E/O challenge: fervor

A/N: I really tried to keep it to 100 words but no matter how many words I took out I just couldn't do it. Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Dean's excruciating cries filled the air as Sam spoke the incantation with such fervor as to shake the walls.

Dean's back arched off the floor and another pain filled cry left his dry, chapped lips.

Sam spoke the last words of the passage and fell to the floor desperate for Dean's pain to come to an end.

"Dean, can you hear me...." Sam choked out.

Sam stared to worry. Was it the right incantation? Maybe he got the herbs wrong, maybe he wasn't fast enough, maybe Dean was already too far gone, maybe ...


Sam looked down into the tired and pained face of his big brother.

"I've got you" he said as he brushed away the lone tear rolling down his brothers face.