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Chapter 1: Heartbroken

I was going to tell him. I was going to just come out with it. Well at least, that's what I was planning on doing. But how exactly would I tell him? And if I did tell him how would he react? I mean, I couldn't just say, "Hey Neji, I've had a crush on you since I was twelve, hope that doesn't change anything"! No! Of coarse not I couldn't say that. After all this is the "Neji Hyuuga" we're talking about.

Wasn't I a bit over my head for wanting to tell him, anyway? Neji and I have been best friends since we were merely five years old. Telling him could make everything awkward. He might not even want to be friends with me anymore. Was I really willing to risk our friendship, over some silly crush?

But this wasn't just some "silly crush". No, this was more. It had taken me some time to realize what I felt for him, but each day it grew more and more. Each day it began to become clear what I felt for Neji, And it was absolutely not just a crush.

I sat down on the swings in the park where I told him to meet me. Surprisingly enough Neji also had something he wanted to tell me. I sighed in relief, Neji still wasn't here. It gave me sometime to think about what I was going to say. In all honestly I didn't want to tell him anything at all. Maybe I could make up some lie, and tell him something else! … No I couldn't do that. I had to tell him. It was now or never.

I tilted my head and looked down at my tattered shoes. "Maybe it's not worth it," I said out loud absentmindedly.

"What isn't worth it?"

I jumped at the sudden sound of his voice. "Neji you gave me a … fright," I said slowly, turning around to find Neji with his arm wrapped around Sakura Haruno's waist. I looked at her, then to Neji and then once again to the arm around her waist. It took me a moment to process what this all meant. When I finally did I looked up to Neji speechless, waiting for him to say something.

"Oh, yes, Tenten, this is Sakura. This is what I wanted to tell you about," he said calm as always, but I swore I saw a hint of a smile on his face. I stayed quiet and I felt my heart shatter into a million pieces. I felt the lump in my throat begin to form, but I pushed it back.

"Sakura," he continued. "This is Tenten."

Sakura Haurno, she probably had no clue who I was and she probably didn't really care, but I knew exactly who she was. She's said to be the most beautiful girl in our school, and that could have been proven. She had "natural" pink hair and gorgeous light eyes. She had millions of friends and practically everybody either liked her, envied her or wanted to be her. She was the poster child for popularity. Her life was perfect. She was perfect- and in her perfect little world, I was nothing.

I shook her hand and tried my best to give her a convincing smile. At that moment I had to put my acting skill to test, because I didn't want to stand there and have to face the both of them. What I wanted to do, was run away from them and go somewhere far, where I wouldn't have to see either of them, but I couldn't. All I could do was stand there and fake a smile. How pathetic, right?

"Sakura is my girlfriend," Neji said. Well obviously she was. I had already figured that out when I saw his arm around her waist. I smiled at Sakura once again.

"Oh gosh, Neji! I love her! She's adorable!" She said it in a tone I thought existed only in John Hughes movies. You know, the one the bitchy girl always has when she's talking to the heart-throb.

But I couldn't let her know that I was thinking that, so instead I flashed another fake smile and shyly said, "Thank you." By then I had forgotten the whole point of asking Neji to come here until he asked, "So what did you need to tell me, Tenten?"

My mind went blank. What was I to do now? I couldn't tell him how I felt now, especially in front of Sakura, his girlfriend. "Well, um," I began looking down at my shoes trying to come up with a quick lie. I looked up at Neji as he waited for me to tell him. "It wasn't anything serious, I just wanted to talk about school … and other stuff," I lied quickly.

Neji rose his eyebrow at me and looked skeptical. "Are you sure, Tenten? When we discussed it, you made it sound like something happened to your brother."

I chuckled and shook my head trying to hide my sadness, it was typical of Neji, always assuming the worse. I glanced at Sakura, who wasn't paying attention, instead she was checking or admiring(?) her nails. This, was Neji's girlfriend, I thought bitterly.

I felt myself nearing my breaking point, and knew I couldn't handle this any longer. "Neji, I'll talk to you tomorrow, I have to go," I told him, trying to hide the shakiness from my voice. I smiled at Sakura and started walking away from the couple.

"Of coarse, we have the same homeroom, don't we?" I heard him ask as I kept walking.

"Yea, I'll see you later!" I called back as I continued walking forward. I didn't dare to look back because I already felt the tears fighting there way out of my eyes. The last thing I wanted was for Neji to see me cry. I felt the tears stream down my face and I also felt the stares of random pedestrians looking at me, but I couldn't stop crying. I felt a strong pain in my chest and it hurt so much. Is this what it felt like, to be heart broken?

I pulled out my small cell phone from my pocket and began to dial, Temari. I needed her right now.

"Hello?" her voice droned.

"Temari, I'm coming over right now, okay?" I tried to hide the misery in my voice, but it didn't work with Temari, she could read me like an open book. She was my best friend for a reason.

"What's wrong?" She asked me, fully attentive. I could hear the worry in her voice.

I sniffed trying to stop my tears, "I'll tell you when I get there."

I hung the phone up and wiped another tear from my face, suddenly feeling relieved I had Temari. Temari, was my next door neighbor, she moved here a couple years back. In the beginning we hated each other, but once we got to know each other, we became friends, best friends at that. She has always been there for me, and she was the one who convinced me on telling Neji how I felt. She was more then a best friend, she was a sister.

As I walked up to the front steps of her house I saw Temari sitting on them, waiting for me, like the good sister she was. I sat on the steps and rested my head on her shoulder and began to cry again. I felt her arm go around me and I felt her wipe away a tear.

"Tenten, what happened?" She asked her blue eyes filled with worry.

"My heart's broken."

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