What happened?!" He demanded as his hand came up to cup Bulma's chin while the other brushed her tangled tresses away from her face. It was a bad cut, and would likely need stitches, but clearly that was the least of her worries at the moment. He frowned down at her as he withdrew his hands, and leveled her with an uncharacteristically serious expression.

Her eyes lowered, and she turned her head to stare off in the direction she believed the Saiyan prince to be. "Vegeta's in trouble. The moon is almost full in the sky, and he's losing control. We've got to stop him before he does something terrible." She whispered, her arms encircling her tiny form. She suddenly felt small, and insecurity crept up her spine.

Goku's eyes narrowed, and his serious demeanor took on a darker edge. The thought of Vegeta losing control had never crossed his mind. The older male was the epitome of dedication, discipline, and control. Goku had marveled at his ability to maintain control of his primal mind during their first battle on Earth. He'd felt, for the first time, the bitterness of envy well within his chest after that battle. The knowledge that he had been sent away as an infant, and thus robbed of his chance to know who and what he was clawed at his subconscious. Any memory of his heritage was lost when he'd hit his head, and he had done terrible things in his ignorance. The jealousy he had felt toward the only other Saiyan left in existence had planted the seed of resentment, and he was loathed to admit that he even allowed himself to entertain those thoughts and feelings. After the short times spent around the older male over the past months those feelings had grown as he'd slowly begun to realize just how much he didn't know about himself, and they had caused him to purposefully ignore the other male's presence and block him from his mind. He had tried to get his emotions under control, but in doing so he had ultimately put his best friend, and the entire planet in danger. He felt like a huge asshole.

"We need to cut off his tail. He's going to be pissed, but I don't see any other way." Goku said as he felt the resentment purr in his chest at the thought of exacting such a petty form of retribution. As much as he knew cutting off the other Saiyan's tail was going to cause a ripple effect across multiple facets of the temporary alliance formed between them, he couldn't help the vindictiveness that prevented him from seeking any alternative solution.

Bulma's eyes widened before slowly narrowing as she studied her friend with a critical eye. She could see the wheels turning in his head, and felt a certain uneasiness in her gut at the expression that clouded his face. While she couldn't decipher the emotions behind it she instinctively knew that her friend was not thinking with their best interests in mind. Something was wrong with him as well, and she had the sneaking suspicion that he was also feeling the effects of the moon's cycle. It was influencing both males in different ways, but they were both behaving in a more aggressive and hostile manner. She just prayed that she would be able to prevent either male from causing irreparable damage to whatever relationship they had managed to form during Vegeta's time with her. "There has to be another way, Goku. You and I both know that if we do that Vegeta will be a lost cause, and may full out turn on us. Right now our chances of getting through to him are slim, but we still have a chance. If we take his tail, we will take with it any chance of reasoning with , we have to think of something else." She reasoned as she glared at her friend, daring him to defy her in this.

********************************Elsewhere in the wilderness***************************************

His head turned away from the horizon, and the faint glow of the rising moon as the smell of blood reached his nose, and his nostrils flared. A familiar scent carried on the wind, and for a moment the Oozaru stilled within. Vegeta cast a fleeting glance to the half dead animal at his feet when it's movement reclaimed his attention. He sneered in disgust as he watched the large creature attempt to claw its way from under his boot, and slowly increased the pressure until he felt the satisfying crunch of the creature's neck under his boot. He snorted to clear his nose as he moved off, and continued to comb his way through the maze of cacti in search of his next victim. He paused, and again the Oozaru stilled as the familiar scent mingled with blood invaded his senses. Once again his head turned away from the horizon, and his senses fanned out. As if being pulled by an unseen force his legs carried him forward. The woman's scent was calling to him, and the sweet smell of her blood caused his own to surge through his veins. Vegeta's lips pulled back to reveal his elongated canines as he gathered himself to his full height when he felt a familiar ki signature blip to life in the distance. He growled, and snorted before lifting off the ground, and making his way toward the woman, and her third class lap dog. He sneered as he realized what the woman was doing, and felt the hackles rise against his nape. He would not abide Kakkarot's presence. The other male was even more of a danger to the woman than he was regardless of whether he lacked his tail or not. Something stirred within his chest, and he found himself flying faster when a flash of blue caught his eye out of his peripheral. He focused his gaze, and narrowed his eyes as he watched the woman slowly come into focus as he neared where she was standing, not a few miles from where sh'd landed her cover craft.

He eyed her with clinical scrutiny the moment his feet touched down softly against the sand. Her clothes were ripped and dirty, and her hair was matted to one side of her face. His eyes drifted to the bright red streak trailing down the side of her face, staining her hair, and the front of her shirt. He frowned, and is eyes softened as he felt concern begin to gnaw at his gut. She had been injured. His eyes darkened as they drifted to settle on the other Saiyan male standing beside her, and he felt the Oozaru roar within as he moved toward the woman.

The sound of footfalls against sand caught her attention, and she diverted from her companion to the source. The sight that greeted her rocked her to her very core. Her heartbeat quickened when she laid eyes on the man she'd been tracking as he slowly approached her trembling form, once again covered in blood and gore. A small whimper tore from her lips as she searched his eyes before dropping her gaze to the dirt. For all her bravado she hadn't prepared herself for the moment when she actually caught up to him, and her fear consumed her as her blue eyes locked with those of a man gone feral. Unlike the time before she couldn't force herself to move towards him. She felt the weight of a hand on her shoulder, and the shaking in her body stilled as the whispered words reached her ears.

"It isn't human." The words left his lips barely above a whisper as he laid his hand on her shoulder to steady her. He'd seen the subtle trembling of her slight frame, and knew that he needed to offer her reassurance. She was the only one thinking clearly, and he didn't trust himself not to do something foolish if she were to fold. He slowly removed his hand from her shoulder, and took a step back as he regarded the other male, and his posture. Things were about to get interesting.

'Oh than Kami' The relief washed over her in that moment, but as he closed the gap between them she couldn't help the slight tremor that scurried down her spine that his presence elicited. She refused to meet his gaze as his boots came into view, and he stood to tower over her. She knew what was at stake, and the gravity of the situation weighed heavy on her shoulders. Despite Goku standing mere feet from her, she had never felt so vulnerable as she did standing before Vegeta in his current state.

'Stupid, stupid girl.' She cried as she waited for the blow that never came. Her eyes betrayed her as they lifted to the Saiyan standing over her, and she held her breath. His eyes stared down at her as if assessing her worth, their cold depths betraying nothing. She couldn't look away as she felt her soul being consumed by his gaze.

"Vegeta, what have you done? Look at yourself. You're a mess." She whispered up at him in a voice she couldn't even recognize as her own. The softness betraying her apprehension, but that was all she felt, she was no longer afraid of him, she was afraid for him.

His eyes softened at the sound of her voice, and her words cut through the jumbled thoughts racing through his mind. His once wild eyes suddenly sprung to life for a brief moment before clouding back over as he took a step back. His hand raised to grip his head, covering his eyes and he let out a guttural growl of pain as he lowered his head. What had he almost done? His Oozaru demanded her blood, she was a weakness, a distraction, a threat to his very existence, and she had to be eliminated. He groaned as he fought against his primal mind, and clung to the oath he had made on his honor. He would not allow himself to cause her harm.

Bulma took a hesitant step forward, her hand outstretched. His breath was coming in great gasps, and his body was shaking. She dare not move any closer nor make a sound. She cast a pleading glance over her shoulder to the other Saiyan standing behind her, and when a clueless shrug was her only reply her eyes rolled heavenward before settling once again on the man before her.

'He's still fighting for control. He doesn't want to do this. He doesn't want to kill anyone.' She thought as she felt hope rise within her when his pained eyes lifted toward her, and she saw the tortured expression marring his features. Her eyes softened as she stepped forward, and placed a gentle hand against the side of his face. She released the breath she hadn't even realized she'd been holding when she felt his head turn, and his nose brush against her wrist. Despite his past she knew Vegeta could change, given time, he could right the wrongs he had done.

Goku's brow furrowed, and he frowned at his friend as he watched her gentle hands sooth the beast before her. He hated himself in this moment, but as the moon rose higher in the sky he knew they had run out of time. "I'm sorry, B. I know I'm a shitty friend." He said to himself as he phased behind the distracted Saiyan prince.

Bulma's eyes widened in horror as an agonizing cry tore from Vegeta's throat, and he dropped to his knees before her, clinging to her hips as his face buried against her waist. She held his head against her as his body quaked, and he writhed in pain. Her grip tightened protectively around him, and she roared at the man standing mere feet before her as her gaze settled on the furry appendage held tight within his grasp. She knew what would surely happen if he were to transform, and she grit her teeth as she glared daggers at her friend letting him know that if he were to do what he'd intended to do from the start, she would make him pay.

Goku's eyes widened at her aggressive display, and a foreign yet familiar sensation washed over him as he felt the beast within bow to her in submission. He narrowed his eyes, and nodded to her as he waited for her to make the next call. She was the dominant one between the two of them regardless of his much greater power.

Bulma's eyes flicked at her friend, and when she was certain she had his attention she cast her gaze down to her pocket then back up. Her brows knit together as his eyes drifted down to the bulge in her pocket. He nodded his head in approval, and readied himself.

Bulma gently reached into her pocket and fished out the syringe tucked within, bringing the tip to her mouth, and taking it between her teeth. She quietly removed the cap. With one final glance at the Saiyan prince she clenched her teeth as Goku wrenched his tail as tightly as he could, and plunged the needle into his exposed flesh.

Vegeta let out a guttural roar of both shock and pain as Goku released his death grip on his tail, and jumped back from his prostrated form. He reared back, and ripped the spent dart from his neck, eyes narrowing as he crushed it in his hand before rounding on the woman before him. His eyes only widened for a brief moment at the sight of the younger Saiyan now standing directly behind her small form. The Oozaru raged within, and he felt it's pull as he allowed it to claim him once more. This time he would end the third class.

"Shit, Bulma!" Goku bellowed as Vegeta lunged forward, knocking Bulma to the ground, and his enraged form collided with his own. The force of Vegeta's attack knocking them both backwards into a mountain of rock. The two Saiyan grappled for control as they fought among the debris.

Goku's eyes drifted heavenward and he stared at the bright orb shining against the starlight sky. He felt his heart rate skyrocket, and the throbbing ache where his tail used to be. He felt the pull of the moon's light, a constant reminder of what he had done. He growled as he tore his eyes away, and cast them upon his prince. He felt nothing but empathy for the older male as he fought against the sedatives that were finally taking effect. He watched as the older male staggered, and fell to one knee in the sand before he cast one final look heavenward at the great moon.

"Goku, what are you doing?" Bulma called out as she scrambled to pull herself to her feet. When she had finally shaken off her momentary stupor from being thrown to the side like a rag doll, and caught sight of her friend's heavenward gaze she paled. He wasn't going to do it, was he? She shook her head, and raced toward Vegeta's side. He growled, and took a swing at her, but with the sedatives finally taking full effect he only connected with air before his eyes drifted closed, and he was plunged into darkness. She gently knelt by his side, and checked his breathing before raising her eyes toward where her friend hovered in the sky above.

Goku stared at the full moon for what felt like an eternity, allowing it's rays to wash over him. He cast one final look at where his friend sat next to the only other Saiyan left in existence as he gathered his ki in his hands. He knew it was only a temporary solution, but he felt he owed his prince this much.

"KAMEHAMEHAAAA" He roared as he unleashed his ki, and the earth was plunged into deeper darkness as the moon's bright light faded out in a grand display as it exploded. He sighed when he no longer felt the the pain and pull of the moon's influence, and as he allowed himself to drift back to the ground he felt the Oozaru within him mourn the loss.

Bulma's eyes were alight with an unreadable expression as she regarded her friend mutely. He had destroyed the earth's moon instead of cutting off Vegeta's tail. The significance of that gesture was not lost on her. If she had learned anything from her Saiyan companions it was the importance of their tail. She suddenly felt a sadness for her friend as she caught the way he stared down at Vegeta's tail that was gently wrapped around her wrist. While he had never voiced it aloud she knew Goku missed his tail, and when Vegeta had told him that his tail wouldn't grow back once removed after he had matured she hadn't missed the sadness that clouded his eyes. Even if he had been raised on Earth, her friend was still Saiyan, and there were some things that were instinctual to them. Those things evidenced by the similarities between the two males who couldn't be any more polar opposite.

"Come on, Goku, help me get this big lug back to my place. I'll make you whatever you want to eat after I get him situated." She offered as she beamed up at her friend. She accepted the hand that was extended to her, and rose to her feet as she eyed Vegeta's hulking form as it was carefully hefted over Goku's shoulder. She gently placed her hand on his forearm, and chuckled at the light growling purr that fanned her burnt ear from between Vegeta's lips.

Goku smirked down at his friend before glancing at Vegeta. "He is going to have one hell of a hangover when he wakes up. That sedative is a bitch, B." He laughed as he raised his fingers to his forehead. He had almost allowed his primal mind to get the better of him, but in the end Bulma had been the one to bring him back around. He chuckled as the three reappeared before Capsule Corp. and Bulma staggered, not used to the sensation, before rolling her eyes and gesturing him to follow her into the house.