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Summery: this story is a challenge given by acepro Evolution. There is a link on my profile to his profile for details on the challenge. Naruto gets beat on his birthday and unlock a bloodline thought to have been only known to the Senju, he then finds out that he has an obasan, itoko. Due to the type of story it is there will be a harem, but the main girls will be Hinata and Funu an OC. The only girl on girl that will be in this story is between Anko/Kurenai and Rin/Konan the rest will have a sisterly bond, except Hinata and Funu who will be more rivals. Also I do take suggestions and requests on things you think might add to the story.

Heir of the three clans: Hyuuga, Senju, and Uchiha

Discovery and new friends

"I say we put him through a strict and closely watched training program until he has full control of his abilities then put him through the Clan Restoration Act (C.R.A)" Homura said.

"I agree and Danzo has the program that would be best for that" Koharu said.

"I would agree with those two he needs to be put into a training program as soon as possible" Fugaku said.

Danzo smiled, "I'm willing to take him into my program and have him trained, I'll even put him under the watchful eyes of Fugaku" he said.

"I'm against this motion, yes he has a great ability but its not worth him losing what little childhood he has just to train him to be an emotionless bastard like everyone else Danzo trains" Tsume said.

"I agree with her" Hiashi said.

"What proof do you have that people I train turn into 'emotionless bastards' as you put it" Danzo challenged.

"Itachi Uchiha is the first name that pops into my head" Tsume replied, Danzo just sat down knowing he was beat there.

The third sighed and closed his eyes, "he will not be put through any special training program, Tenzo will start training him to use his Mokuton element once Naruto is out of the hospital" he said ending the meeting.

Two hours earlier

A 5 year old Naruto was sitting in his apartment all by himself with a couch in front of the door. He was use to spending his birthday by himself as he always did, he wished himself a happy birthday and laid down waiting for sleep to take him so he can dream about the birthday he always wanted. Next to Naruto was the training bo staff that the third got him for his fourth birthday. Everyday since Naruto has been taught to use it by the third himself. Naruto clutched the bo staff and remember the happiness he felt earlier when the third told him that he was a level 1 bo staff master and that he only had 4 more levels until he mastered the weapon.

Standing outside Naruto's apartment was the shyest Hyuuga, and quite possibly the shyest person ever in the history of people, Hinata Hyuuga. She was holding a box that had her gift for Naruto in it trying to get enough courage to knock on the door. After gathering enough courage she reached out and before the door opened she heard the sound of glass breaking and yelling from inside the apartment. Hearing her crushes screams her courage went through the roof and she gathered chakra into her hand and hit the door lock breaking it and pushing the door open. She ran into the apartment and saw 5 ninjas, all she guessed was chuunin's. Clutching her present she ran and threw herself over the injured and screaming Naruto. The ninjas not seeing her in time continued their attack, but before they hit them, the two 5 year olds they was protected by wood that jumped out of the floor and surrounded the two, the ninjas was also thrown into the wall by a pissed off Anko, Kurenai, and Hokage.

Anko had her poisonous snakes coming out ready to attack when she was stopped, "no Anko I can't afford to give the elders a reason to execute you, your to skilled and talented to watch die for these bastards" the third said.

"Come on just one" Anko was eying the one in front of her with a look that promised a slow and quite painful death.

"No Anko" the third then snapped his fingers and an ANBU team was there, "take these ex-shinobi's to prison I will deal with them later" he said.

Once they was gone the three left turned to Naruto and was surprised to see him covered by wood. Kurenai walked up and knocked on it, "Naru-chan its me Kurenai the bad people are gone" she said in a soothing voice. The wood slowly pulled back only enough for Naruto to peek out, once he was sure that they was free it all went back into the floor, "Naru-chan how did you do that with the wood" Kurenai asked.

"I don't know it just happened" Naruto replied through his pain.

"Naruto you have the ability to use Mokuton element, it was used by the first Hokage" the third said.

Anko was thinking something different, "Hinata Hyuuga" she asked. The Hyuuga turned and looked at them with a deep blush and a terrified look, "why are you here, its after 9 at night do your otousan know your here, and whats in your hand" she asked.

Hinata ducked under the questions, "no I snuck out, and this is for Naruto-kun today is his birthday" she stuttered badly.

Naruto looked wide eyed, "you got me a present" he asked in shock.

She just nodded, "well don't make us wait let him open it" Kurenai nudged her.

Hinata slowly gave Naruto the box, Naruto tore it open like it would run away and looked at an orange outfit, "this is the best gift ever" he said excited. He tried to get up to hug Hinata for the gift but stopped in pain, "itai" he yelled holding his ribs.

"Naruto-kun" Hinata panicked.

"Don't worry Hinata, we need to get him to the hospital" the third said. Anko grabbed Hinata while Kurenai grabbed Naruto and they followed the Hokage to the hospital. After firing 2 nurses and breaking a few ribs of a doctor Naruto was in a room unconscious on a bed, "will you stay here to make sure he receives proper care" the third asked.

"Of course, but what about Hinata" Anko asked.

"I'll take her with me, Hiashi is going to be at the meeting later today she will go home with him" the third said grabbing Hinata's shoulder and going puff with her.

30 minutes later

Naruto was healed the best that the head doctor was willing to do. Anko and Kurenai knew that Kyuubi healed him while he slept so they let him off with a few bruises and missing teeth. They pulled the other bed over to the one that Naruto was in since he wasn't connected to any tubes or anything like that they put him between the two and went to sleep. Naruto subconsciously snuggled into the to kunoichi's, they both smiled and let sleep take them.

Present time

Jumping into the window that Naruto, Anko, and Kurenai was sleeping in, a kunoichi looked at the three and wondered how she would make this work without waking the two. Before she could do anything she was pinned against the wall by a few snakes, Anko and Kurenai got out the bed with kunai's ready, "why the hell are you sneaking into our room" Anko asked.

"And who are you" Kurenai added.

The kunoichi tried to raise her hand but was stopped by another snake shot out and stuck its teeth into the wall with her arm in its mouth. Anko reached up and grabbed the mask. The kunoichi they was looking at had purple rectangles under her eyes, long dark brown hair, and bright green eyes, "I'm Rin I was taught by Minato along with Kakashi" she said.

Anko got over her shock, "everyone thought you was dead" she said.

"I bet Kakashi told you that" Rin said.

"Well anyway, why are you here now" Kurenai asked.

"I'm here with his obasan, its along story, but she wanted to take him away from this village and train him with love like he should have been receiving" Rin told them.

"I have an obasan" they heard.

The three looked over at Naruto and saw him struggling to sit up, "Naru-chan don't move your not healed yet" Anko and Kurenai yelled running to him forgetting about Rin.

"Neechan's I'm fine really, I want to know more about my obasan though" Naruto said.

Rin walked over to them, "if its ok with you two I can heal him" she said. Anko and Kurenai moved to the other side of Naruto without question and watched as she healed Naruto, "now about your obasan, she is pretty pissed she was never told you was alive" she said.

"Whats her name" Naruto asked.

"Konan Uzumaki she is the youngest sister of Kushina Uzumaki your kaasan, they was split up during the third war and have been looking for each other since, Kushina sent me out to find her, once I told her about you being born and that Kushina would send word for her to come once Kyuubi was defeated we traveled the shinobi world together, when he got wind of a blond jinchuuriki we both headed this way, we asked around about him and as soon as someone said 'Naruto Uzumaki needs to die' Konan almost quite literally went on a rampage, I convinced it would be better to train you away from the village" Rin told them.

"So she is waiting on me" Naruto asked.

"Yup, she gave me 10 minutes to get you from the hospital before she destroyed it to get you herself" Rin said.

Naruto looked at Kurenai and Anko, "can they come" he asked.

Rin smiled while shrugging, "its their decision" she said.

"I'm coming" Anko said automatically.

"You can't get rid of us that easy" Kurenai said.

Kurenai picked Naruto up and the three kunoichi's jumped out the window and headed towards the village wall where Konan was waiting, "Rin I asked you to retrieve my nephew not kunoichi's" she said.

"I did, he asked them to come with us and they agreed" Rin said.

"Fine lets just go already before I kill the next person I see" Konan said.

"Wait I'll be right back" Anko said and vanished. She returned a few seconds later with a sleeping Hinata, "sorry, but I couldn't leave her behind, it would kill her waking up and not knowing where Naru-chan is" she said.

The next day

Hiashi stormed into the Hokage's office waving a scroll in front of the third, "what the hell is this, who the hell have my daughter" he bellowed angrily.

The third sighed and showed him the same letter for Naruto, "I don't know Naruto is missing also, so is Kurenai and Anko, but this letter said they will write as soon as they get the chance at least we know they are in good hands, and the Byakugan wont be stolen" the third said.

"The Byakugan, screw the Byakugan my daughter is missing do you understand that, I don't care what happens to the Byakugan I want my daughter" Hiashi bellowed again.

The third blinked, "when did you get so protective of Hinata, I thought she was to weak" he asked.

Hiashi looked murderous, "that has absolutely nothing to do with my daughter being missing" he said.

The third sighed, "I'll write Jiraiya and Tsunade and let them know what happened and ask them to keep an eye out for the two" he said.

"I expect to hear there reply as soon as it arrives" Hiashi then left. The third sighed and looked at his letter again.

Outside of Hi no Kuni

Hinata finally woke up. Hinata stretched and looked around, "where am I" she asked.

"So you finally woke up" she heard a familiar voice, "breakfast is ready" the voice said again.

Hinata rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and looked, "Anko-san why am I here, why are you here, where is here, is the village in danger" she asked.

Anko laughed, "no Hina the village is fine, we are a few miles away from Konoha, why you ask because of what happened yesterday Naru-chan almost died, then unlocked his kekkei genkai to protect you, and his obasan finally found out he was alive and was damned if he would stay in the village so we came with him, I brought you because I figured you would want to be with him also" she said.

Hinata nodded taking everything in. She said next to Anko and took the food and ate while thinking, 'I'm away from home with Naruto-kun' she blushed, 'he has an obasan that's good I'm happy for him' she took a bite of her rabbit meat. Then something hit her, "I thought his family was dead" she said.

"Everyone did, me and Kushi-chan was private about our family, we was the last two in our family" Konan said from across Hinata looking at the sleeping Naruto.

Hinata looked at her then followed her eyes to Naruto and giggled, "he is so cute the way he sleep" she unknowingly said out loud.

"Yes he is cute the way he sleep" Anko said.

Hinata blushed, "I said that out loud" she stuttered.

"Your going to have to get over that stuttering" Konan said.

Rin smacked her in the head, "leave her alone, not everyone has seen the things we have, she is just scared" she said. Konan rubbed the spot that Rin smacked and glared.

Hinata giggled, "you two act like Anko-san and Kurenai-san" she while still giggling.

Kurenai swallowed the last of her food, "well now since we only have to wait of Naru-chan lets start a training schedule for those two" she said.

"I agree that we should, but we need to find Tsunade since she is his cousin, by a few generations and Jiraiya since he is Naru-chan's godfather" Konan said.

"Wait they knew about Naruto-kun but didn't raise him why" Hinata asked with stutter.

"Because they was denied so many time from helping him that they both vowed not to return to the village until Naruto was a genin that way they could train him the way they wanted" Kurenai said.

Naruto finally woke up and crawled over into Anko's lap burying his face into her women hood while trying to get a few precious minutes of sleep. Kurenai and Anko smiled, Hinata blushed, Rin and Konan tried not to laugh at the look on Hinata's face. Anko rubbed Naruto's back, "now Naru-chan your to young to be that forward" she teased.

Naruto immediately shot up and was on the other side of camp with a blush that was on its way to passing Hinata's worst blush, "neechan what are you talking about, I was trying to sleep" he stuttered.

"You sure I think I felt something moist touching my skin" she continued to tease. Naruto went wide eyed and passed out, the 4 kunoichi's burst out laughing, Hinata looked worried at Naruto.

Kurenai shook Naruto, "Naru-chan she was just teasing you" she said.

After everyone had ate and washed in the spring they was by they headed off again, "Naruto did Rin tell you about me" Konan asked.

"Well she told me you was my obasan and was separated from my kaasan during the third war and you was waiting on her to send you a letter to come see me" Naruto answered.

"Ok, first off my name is Konan Uzumaki, you can call me Konan, obasan, or neechan..." she was interrupted.

"What about kaasan" Naruto asked looking at her.

Konan looked surprised at him, "if you want to" she said.

"I do, I think kaasan would be happy for me to call you kaasan" Naruto said.

"Well you can call me kaasan" she smiled.

"Konan you was telling him about yourself" Rin reminded her.

"Oh right, well I'm the imouto of Kushi-chan, she taught me everything I know and most of what she knows, I can use Kami Origami no jutsu, you should be able to use them also, I'm mainly a wind type like Kushi-chan, but I can also use the other elements pretty easy except Raiton which uses more chakra then the other elements, I spent the last 5 years traveling and training with Rin we both have become quite the team, she specialize in medics while I'm more sealing, I'm 21 exactly 5 years younger than Kushi-chan, I think that's everything" she said.

"Wow can you teach me to use Kami Origami" Naruto asked bouncing around.

"Yup, that's one reason I took you from the village" Konan said.

"That and you was about to go on a rampage that only Kushina have ever been able to stop" Rin mumbled.

"Can I learn medics" Hinata quietly stuttered.

"Of course you can" Rin said cheerfully.

Konan went into her pouch and pulled out a scroll, "here pick out a weapon to learn first, but know before you two become a genin you will know how to use all them" she said.

Naruto looked at them, "jiji said I'm a level 1 bo staff master already" he said.

Konan nodded, "well pick the Bo Staff each weapon has 5 levels to master, we will work on each for hours a day to increase the speed you learn at" she said.

"Why not have them use kage bushin" Anko asked.

Konan shrugged, "I didn't think of that" she said.

Hinata looked at the weapons and picked up a fancy and harmless looking Chinese sword, "I want to learn this weapon first" she said.

"Well before you two start you need to increase your chakra to use kage bushin without any problems" Kurenai said.

For the last few hours Naruto and Hinata was made to run up and down the near by trees in order to increase their chakra and control. By lunch time Hinata wasn't able to stand on her own, Naruto wasn't much better as he could barely stand. The two sat down and scarfed down their food, Hinata at a much slower and graceful pace than Naruto, but still like she hasn't ate in days. After lunch they headed off again, Konan carrying Naruto and Kurenai carrying Hinata since it would be faster than letting them run themselves. By night fall they arrived in Nami no Kuni, Rin went to get an hotel while the rest went to find a restaurant. Once they was done eating they went to a secluded area and started taijutsu training, Hinata started with snake style, Naruto started with dragon style, taught by Konan.

The next morning after more intense chakra training that involved walking on water and hungry snakes they headed towards Mizu no Kuni. After a few hours of running across the ocean they finally reached land. They looked around, "it looks like a war has been through here" Rin said.

"I heard something about a bloodline purge going on here maybe they are fighting back instead of just letting the Mizukage kill them" Kurenai said.

"Lets look around maybe we can help a few people" Rin said as the medic in her kicked in and wanted to help all she could.

Konan shook her head at her, "you and your always wanting to help people" she mumbled. Rin smiled and grabbed Konan's and pulled her along while she still had Naruto on her back. Anko and Kurenai looked at each other and shrugged and walked behind them. Kurenai looked at Rin and Konan happily hold hands as if nothing mattered and peeked over at Anko who was watching them hold hands. Kurenai slowly reached out and grabbed Anko's, hand surprising her. As the group walked they came across a girl that looked to be a year or two older than Naruto and Hinata. Rin walked over to the hut she ducked in when she noticed them, "excuse me why are you alone" she asked.

The girl backed up from Rin, "stay back will use my Hyouton if you try anything" she said.

Rin put her hands up, "don't worry I'm a medic nin, I want to help you" she said.

"How do I know you wont try and kill me like otousan did" she asked.

"What.." Konan started but was quieted by a look from Rin, "don't worry I will protect you with my life, you can travel with me and my family if you want" Rin said to the girl.

She just moved further into the wall away from Rin. Hinata squirmed her way off of Kurenai's back and slowly walked over to the girl, "hello I'm Hinata Hyuuga whats your name" she said with a stutter.

"Haku" the girl replied with a stutter.

Hinata smiled, "I think you should come with us, you wont have to be alone" she said thinking about all the times she wished she could talk to Naruto like this.

Haku looked at them then back to Hinata, "you promise they wont try and hurt me" she asked.

Hinata nodded, "I will protect you, your my friend" she said.

"Friend really I only ever had a friend" Haku said.

Hinata grabbed her hand and led her to the others, "you have two now" she said.

"Well that was unexpected, and I must say it was rather sweet" Konan whispered to Rin who just nodded.

Naruto happily walked over to Hinata, "Hinata who is your friend" he asked rather loudly.

"This is Haku-san" Hinata replied with a stutter and blush.

"Hi Haku I'm Naruto Uzumaki" he said holding out his hand.

Haku looked at it then at Hinata who nodded to her, "I'm Haku" she shook his hand.

"Well now lets see if your injured" Rin said going through some hand signs. Haku saw her hands turn green and backed behind Hinata, when she noticed Rin not hurting her but healing her she relaxed. Once Rin was finished she smiled, "well now that your minor wounds are healed lets get going" she said. Naruto climbed back on Konan's back while Hinata climbed on Kurenai's. Haku looked around and slowly approached Rin and climbed on her back.

"So what now we can't stay here if they are killing people for no reason" Anko asked.

"I agree" Konan said.

"Haku is there another clan in this village" Kurenai asked.

Haku thought for a moment, "yes but they are vicious and like killing each other, the Kaguya clan, I have a friend in that clan though she might want to come with us" she finally said.

"Well to the Kaguya clan estate it is" Konan said.

They quickly crossed the village and saw that most of the Kaguya clan was dead or dieing. Haku jumped of Rin and ran over to a secret hideout and pushed her chakra into a rock, "Kirei" she yelled. A small girl crawled out the hideout with blood running down her face, "Haku I'm glad I saw you before I died" she then dropped flat on her face. Haku screamed, but Rin was already going through hand signs to save the young Kaguya's life.

5 hours later on Nagi Island

Kirei woke up with a headache. She moaned out while sitting up, "am I in heaven" she asked herself.

"Kirei" Haku yelled while tackling her best friend in a hug.

"Itai Haku that hurts" Kirei complained.

"Haku-chan you have to let Kirei-chan recover before you be so rough with her" Rin laughed.

"Sorry Kirei" Haku said.

"What happened where am I" Kirei asked.

"Well we saved you from dieing if it wasn't for Haku going to your hideout you would have died a lonely death" Konan said.

"Well thank you" Kirei said.

"No thanks needed, but do you want to travel with us" Konan asked.

"You the ones who saved me, I will be honored to travel with you" Kirei replied.

"Good you will join our training when you recover" Rin said.

Kurenai walked in with a few bags, "I bought dinner" she announced.

"Did you by ramen" Naruto asked hopping from foot to foot in front of Kurenai.

Everyone in the room laughed at him, Kirei did it with some pain though, "no Naru-chan you have to eat other things besides ramen" Kurenai said. As they was about to start eating there was a knock on the door Kurenai walked over to it, "yes" she asked opening it and was shocked.

"Sorry for the intrusion, but I sensed by itoko in here can I see him" Tsunade asked a gaping Kurenai. She just nodded and moved to the side for Tsunade and Shizune. Tsunade walked into the room, "Naru-chan" she said slowly.

Naruto looked up and saw Tsunade and immediately jumped up and ran to her, "itoko" he yelled jumping into her arms.

Tsunade caught the small boy easily and hugged him tightly while kissing him on the top of his head, "I missed you so much my little Naru-chan" she said with tears in her eyes.

"I missed you to itoko" he replied with his face in her chest.

"How long has it been Tsu-sama" Shizune asked as Naruto jumped from Tsunade into Shizune's arms.

"Far to long for my liking, how have you been Naru-chan" Tsunade replied.

"Well jiji started to teach me to use a bo staff when I was 4, I'm a level 1 master can you believe that" he said excitedly.

"I'm happy for you Naru-chan, but what else happened in those 3 years I was gone" Tsunade asked.

"Well..." Naruto stopped and fidgeted not wanting to tell her.

"Well since Naru-chan don't like talking about it. I'll fill everyone in, except Hinata and Kurenai" Anko said. Once everyone had their attention on Anko she started, "well since Tsunade left the counsel have tried multiple times to have Naru-chan executed, Danzo tried to get him into his training or brainwashing program as I call it, Kakashi-teme, who by the way for those who don't know he was trained by Naru-chan's otousan, have not even made an attempt to keep Naru-chan save, the only friends Naru-chan has are those here now and the third who is like a grandfather to him, also he has been beaten by the villagers and a few chuunin's almost everyday for the last 3 years, also he was almost killed more times than any of us want to remember" she told everyone.

Tsunade, Shizune, Rin, and Konan was pissed all fighting the urge to march to Konoha and kill a few thousand people for how they treated Naruto. Haku, Hinata, and Kirei looked like they was about to cry. Eventually Tsunade calmed herself enough to talk, "well Naru-chan and ladies I hope you like medics because I'm putting you 4 through the toughest medic and chakra training you will ever go through" she said.

"What itoko why do I have to learn medics" Naruto complained.

"Because I said so and Kushina was a pretty damn good medic in her own right and I'll be damned if her son doesn't learn it" Tsunade said leaving no room for Naruto to argue with what she said.

"Haku you need to pick out a weapon to train with, once you master it you will go on to the next weapon, Kirei I'm going to assume that you know how to use your bloodline to make weapons" Konan said.

"Yes, I can make almost any weapon, our clan starts early on learning our bloodline since its the only weapon we use" Kirei replied.

"Good, since I'm teaching Naru-chan dragon style and Anko is teaching Hinata snake style who will teach Haku and Kirei" Konan asked.

"I'll start Haku on medic style" Shizune said.

"I'll start Kirei on crane style" Kurenai said.

"I'll teach them the book crap and other things like that they need to know, but I'm assuming that once they learn the style they will rotate to learn the other style" Tsunade guessed.

"Correct, they are going to be the most well rounded team ever" Konan said.

Tsunade smiled, "well kids better be ready for hell because you just entered it and the only way out is through hard work and outstanding teamwork" she said the 4 kids just groaned while imagining the pain they would be put through.

In Konoha

Hiashi rushed into the Hokage's office, "did you find out anything" he asked.

"Yes Hiashi, they are with Tsunade training, she said that if you want you can send scrolls on the Byakugan and Jyuuken for Hinata but its completely up to you" the third said.

Hiashi let out a breath, "is she hurt" Hiashi asked.

"From the letter I received she is in perfect health, and is being put through a very demanding physical training session with Naruto and 2 others to prepare them for their real training" the third said.

Hiashi nodded, "I'll bring a copy of a few scrolls for her to learn" he then walked out.

On Nagi Island

The 4 kids was laid out on the grown trying to catch their breath, Naruto had always thought Shizune was the sweetest and nicest person and had no mean bone in her body, but after what she just put them through he was rethinking his opinion of her. Her physical training, the 7 layers of hell the 4 kids called it, consisted running 5 miles with boulders on their back, ungodly amounts of push ups and sit ups, 100 punches and kicks to a padded tree, more boulder running except this time with smaller boulders and on water, dodging kunai's, shuriken's, paper weapons, rocks, and anything else the adults could find and throw at great speeds without moving their feet, and not to mention waking up at the god forsaken hour of 5 in the morning, 'I mean really who wakes up at that time just to go through this hell' Naruto thought.

"Ok enough rest" Shizune piped up.

"What but we didn't even have a full 10 minutes" they all complained.

Shizune glared at the 4, she actually glared this shocked the 4 greatly, "I said up now" she said in her commander voice. They all jumped up, from what they knew Shizune was so sweet and nice that she never talked with that kind of tone so they didn't want to know what would happen if they didn't listen. Shizune walked in front of them, "now we need to work more on your chakra reserve and stamina so you all can use kage bushin to increase the rate at which you train, get on the water and lay down, face up Naru-chan, until I tell you training is over" she told them. The 4 ran over to the water and laid down finding it hard to stay atop at first, but slowly they started to figure out how to do it.

Tsunade walked up to Shizune, "I'll watch them the other wanted you to join them for personal training" she said.

"Ok Tsu-sama" Shizune replied.

"Stop calling me that please Shizune" Tsunade said.

"Ok Tsu-chan" Shizune giggled. Tsunade just shook her head at her apprentice.

Shizune found the other 4 in another training area a few miles from the one se had the kids at, "hey" she said.

"Shizune, how is training going" Kurenai asked.

"Well if I keep pushing them this hard I predict the girls will be able to use at least 3 kage bushin's in a month" Shizune replied.

"Great then we can start the real training" Konan said.

"Yup, now lets start our spars I haven't had a good fight in so long" Rin said.

4 hours later

Shizune sat up off the ground panicked, "oh no I forgot to tell Tsu-chan when to let them off the water" she said and ran back to the training ground with the the other 4 behind her. They all arrived in the training area to see Tsunade and the 4 kids sleep, "I thought they would still be on the water" Shizune said letting out a breath.

Anko looked at her watch, "time for weapon practice" she said. After a few snakes and 4 alert kids and a smirking Anko she started, "how was your sleep" she asked.

"Not long enough" Naruto said.

"To bad time for weapons training" Anko said. Konan then threw a scroll to the 4 of them, "those are the 5 levels for the weapons you are learning, Hina, Haku, and Kirei you each start level one, Naru-chan you start level 2" she said.

"Don't forget if you need any help ask us" Kurenai said.

A month later

Hinata was able to make 3 kage bushin's and still have enough chakra left for what she needed to do, Haku was able to make 4, Kirei was able to make 6, while Naruto couldn't make less than 10 so he was limited to that number while the others had to keep as many made as they could. Naruto had to use 8 of his kage bushin's to work on chakra control so he wouldn't get to far ahead, Hinata used 1 clone to help her with level 1 of the Chinese sword while the other 2 started level 2. Haku used 1 clone to help her with level 1 while 2 started level 2 and the last went to work on increasing her reserves. Kirei did the same except she sent 3 to work on her reserves. They was traveling towards Cha no Kuni as they all got dizzy from being on an island for so long.

Hinata's birthday

As the group arrived in Cha no Kuni Hinata spoke up, "my birthday is next week" she stuttered out.

Everyone looked at her, "really now that's good to know" Tsunade said while thinking what to get the 5 year old.

"Anything specific you want" Konan asked.

Hinata thought, "I use to help my kaasan in our garden when she was still alive" Hinata said.

The 4 was given the week off from training because of Hinata's birthday. On her birthday, Hinata woke up to find that she was all along in the hotel room. She slowly washed and got dressed and went to the cafe in the hotel for breakfast. She saw everyone else but they ran away before she had the chance to approach them, she wanted to run after them but her growling stomach had other plans. She walked up to the counter and looked over the food. She grabbed a plate and loaded it with eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, jam, and sweet buns and ate in while wondering why everyone avoided her for the past 2 days.

Naruto was running around the town looking for the perfect present for Hinata. Coming from 3 pretty rich clans he had enough money to buy anything but didn't want anything, he wanted the perfect gift. He walked into a rather large clothing/accessories store and looked around. He walked up to the counter, "excuse me can you help me" he said to the lady.

She looked over the counter, "sorry but kids are not allowed in here without a parent" she told him.

"What but this is important" Naruto said.

"Sorry, get an adult and I'll be happy to help you, but without one your not allowed in company policy" she said.

"Its fine he is with me" Anko said walking from where she was.

Naruto looked at her, "neechan I didn't see you over there" he said.

Anko shrugged, "hurry up and get what you need so we can get back to the hotel" she said.

Naruto looked at the lady. She looked between Anko and Naruto, the kunoichi tilted her head in away that dared her to try and kick him out, "right what can I help you with" she asked.

"Well its my best friends birthday, and she turns 5 but I don't know what to get her" he said.

The lady nodded and led him through the rows of merchandise, "well whats her favorite color" she asked.

"Lavender, is that a color" Naruto answered.

"So light purple" the lady said. She then went through the clothes, "here she should like this, its made light for moving" she said.

"Ok I'll get it" Naruto said.

They walked to the counter, "where is your neechan so she can pay for it" the lady asked.

"I'm paying" he then pulled out some money and gave it to the lady.

She looked shocked then scanned the clothes and bagged them giving Naruto his bags. She watched him grab his stuff and start to leave, Anko walked up, "hold on, I didn't see you give him his change" she said.

"I put it in the bad" she said nervously.

Anko took the bag and checked it, "I don't see any money in here" she said looking at the lady.

"He must have taken it out then" she said.

A snake flew out of Anko's arm and slammed the lady into the wall behind her, "don't fuck with me or Naru-chan now where is his change" she hissed.

An younger lady who looked Anko's age ran up, "whats going on" she almost yelled.

"She is trying to steal from him, and I want the change she own Naru-chan now or I will make sure she dies slowly and painfully" Anko said.

The younger lady looked at the older lady, "Yuki get your things your fired" she said.

"What please I need this job I can't support my son without it" she started to cry.

"I gave you 3 chances already, and if I remember correct your son is old enough to get a job himself, now get out of my store before I call the police" the store owner replied. Anko dropped her and she ran out, "sorry now what was bought so I can give you the correct change" she asked.

Later that night everyone but Hinata was standing outside the door with their gifts in hand. Tsunade also had some cake and ice cream. Shizune walked in the room and busied Hinata with a random quiz on the medic stuff Tsunade had taught her. Shizune made sure that Hinata's back was towards the door and once everyone was in the room they took a breath, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HINATA" they yelled.

Hinata jumped and quickly spent around and saw all the presets and cake. She smiled, "wow" she said.

Once they ate the cake and ice cream they gave Hinata her presents, from Naruto she got a pair of purple pants, a purple shirt, and purple coat like Anko's. Tsunade got her a mini travel garden and a scroll she could keep it in. Kurenai got her all types of seeds some lavender smelling candles. Kirei got her a set of kunai's and shuriken's. Haku got her some senbon's and a book called 1000 plants and 10,000 ways to use them. Anko got her a chakra enhanced necklace that had a picture with all them in it. Konan got her a Chinese sword since she liked the practice one so much. Rin got her a few jutsu scrolls. Shizune a book called How to be a deadly kunoichi but still gentle to those you love Hinata looked at all her presents and hugged everyone.

3 months later

After months of training it was noticeable how much strides the 4 kids made. Each was girl was able to create 10 perfect clones and used them for training. Hinata surprised the most at how fast she learned medics and increased her reserve to catch up with Kirei and Haku. The adults also noticed a little competition between the three girls, seeing who can learn and grow stronger faster. Naruto was making more strides in sealing and learning manners and things like that he missed out on. They all advanced in their family bloodlines, Hinata activated her Byakugan and learned the first 4 levels of Jyuuken, Naruto learned level 2 of Kami Origami, he couldn't start learning Mokuton basics because he didn't have any scrolls to learn from, Haku learned to control her Hyouton more, Kirei learned the fifth level of her Kaguya bloodline.

They stopped a few miles outside of Konoha where they was meeting Jiraiya with the scrolls from the Senju compound for Naruto to learn from. They all was now extremely comfortable around each other and with Rin and Konan being a couple and Kurenai and Anko being a couple. They was also use to seeing the 4 kiss our walk around with nothing but panties and bra on, Kurenai, Anko, and Rin of course teased the kids. Konan teased the girls but not Naruto for obvious reasons. This didn't go without a consequence because the kids started to show signs of perversion, especially Naruto peeping in on everyone except Tsunade and Konan while they showered or bathed, which by the way everyone knew about, but since he didn't do it out in public they didn't say anything and the adults even went out of their way to keep the door cracked for him. The three girls peeped on the adults but not as much as Naruto, just when their curiosity got the best of them, which wasn't more than once or twice a month.

Jiraiya arrived at the meeting area and introduced himself, toad and stupid dance and all its glory. This of course resulted in the kids really doubting that he was a Sennin after noting how serious Tsunade was out in public, but once he got the crap beat out of him by Tsunade, for staring at her breast, and got up like nothing happened they put their doubts behind them. Once that was done they started to travel again, this time they added ninjutsu training to their regime. Jiraiya of course being the ninjutsu juggernaut he was immediately gave Hinata, Naruto, and Kirei chakra paper to start them on their element training. Hinata was Suiton and Raiton, Kirei was Katon and Suiton, Naruto was Fuuton, Doton, and Suiton. Haku told him her elements was Fuuton and Suiton. Jiraiya nodded, "you all are Suiton not really surprising since 2 of you are from Kiri, Naruto's bloodline's uses Suiton, and Hinata's kaasan was a Suiton user" he said.

"So you can train them in every element" Kurenai asked.

"No, we have to go to Kumo to find someone to train Hinata in Raiton, but I can train them n everything else" Jiraiya said.

"Well lets head there now, element training will take a few years and I'm tired of constantly moving around" Tsunade said.

"Fine with me" Konan said.

"Wait wasn't there a report that Kumo tried to steal the Byakugan a few months ago" Jiraiya asked.

"I wrote to sensei about it, he said that it was a rouge group of Kumo nin's who all was banished from the country for their radical acts and experiments" Tsunade said.

So with that the group left Hi no Kuni and went to Kaminari no Kuni. After a few weeks of traveling they arrived at the gate, "hello what can I help you with" the guard asked.

"Can we see the Raikage" Jiraiya answered.

"Sure follow me" he took them to the tower.

Once inside the Raikage greeted them, "how can I help you" she asked.

"Well we have a student whose element is Raiton and no one to train her, I was wondering if there was a way she could get trained here" Jiraiya said.

The Raikage thought for a minute, "well I am working with the Hokage to get an agreement between our villages, how about I let a jounin travel with you and train her" she asked.

"That will work" Jiraiya said.

"One moment please" the Raikage pushed a button, "Yugito can you please come to the office" she asked.

"I'll be there in a minute" they heard. A few minutes later an ANBU appeared in the room via shunshin no jutsu, "you wanted me Raikage" she asked.

"Yes Yugito I have a mission for you" she said. She pointed behind Yugito, "these group of shinobi are travelers from Konoha, I'm assuming they are on a training trip, but one of them can use Raiton element but have no one to train them I want you to travel with them and train this person, you will stay with them until they return to their village this mission will be part of the working agreement we are setting up with Konoha" she said.

Yugito turned and eyed each of them, "ok I'll take the mission" she said.

"Good, you leave whenever they are ready" the Raikage said.

"Itoko I'm hungry can we eat before we leave" Naruto said.

"Yes Naru-chan we will eat before we leave" Tsunade said rolling her eyes.

"I'll show you around the village" Yugito offered trying to be nice.

"Ok, but you know you can just be yourself you don't have to be someone your not" Konan said.

"Good, I hate acting likeable for other people" Yugito said walking out the door.

"Well she is cute" Anko said when Yugito was out the room.

"I heard that" Yugito yelled back.

At a fancy restaurant a few hours later after site seeing

Everyone was sitting down and looking at the menu, "what no ramen" Naruto complained loudly.

"No this restaurant doesn't serve ramen its a foreign place the owner is from over the mountains, but he serves this food called spaghetti, it has the same noodles as ramen but made in a different way and has this red sauce on it made out of different vegetables, its pretty good you should try it" Yugito said.

"Whats a taco" Hinata asked.

"Its a flat bread made out of corn then hardened, then they put meat, lettuce, cheese, and this sauce called ranch on them, they are good and healthy" Yugito said.

"Whats beef stew" Kirei asked.

"Its a mixture of different meats and vegetables and brought to a boil in a broth, its very good" Yugito said.

"Do this place sell sake" Tsunade asked.

"Not exactly, they have something called wine, it comes in different flavors and colors, it is basically the same thing except made in the west, I haven't tried it because I don't drink sake" Yugito said.

"What burger" Anko asked sounding it out in a funny way.

"Its um" Yugito thought about it, "it a piece of meat between 2 pieces of bread, it can come with vegetables on it" she finally said.

"And swimming chips" Kurenai asked.

"That is fished cooked in this oil and cut potatoes also cooked in oil, its personally my favorite" Yugito said.

"I'll take a salad and taco" Haku said.

"I want to know what exactly a pizza" Jiraiya said.

"Well that's just the dough before it becomes bread and its spread out like you would a pie, then you put sauce on it with cheese and anything else you want then cook it" Yugito said.

The next morning

Naruto woke up and noticed everyone was sleep except Yugito. He walked over and sat by her on the couch, "can you take me to that restaurant I want to see if I can buy a recipe book from them for the food they serve it was good" he asked.

"Sure come on" Yugito said.

They arrived at the restaurant and asked for the cook, "how can I help you two" he asked.

"Sir I ate here last night and it was the first time I ever ate food from another place and it was really good..." Naruto was interrupted.

"You really liked it, I'm glad its makes me feel good that my hard work is liked" the cook said.

"Yes it was good, I was wondering if I can buy a recipe book with the foods you serve in it, I will pay you I'm the heirs to both the Uzumaki and Senju clan" Naruto said.

The man nodded thinking it over, "ok you can buy a recipe book" he finally said going to get a rather big book and putting it on the table, it made a 'slam' noise from how big it is. Naruto looked at the book wide eyed, "that's huge" he said.

"It has every recipe I ever collected in it, I had to pay jounin's to use a copy jutsu so I can have extra" the cook said. After paying the mad Naruto tried to pick the book up but it was heavier than he thought. Eventually Yugito picked up the book and they walked to the hotel.

They walked in and everyone turned and looked at them, "Naruto Namikaze Senju Uzumaki where did you go, who gave you permission to leave and why the hell did you not leave a note do you know how worried I was" Konan demanded as soon as he walked in the room.

"Sorry kaasan" he said.

"That's not answering my question" Konan said.

"He asked me to take him back to the restaurant so he can buy a recipe book from him" Yugito said showing them the book.

Konan eyed the book then Naruto, "your lucky don't leave like that again, I was ready to destroy this village to find you" she said.

"And I would have been right there with her" Tsunade said.

Naruto scratched the back of his head and smiled, "sorry kaasan itoko" he said.

"That's a mighty big book" Jiraiya said.

"I couldn't even pick it up" Naruto said.

Jiraiya pulled out a medium size scroll, "I foresee Naruto collecting recipe books from a lot of restaurants so I will store them all in this scroll" he said as he finished creating the seal for the book.

In Konoha

Funu's Uchiha was walking around the Uchiha district by herself. Being a direct descendent of Madara she was treated like royalty by everyone in the clan and it annoyed her. Instead of praising her for how hard she trained they praised her for things that happened decades before she was born. And having the long hair and some facial appearance of Madara didn't help. She was the youngest living Uchiha, only 5 years old, but she was already predicted by the clan elders to be a prodigy. As she thought about that it pissed her off even more, 'they never even saw my fight, or train for that matter, how do they know I'm going to be a prodigy' she thought. In short everyone in the clan was starting to annoy her, her parents died on a mission and instead of treating her like they would any other Uchiha orphan they treated her like she was queen of the world. She quickly developed an attitude that said 'fuck with me and I'll hurt you even if I am only 5' and a few times she went through on that to one, Sasuke Uchiha the boy closest to her age, only a year older, after he kept asking for her hand in marriage, 'honestly I'm 5 fucking years old why the hell would I think about marrying anyone let alone someone who can't beat me' she thought angrily. Her mental rant on how pissed off she was at the Uchiha clan was interrupted, "Funu, dinners ready" her guardian said.

"Yes miss Mikoto" Funu replied kindly to the older woman.

"Funu why am I the only one who you don't talk to as if you hate them" Mikoto asked.

"Your the only one who don't treat me as if I'm some kind of princess, you treat me the same as you do every other Uchiha kid, like a kid" Funu said.

Mikoto smiled, "because you are a kid in my eyes, but to everyone else you are the princess of the Uchiha clan" she said.

"Why I don't want to be a princess I want to be just Funu and create my own path, I hate how everyone thinks they have to give me everything" Funu said.

"I know you do sweetie, but you only have to put up with it for a few more years until you get on a genin team" Mikoto said.

A year later

Hinata, Naruto, Haku, and Kirei grew stronger during the past year to the point that they all was able to do basic jutsu's in their element. Yugito grew to actually like the group and even joined in n teasing the kids by walking around in only her panties and bra. Of course she was introduced to Naruto's peeping. She of course locked the door at first but eventually started to enjoy teasing him while she showered or bathed. Jiraiya started to write books based on the group and used the money for the group since the book was about them after all. Yugito and Shizune even changed their clothes so that all the ladies except Tsunade and the kids was wearing some type of kunoichi made dress.

The kids all became 5 level masters in 3 weapons each and was currently working on their fourth. They all also was working on mastering their third taijutsu style. Hinata was working on higher level Jyuuken and main family techniques, Haku was constantly creating new jutsu's and uses for her bloodline, Kirei used her bloodline for everything possible, she even created a jutsu that allowed her to make her bones in the shape of kunai's and shuriken's, Naruto mastered a few levels of both his bloodlines. They all became good medics, Hinata and Haku clearly outshined Naruto and Kirei but they knew enough to make Tsunade happy, in sealing is where Naruto and Kirei outshined Hinata and Haku, but Naruto clearly showed that he was well above the skill of someone his age should be in sealing. They each had a seal on their hand that held their favorite weapon in it, for Hinata it was the Chinese sword she got for her 6th birthday, for Haku it was a zanpakuto she got for her 9th birthday, for Naruto it was a gunblade that Konan got for his 7th birthday, for Kirei it was a death scythe the only weapon she couldn't make out of her bones, it was given to her on her 8th birthday.

At the moment the Naruto was peeping through a hole he put in a fence that separated the girls and boys baths. The girls was use to him doing this but Hinata, Kirei, and Haku still was shy about him seeing them uncovered. Anko smirked and went in front of the hole and bent over, "like what you see" she asked waving her butt in front of the hole. Naruto fell back unexpectedly from blood lose at being so close to Anko's butt. Jiraiya laughed, "I think you killed him Anko" he said.

"I don't see why he faints he see it everyday" Anko said.

"Maybe its the context you show I'm it and the fact that he was caught" Tsunade said.

Naruto came to in the hotel room, "you finally woke up" Anko said standing over him in only her panties and bra. Naruto just started at her with a blush, "you know if you move any closer you will kiss it" she teased.

"Anko" Naruto complained blushing harder. Anko just laughed and walked away.

"Anko will you get dressed we have to leave soon" Konan said.

Anko looked at her, "your not even dressed" she pointed out.

"Yes I'm getting my clothes, and I'm also not teasing Naru-chan" Konan said.

"That's because he is your nephew, that would be gross if you teased him like I do" Anko pointed out.


Minato is the great great grandson of the second Hokage making Naruto the great great great grandson of the second. No one knew about Naruto having the ability to use Mokuton until the day he was attacked on his birthday, not even Tsunade knew. Konan is good and she DOES NOT know who Pain is. At the end of this chapter Naruto and Hinata are 7, Kirei is 8, and Haku is 9. Shizune, Rin, Anko, Kurenai, and Konan are all 23, I changed their age to fit better for the story. Jiraiya is Naruto's godfather. Hiashi is not a bastard in this story. It will follow the main story of Naruto with some notable changes to certain things. For those wandering, I know someone is curious about it, Hanabi will not be part of the harem neither will Tsunade or Konan, they all are directly related to him in one way or another and that would be gross. THERE IS MAJOR KAKASHI SASUKE AND SAKURA BASHING, why because that's part of the guideline for the challenge and has nothing to do with my personal preference of those three. This story will have a lot of jutsu's that are made up, so don't be confused when you see a jutsu you don't recognize, I don't know any jutsu's for Mokuton or Kami Origami.

Hi no Kuni-fire country

Nami no Kuni-wave country

Mizu no Kuni-water country

Cha no Kuni' tea country

Kaminari no Kuni- tea country





Jiji-old man