Chapter 14: Realizations

Tenten's P.O.V

Tenten looked down at her hands, looking for the right words to say. She replayed back the events that happened just before in her head repeatedly and tried to convince herself that it really was just a dream. She took a deep breath and looked down at her hands again, but this time she held them up in front of her, as if she'd never seen them before, as if they were some foreign body part that was added to her surgically, just recently.

"Ten?" She heard a voice call out. She looked up instantly, snapped out of her daze. She looked up and her eyes met Temari's. After her talk with Neji, she went to her house, almost like second nature to go to Temari whenever she'd had a situation.

It had been about twenty minutes since she first showed up and she had still yet to say something. Temari looked at her worriedly and said, "what on earth happened?"

Tenten took another deep breath. What was she to say? She didn't even know her self. She opened her mouth to speak, hoping that the words would naturally flow out, but they didn't. She shut her mouth and continued to look down at her hands.

Temari angrily grabbed both of Tenten's hand and slapped them away from her view.

"Tenten, talk to me, please! I'm really starting to worry! What happened!" Temari said.

Tenten once again took a deep breath, this time ready to speak. "Sorry, don't mean to make you worried, it's just-", she paused trying to arrange the words, she was trying to say in the right order.

"It's just", she continued, "I'm still trying to accept the fact that this actually happen myself."

"Was it that bad?" Temari asked, going over the number of possibilities that could have happened.

Tenten thought about this for a second. Was it really that bad? Or was she just making it a big deal.

"I kind of … told Neji that, 'I don't want to be friends with him anymore'". She closed her eyes and regretted how childish that sounded. She wished she could have went back and said It in a different way, a different manner, even in a different tone would have been okay.

"You said that? Why? What did he do?" Temari asked.

Tenten shook her head and rubber her temples. "He's just so stupid", she said. She was suddenly livid, thinking back on the situation.

"You know what he thought? Do you want to know what this idiot thought? He thought that the boy I liked, the boy that I've been basically killing myself over in order to impress, was Shikamaru!"

Temari's mouth fell agape. "No way," she said bewildered.

"Yes! And do you want to know why this genius thought that? The logic he used, to come up with this stupid conclusion? He said that it was because I was spending so much time with him! Now, you would think, that after all the time I spend with him, and all the … the moments we had together, you would think that after all this, the Hyuuga prodigy would be able to figure out, that he is in fact, the boy I actually like!" Tenten let out the breath she had been holding and actually felt good for the first time in what seemed like years. She looked over to Temari, who seemed as if she was still processing the words she had told her.

Temari couldn't find the right words to say at the moment though, she was still trying to take it all in. An amused face suddenly befall upon her and Tenten furrowed her eyebrows confused. What was she thinking now? Tenten watched quietly as Temari continued to smile at herself. "What is it?" Tenten asked with caution, afraid to hear the actual answer.

"Shikamaru huh?" Temari pondered out loud. "Could it be that Neji is jealous of your relationship with Shikamaru?"

"Well, I mean I guess he is but I-"

"Tenten! Open your eyes! Don't you see? This is a perfect chance and you my dear, are letting it slip right through your fingers!" Temari said enthusiastically.

Tenten rolled her eyes at Temari and said, "God, what are you going on about now?"

"Don't you see Ten? We've been going at this terribly wrong! What you really need for Neji to finally notice you, and to finally see what you guys have, is another guy to try to take you away! This is the key! Now all we need is to get Shikamaru to agree and it'll-"

"NO! No, no, no, no, no!" Tenten exclaimed cutting Temari off. "I'm not doing that! I'm done with this whole game! I'm done!" Tenten shook her head at Temari. This whole situation had gone terribly too far. And now Temari wanted to add Shikamaru into the mix. She wasn't going to let that happen.

"This is going to end now," Tenten said , suddenly sitting up right.

"But Tenten, think about it-"

"No Temari! No more games. I'm being serious," Tenten told Temari firmly. She shook her head again and laid back on Temari's bed.

Neji's P.O.V

Neji looked down at his phone once again, hoping to find a text or missed call, but he found nothing just a blank screen and time.

6:59 am it read. He sighed to himself and shoved the phone back into his pocket. He was standing outside waiting for his bus, dreading the fact that he had to go to school. It was Monday and even the Hyuuga prodigy himself hated Mondays.

He suddenly felt his phone vibrate and with a bit of eagerness took his phone out, hoping to see what he was waiting for. To his dismay though it was not who he had expected and frowned at his screen.

Sakura: Hey Neji, I'm going to be late today so I won't be there in 1st period.

Neji didn't bother replying and shoved the phone back into his pocket again. Neji was in fact hoping for a text from Tenten. It had been two days since he had talked to her and their last conversation was not the best. They had fought for the first time in what seemed forever. He actually was still having a hard time believing that they were fighting. He didn't know what happened and didn't know why it was that Tenten was so angry with him (but that was obviously part of the reason she was mad at him.)

And it was weird to him and terribly frustrating. He was so used to talking to Tenten everyday that, he found himself oddly out of balanced for the last two days he hadn't spoken to her. If he and Tenten weren't together in person, they'd be together on the phone and if they weren't on the phone, they were talking to each other through text. Of coarse that changed a bit when he began to go out with Sakura, but nevertheless Tenten was always still there. And these last three nights while Neji pondered on what it was that he was doing wrong, he couldn't help to feel that he had taken Tenten for granted.

She was always there and he always expected her to be, but now that she was gone Neji couldn't help but to miss her and to feel … empty.

So behind the awful dread of going to school there was actually a bit of joy. He hadn't seen Tenten in two days because it was the weekend, but at school there was no way of avoiding him. He looked forward to seeing her and to maybe even fixing things between them.

As he looked to his left he saw the bus coming toward his stop. As the kids began to line up at the door Neji began to feel nervous. The feeling was strange and foreign to him, but the idea of finally seeing her made his stomach flop. He didn't understand why he was feeling like this and asked him self why. He shook it off though, as he climbed up the bus steps. He automatically searched for Tenten and found her quickly. He made brief eye contact with her, but it was enough to make his stomach flop again. He thought of sitting next to her, but the seat was taken by Shikamaru. He frowned and decided to take the seat that was behind her.

She turned around for a second to look at him, maybe out of habit, but she quickly looked away when they made eye contact.

Tenten was seated next to the window with her head against it. Her face seemed pale, but her eyes were bright. She didn't seem to wear any make up but her cheeks were noticeably red, a sort of natural blush. Neji felt bothered at the fact that he wasn't the one seated next to her. As he saw who it was he felt even more irritated. It was Shikamaru and for some reason Neji could not stand him.

Each time he saw Shikamaru lean in and whisper something to Tenten, he felt his blood boil and each time Tenten smiled at him, Neji felt even more angry.

They finally arrived at school and Neji felt as if it had been hours. All the students shuffled to get out of the bus and as Neji made his way out he tried to catch up to Tenten. As he searched for her among the crowd of kids he felt someone bump into him.

"Whoah, sorry," he heard a lazy voice drown out. He looked to meet eyes with Shikamaru and glared at him. "It's fine," he said almost forcefully.

He continued walking and began to search for Tenten again. She was going to talk to him, one way or another.

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