Chapter 19

(Naru, Mari, and Ruto Mitarashi; Tobirama Shokubutsu; Matsu Yuuhi; Maru Senju; Tsuk and Kiki Nii; Sasame Uzi are all 4, Ami Ichiraku Zoe Shokubutsu and Inabikari Uchiha are 5; Funu Uchiha is 17, Naruto and everyone who is his age is 18, Riri Shokubutsu and Ayame Ichiraku are 20, Kari Shokubutsu is 35)

Everyone was in the main house around the table eating. It was unusually quiet, even the kids wasn't talking. Everyone looked at one another trying to figure out what exactly to say, "This is getting creepy." Anko finally said.

"When was you going to tell anyone you had a sister?" Rin asked soon after.

"Don't you think this is something we should have known?" Konan asked.

"Hold on don't jump down my back, Kushina never told anyone she had a sister, this is no different." Anko said.

"I agree, plus I knew she had a sister." Kurenai said.

"As did I." Yuugao said.

"This is not the same thing." Konan said.

"Why not, because of Orochimaru being in the middle of things?" Anko asked.

"Yea." Konan told her.

"I agree with Anko on this one, if she had told anyone about Tayuya she would have been seen as a liability to Konoha and probably killed." Kushina finally said.

"She didn't have to tell the village, but us" Konan motioned to everyone in the room, "we deserved to know about this, we could have gotten to Tayuya sooner."

"At the expense of someone dying, it is only by luck that I managed to almost kill Orochimaru," she pointed to Riri, Hinata, Naruto, Ino, Hana, Tenten, Haku, and Kirei "they are just really coming into their own as ninja's, if they would have been caught in the crossfire any of them could have been killed or worse if he got his hands on one of them." Anko stated.

"Still we could have done something to try and get her from Orochimaru." Shizune said.

"Will you all listen to yourselves?" Tsunade said.

They looked at her, "What do you mean?" Konan asked.

"All of you are sitting here arguing about something that is pointless, yes if we had known about Tayuya sooner we probably could have mounted an rescue mission, but there was always the chance that Orochimaru would have got his hands on one of the kids. Instead of that why don't you put your heads together and find away to kill Orochimaru once and for all." Tsunade said.

"What do you mean, he is dead, I watched Kushina kill him." Anko said.

"Yes you did, except that wasn't Orochimaru, in fact that was the only wound he had on his body, Orochimaru somehow got away." Tsunade said.

Anko looked at her with horror on her face, "I put everything I had into that fight and he still got away?" she asked.

"Anko, Orochimaru is like a parasite unless you take the time to kill him 5 times in one fight he will never die." Tsunade told her.

"All this aside we have another problem, Karin." Kushina said.

"What about her?" Hinata asked.

"She is under constant ANBU watch because of not informing us about her brother, while Anko has basically been celebrating having her sister back, who is one of Orochimaru's top ninja's." Kushina said.

"Our situation is nothing alike." Tayuya finally spoke. They looked at her, "Think about, Karin came here with Sasuke, I came here on my own to find Karin and take back what was mine, she attacked Naruto then later attacked me, and has been lying to you since she got here, I told you everything you wanted to know, including the fact that Dagou was her brother something she wasn't going to tell you until I mentioned it." she finished.

"Plus she did stop Orochimaru from attacking me when I could barely move." Anko added.

"Still even with all of that, we need to make sure Orochimaru doesn't have the ability to contact her, Tayuya would you be willing to allow one of our ninja's to make sure everything you have told us about him is true?" Kushina asked.

"As long as I get to pick who the ninja is." Tayuya said.

"For obvious reasons, you can't chose Anko." Kushina said.

"I wasn't going to chose Anko." Tayuya told her.

"Who was you thinking of if it wasn't me?" Anko asked shocked by that.

"Ino." Tayuya said.

"Me?" Ino asked in shock.

"Yes you." Tayuya said.

"Why me?" Ino asked.

"I have read many reports about you, I know you cut Sasuke's connection with Sakura, if anyone can cut my connection with him its you, plus your the only person who has yet to look at me as if I'm going to attack them at any moment." Tayuya told her.

"Since that's decided, we will give Ino a few days to prepare for anything that might happen while in your head." Kushina said.


Kushina sat in her office as Karin walked in with her ANBU watch, "I'm going to give you one more chance, don't blow it." she told her immediately.

"Another chance? Really?" Karin asked in surprise.

"There have been somethings that influenced my decision, your to report back to Ino every morning, you still will be watched until I'm completely sure you can be trusted." Kushina told her while looking in horror at the load of work that was being brought in.

"That's not much freedom then is it?." Karin asked. Kushina looked at her making Karin quickly leave before her freedom was revoked again.


Ino stood leaning against a pillar in the middle of training ground 10 waiting. She looked up at the sun then started to walk away, "Wait Ino I'm here." Karin said out of breath as she ran into the training ground.

Ino turned around, "Your late, next time be on time I have other things to do besides wait on you." she said.

"I know sorry." Karin said.

"Its fine just try not to let it happen again." Ino said.

"No I'm really sorry, for everything, for not telling you about my brother, about Ayame and Ami, about lying, about everything." Karin said sincerely.

Ino looked at her trying to determine if she was lying at the moment, "We will see soon, for now I found you someone who will train you in taijutsu." she finally said.

"You mean I'm not being trained by Gai-sensei anymore?" Karin asked.

"No your being trained by Lee." Ino said. Karin was about to question her on that until a green blur and a trail of dust entered into her, "Geez Lee can you at least announce when your making an entrance?" Ino asked as she tried to clear the dust out of her face.

"Sorry Ino-san, the thought of having someone to train got me a little excited." Lee told her.

"I'm sure it does, her name is Karin now I'll leave it to you, don't run her into the ground." Ino said before leaving the two, "And no spandex!" she quickly added.

(2 year later)

An 18 year old Ino sat in a meeting with her father, the clan elders, and the Hokage. As they talked the door opened and a tall fat man walked in followed by a tall skinner man. Both men had way to much jewelry on, the skinner man looked about Ino's age and wouldn't stop staring at her through his glasses, "Michiru-san and Hikaru-san welcome to Konoha." Inoichi greeted.

"Thank you for having us." Michiru replied while Hikaru nodded slightly so his glasses wouldn't fall off his face.

"Well lets get on with this." Kushina said.

Ino looked the two over, 'ugh, do they have to throw their money around like that' she thought while smiling at them. She glanced over at her clan, her father specifically, 'I cant believe he actually seem to like these people.' she thought. Looking at Kushina she realized she probably was thinking the same thing if her face was any indication. Kushina looked over at her then back at the two men.

"...Ino's hand in marriage." she caught from Hikaru as he ended his speech.

"Huh?" Ino asked dumbly, 'shit I spaced out to long' she thought.

Everyone looked at her, "Try to at least pay attention to what is being said." Kushina leaned over and whispered to her.

Ino blushed lightly with embarrassment, "Please excuse me." quickly she walked out the room.

"Hurry back." Kushina called after her.

"Is something wrong?" Michiru asked.

"No she will be back shortly." Kushina told him.

"Don't ninja's practice holding it in?" Michiru asked.

Inoichi laughed, "Funny."

Michiru looked at him confused, "What did I say?"

"Michiru-san like everyone else us ninja's also have a limit to how long we can hold it in." Kushina told him.

Ino came back into the room, "Sorry, continue." she said sitting down.

"Lets talk about the terms of the marriage?" Inoichi asked.

"Marriage?" Ino asked.

"Yes marriage." Inoichi replied.

"To him?" Ino asked pointing to Hikaru.

"Yes him, we went over this already." Inoichi told her.

"I'm not marrying him." Ino told him.

"You was told about this with plenty of time to find someone, we even gave you 3 extra years." Inoichi told her.

"You can't just marry me off like I'm some cheap whore." Ino told her father.

"Ino you know that's not true, so don't even say that." Inoichi said.

Ino turned to Kushina, "You can't let this happen." she said.

"I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do to stop it, this is a family issue, I'm only here on behalf of the village." Kushina told her.

"But, but..." Ino racked her brain for someway out of this, "I can't marry him because I'm pregnant." she said looking nervously at everyone.

"Pregnant?" Kushina asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Yea pregnant." Ino answered with a nervous laugh.

"Ino why didn't you tell me?" Inoichi asked.

Both Kushina and Ino turned to him, "Huh?" Ino asked thinking she heard wrong.

"Why didn't you tell me you was pregnant?" Inoichi asked again.

"Um, surprise?" Ino replied not sure.

'I can't believe he fell for that' Kushina thought, "Ok we will have Tsunade come and verify if Ino is really pregnant or not." she said.

"I'll go find her." Ino said and ran out the office.

"If it turns out that Ino is not pregnant would you still be up for marriage?" Kushina asked.

"I would be a fool to deny what a marriage into Konoha would do for Moon country, but I also have to take into account her faking being pregnant." Hikaru told her.


Ino walked into the Senju compound and found Tsunade, "Your needed in my meeting." she said.

"Why would I be needed in your marriage meeting?" Tsunade asked.

"I prefer not to say why." Ino said slightly embarrassed.

"Fine lets go." Tsunade said.

As they was walking towards the Yamanaka compound Ino looked at all the sake shops, "What kind of sake would you say is the best?" she asked.

"It depends on how much you want to spend, why the interest I thought you hated sake?" Tsunade replied.

"Just curious, what would you recommend for someone who is willing to pay a lot of money for sake?" Ino asked.

"For a few thousand dollars you can get a blue sake and sushi plate set for two with a large reusable sake jar and some of the best tasting sake available." Tsunade told her.

"Thank you for telling me that." Ino said.

"Sure, if you buy one you have to let me taste the sake." Tsunade told her.

"Of course." Ino said.


The two walked into the meeting room, "Thank you for coming." Kushina said.

"What do you need me for?" Tsunade asked.

"To make sure Ino is really pregnant." Kushina said.

"Pregnant?" Tsunade asked looking at Ino. Ino had an awkward smile on her face while looking at the ground, "Fine, I'll check her now." Tsunade said. Tsunade put one hand on Ino's shoulder and the other under her shirt on her stomach and waited a few minutes before pulling it out, "Well she is pregnant, not more than a few days though." she finally said.

"How can you be sure, can we get another opinion?" Hikaru asked.

"That's not necessary, Tsunade is the best medic in the world, if she says Ino is pregnant then she is pregnant." Kushina said.

"I'm so sorry Michiru-san if I would have known about this I would have canceled the contract." Inoichi said.

"Nothing can be done now." he replied.

"Please allow me to escort you back to Moon country?" Inoichi asked.

Once they all was gone Tsunade looked at Ino, "So when can I expect my sake set?" she asked.

"I'll go get that for you." Ino said and ran out.

"What was that about?" Kushina asked.

"As we was walking here she was really interested in sake, since she don't like sake I figured it was a gift for someone, it wasn't until you asked me to check her that I realized why she was asking me about it." Tsunade explained.

"But you hate lying about anything." Kushina said.

"Yes, but I also get a free sake set, and we all know how much I love sake." Tsunade said.

"Yes but this leads us to another problem, eventually Inoichi will realized that Ino isn't pregnant, and we can't force food down her throat to make it look like she is." Kushina said.

Tsunade shrugged the question off, "That's Ino's problem not mine." she told her.


Ino marched around the village so deep in thought that she wasn't aware of anything that was going on around her, which explains why she was forcibly yanked back, "Ino be careful." Shikamaru said.

Ino snapped back to reality and noticed that Choji had Naruto in a bear hug while Shikamaru had his kage mane jutsu activated on both of them. But what caught her eye was the fact that Naruto's eyes was rapidly changing from blue to red and he slowly had red chakra seeping from his seal,"Whats going on?" she asked in a panic.

"We was training when Kyuubi decided he wanted to take control of Naruto, go get help." Shikamaru said.

Ino wasted no time breaking out into a full sprint out of the training ground towards the village. By the time she reached the village she was literally a blur to anyone who wasn't a jounin. She headed right for the Senju compound and jumped the wall and slid to a stop in front of main door and hurried in, "Ino where is the fire?" Anko hoked.

"In training ground 10, Kyuubi is trying to take over Naruto." Ino said.

Anko, Konan, Rin, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kurenai, Kari, and Ino all vanished from the compound in a full sprint towards the training ground.


Shion was sitting in the temple that was built in Konoha quietly meditating when she felt a demon nearby. Quickly realizing that the demon was Kyuubi she stood up and quickly left the temple. Walking as fast as she could she arrived at the training area where Naruto was being held by both Choji and Shikamaru "Release him." she ordered.

"Are you crazy? Kyuubi will break free any minute!" Shikamaru yelled.

"I said release him now!" shion said forcibly.

"She is a priestess who seals demons for a living." Choji said.

Naruto screamed in pain as as Kyuubi chakra forced its way through his body. Shion got on her knees in front of him and held her hands together so that her thumb, pointer, and middle fingers was all touching and pointing straight up. Her ring and small finger cross over each other. Her eyes was closed and she was mumbling something that neither two shinobi could hear.

Anko, Konan, Rin, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kurenai, Kari, and Ino arrived at the training grounds just as a purple seal started to form on the ground. They watched as Kyuubi's chakra slowly started to withdraw back into the seal. Once all the chakra was back safely in the seal, Shion stood up clearly "He shouldn't have a problem from his demon anytime soon, its sleeping."

"Thank you Shion, if you ever need help don't be afraid to ask." Konan said as she picked up a sleeping Naruto.

Shion simply nodded and started walking away. She arrived at the temple and immediately felt that something was wrong. Walking through the temple she saw most of the young priestess meditating or training their powers or reading one of the many scrolls on being a priestess she had supplied them. She walked further into the temple and saw the young men hard at samurai training. Still something felt, out of place. She continued to walk around until she heard a noise coming from behind a closed door. Noticing that this door led to Taruho room she grabbed the handle before pressing her ear to it. The noises she heard was something she never heard before, the best she could describe them was yells of pain, but not bad pain. Slowly she opened the door and peeked in and her eyes grew wide as she saw Taruho laying on his bed naked with Toka on top of him also naked. Realizing where the noise was coming from she quickly shut the door with a huge pink blush on her face.

Shion quickly made her way to the meditation chambers and closed her eyes in deep meditation. As she meditated she kept coming back to Taruho and Toka engaging in activities that a priestess and her protector she never cross. She couldn't believe Taruho would betray his order like that. Why did he do it? What was to be gained from it? Why do it in a temple? All these questions and more was flowing in her head, but he most important question was 'Why was he with Toka and not her? What did Toka have that she didn't?' Standing up in frustration she headed for the exit, Toki your in charge of the priestesses until I return."

"Yes my Lady." Toki replied in surprise.

Shion walked out the temple into the heart of Konoha, her new home. She looked around and saw couples everywhere holding hands, laughing, hugging, kissing, just all around enjoying the company of each other. Many of the same questions kept invading her thoughts. Shaking her head she tried to get rid of them but couldn't. She had the overwhelming feeling that everyone was mocking her, they could show the person they love affection and she couldn't. She was condemned to live a lonely life simply because she had powers that no one else had. Screaming in frustration, surprising everyone in the area since they came to know the priestess as quiet, she turned and ran away from everything. She would remove herself from what was causing her pain and right now that was Konoha.

(2 weeks later)

Ami, Zoe, and Inabikari was standing in front of the academy. The three 5 year old's wondered why they was being sent here "Well don't just stand there, go in before your late." Ayame told them.

"I don't want to go mommy." Ami said.

"You will make some new friends and become a ninja like daddy." Ayame told her daughter.

"I don't want to be a ninja, I want to be a cook like you mommy!" Ami exclaimed.

"Hey I can hear you!" Naruto voiced out.

Ami stick her tongue out at him playfully "Mommy is better than daddy."

"Why you little." Naruto said and started to chase the laughing girl.

Inabikari stared at the building "You went to this place?" he asked.

Funu rolled her eyes "I wouldn't make you do anything I didn't have to do."

"Whats the point, you can teach me more then they can." the youngest Uchiha alive said.

"You need to make more friends and you can't become a shinobi without going through the academy." she told him.

"Do I have to go until I'm 12 though?" he asked not pleased by the idea.

"I don't see why you would, just pass the graduation test at the end of the year and you will become a shinobi." Funu advised.

Zoe seemed the only one excited about the prospect of meeting new people "Will I make a lot of friends mommy?"

"Yes you will, you can make as many friends as you want to sweetie." Kari said to her daughter.

The green eyed girl looked up at her mother with giddiness "I can't wait, lets go Ami and Inabi we go be late." she said pulling them. Both kids looked back with pleading eyes as their cousin pulled them into the building.

(with Ino)

The young blond was walking around the village still trying to find away to convince her father she was pregnant. It has been two weeks since she said she was and soon he would get curious as to why she wasn't showing. It wasn't that she wouldn't marry into another country, she would do anything to protect her village and make it stronger. It was just the way everything was pushed on her without her input that made her not want to do it. Taking a deep breath she decided that she would take to her father and explain why she lied and was so against the entire marriage contract. As she started to walk towards her flower shop she heard her name get called. Turning she saw Naruto running up to her.

"Sorry to bother you Ino-chan, but I hear you being forced into an marriage with someone in Moon country?" her fellow blond asked.

"Yea, my father made the contract a few years ago." Ino said sadly.

"You don't want to do it?" he asked.

Ino looked at him, "Not that I don't want to, it will strengthen Konoha, but its just the way it happened, I wasn't informed about it, then one day I'm told I'm being shipped off to a country I never heard of." she explained.

"I can see how that can be a problem." he told her while nodding his head.

"Well the big problem is that I lied and told everyone at the meeting that I was pregnant and even got Tsunade-sensei to lie for me." she told him while looking down in shame.

Naruto looked at her in concern, knowing how she hated lying he thought of away he could help her. He thought over the options "What about Bushy Brows?"

"He has a girlfriend, did you forget already, they are trying to have a baby." Ino told him.

"Oh right, hehe, I forgot." he said scratching his head.

"Don't worry, your trying to help." she told him.

Naruto continued to think, everyone their age was out since they all had girlfriends "All you need is to become pregnant right?"

"Yes why?" Ino asked in reply curious.

"Why not have an artificial-insemination and say the father died while on a mission?" he asked her.

Ino looked at him in surprise then remembered he lived with the greatest medic ever "Good idea, but I don't want to do that just so I can cover up one lie, and I still would be lying."

"Not if its by someone who is actually dead." he told her wisely.

Ino raised an eyebrow "I know you live with a medic, but how do you know all this since you hate anything to do with the subject?"

Naruto chuckled, "I asked Shizune-chan."

"Any other ideas she had?" Ino asked.

"Well there is always the option of actually getting pregnant." Naruto said shrugging.

"Well yes, but everyone is already taken." Ino told him.

"Well I know away to help you." Naruto said.

"How?" Ino asked while tilting her head.

"Well I could help you, I told you that if you ever need help I would be there for you and I actually do like you." Naruto said.


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