"Don't do it…" I said as I scrambled on the floor gathering up all of my books which were now scattered in various places around the corridor, "Please don't do it!" I didn't dare look up at him as I stuffed my books minus one back into my bag.

"What is it Swan? Would it be embarrassing for you?" I fleetingly glanced up at him to see him open up my notepad. And then he did it. He bared my soul to the entire school who seemed to have gathered around us both.

"'April Thirteenth: I thought I saw him look at me differently today, like sometimes he did actually realise what he was doing to me. It was only for a second and then the look went, but that one second gave me hope. Edward Cullen might not be as bad as he seems…' Shall I carry on Swan?" He sneered at me as I held onto the wall to support my attempts to get off the ground I had remained on since gathering my books. I felt tears well up in my eyes, stinging, threatening to release themselves at any second.

"Please…Edward" was all I could manage to stammer, I looked him in the eye as he knelt down on the floor next to me. My breath was heavy and ragged as he leaned into my ear to whisper.

"Aaw Swan. I'm not bad" he said smiling menacingly and then leaning in even further, making me flinch in response, "I'm your worst nightmare" And with that he snapped the notepad shut in front of my face and walked away with it in his hand, waving it around like some kind of prize for all of his friends to see.

I sat with my head in my hands for what seemed like an eternity until I heard a familiar voice shake me from my despair, "Miss Swan, get up off the floor and get to class, you're late", I looked up to see the principle standing over me. I stood up automatically, giving myself a head rush in the process and stumbling slightly backwards hitting my head on the wall I had been leaning against. "Have you been drinking Miss Swan?" she said with a stern look on her face.

"Erm…head rush, just a head rush, I'm very sorry, I'll be getting to class now…sorry" And I turned quickly and rushed to class, tripping over my feet in my haste.

I walked into my Literature class to see Edward and his friends, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie bent over the desk reading intently. They all looked up at my sudden entrance to the room with amusement in their eyes, Rosalie's glistening with tears of laughter, and when I looked a little closer I could see they were all leaning over the desk reading my notepad. My diary.

I tried to act nonchalant as I walked past their desk, but I knew that my body had once again let me down and that I was currently blushing redder than a golden delicious apple. I sat down at my desk and prayed for the world to swallow me whole. He had never been nice to me. Tripping me up in the corridors, throwing food at me at lunch, hitting my food tray out of my hands, normal stuff, but this was too much to take.

As I was immersed in my thoughts of how my life could get any worse than this moment, fate surprised me yet again. Well it would have been surprising if it had ever served me well in the past. Mr Rowe finished reading an extract from our latest book, which happened to have a male lead.

"So what does everyone think of the character of William? Anyone? How about you Edward? You seemed to be rather enjoying the extract today"

Edward turned slightly to look at me with a sneer before turning around with a crooked grin on his face.

"Oh I was Mr Rowe. It is utterly enthralling!"

"Oh, well that's excellent Edward…So what did you think of William?"

"William? Oh well, let me see…" He opened my notebook as if it were his class notes and looked over them as if he were pondering over his shorthand. Then his head shot up, a finger marking where he wished to start his new assault on me. "William" he said with emphasis, "He seems to be hiding something. Something that he doesn't share with the world. He builds a wall around it with this bravado, but that is just to keep people out. If people knew the real him I think it would ruin him. I know I should hate him. But there's just something about him that I don't quite believe. I like him. I like Edward Cullen"

"Pardon me Edward?"

"Oh sorry Mr Rowe! Did I say Edward Cullen at the end of that? I meant to say William! Bella was kind enough to let me borrow her notes this morning so I could get a better insight into the character but I fear she may have lent me her diary by accident…Actually, that may be why it says 'Bella's Diary' on the front in big letters"

And with that the entire class turned to look at me and laughed, not just a small giggle but a full on attack of hysteria, led by Edward and his friends, Jasper high fiving him like some kind of hero. I looked down at the desk and then the bell rang. I flung myself out of my seat and out of the door while the class continued to laugh. I ran to my beaten up Chevy, stumbling on my way, but he was quicker. He was stood by the driver's door by the time I got there, arms folded across his chest and my diary open, pages down on the bonnet of my truck.

"Swan, this is great reading, you've got a nice little imagination in there" He said, smiling and gesturing towards my head. I nodded weakly, not looking him in the eye to witness the evil that lurked beneath his cool demeanour.

"There is one more thing I enjoyed reading though Swan" He said loud enough for those standing around in the lot turned to look at us. Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were standing next to Edward's Volvo, looking like they were waiting for some kind of showdown.

He took my chin in his hand and pulled my face up gently to look at him, my eyes still focussed anywhere else rather than his eyes, I was currently reading a poster that was stuck to a lamp post, that was advertising a new restaurant, with an awful pun.

"Look at me Swan, this is serious" Just out of instinct I looked up into his eyes, what a mistake, I was locked there now, unable to move even if I wanted to. His eyes seemed to have some kind of holding power that had me mesmerised. "You seem to have mentioned me quite a lot in this little book of yours…" He smiled looking away from my eyes for a split second to glance at the diary and back to me. I stayed absolutely still, not daring to move, or even breathe with Edward Cullen in such close proximity.

"Now my favourite part…My absolute favourite part, is where you talk about your dreams" Oh god. Oh god. Oh GOD! This could not be happening; I'm never writing a diary again in my life, it's just not worth all of this hassle.

" 'Edward and I were standing in the lot. And the entire school was gathered around to see what was happening, he held my chin in his hand, making me look up at him.' Am I getting it right so far sweetheart?" He whispered the last part in my ear. I stayed absolutely silent, hearing the odd murmur from the nearby audience that had built up.

"'And then out of nowhere he leaned in'" And he did, "'and kissed me, declaring me as his in front of the entire school, and then he whispered 'I love you Bella Swan' in my ear'" With that, he pulled away from me completely. He looked around at the audience in the lot as if he were running for president, "And that is the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen" He said with a hard laugh, hardly even able to finish his sentence through the joy my words brought him. The entire parking lot looked at me and laughed, almost as hard as Edward, but nobody could match him. He was bent double, his eyes locked on mine, shaking with laughter.

He stood up straight and composed himself as I tried to scramble past him to get into my truck. "Hey hey hey, Swan! Where you off to?" He said as his arm swooped around my front to restrain me.

"Get off me Edward" I said with all the anger I could manage, the stinging of tears in my eyes once again, limiting the amount of anger I could muster.

He raised both hands in an 'I surrender' gesture. Then he leaned in close to me again, whispering. "I think I'll be keeping this, the best read I've had in ages." And he stood up straight again, he turned to walk away. I stood motionless, unable to move through my anger and desperation to die at that moment. Halfway to his car, he turned to look at me again. "Swan?" I looked up at him, and he pointed to himself. "Worst nightmare remember? Not a fantasy" he half ran to his car, only to be met by Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie who all cheered as he returned with my diary held high in the air like a trophy. I got in the truck and drove home to Charlie.

And that was my last day at Forks High. Ever.

That night I went home to Charlie and packed my bags to leave. I could see how much I was hurting him when I told him I was moving back to Phoenix to live with Renee again. But I couldn't stay in Forks any longer, I had years left at Forks High, and that meant years left of Edward Cullen. Not something that I could even fathom with him now keeping hold of my diary to torture me with.

But now. Now I'm over that. I transformed into a different person once I was back in Phoenix, I moved out of my awkward teenage phase and I was now getting noticed for the right reasons. My long dark hair accentuated my large brown eyes, and my small frame was now toned, rather than the lanky muscle that I had at High School. My confidence had grown so much that I had managed to completely forget about Edward Cullen. Guys were interested in me, and I dated a few of them. I had been taken in by the popular group and made some great friends. People looked up to me at school, girls wanted to be me, and guys wanted to be with me, and I relished every second of it, never looking back to my days at Forks.

Currently I was moving my stuff into my dorms at College. I was starting here with the most confidence I had ever had in my life, and I was looking forward to grown up life away from Renee who had recently become worried about dating habits. Nagging me about being not promiscuous and making sure I was respecting myself.

I walked into my room, my arms laden with suitcases and books. I was greeted by two girls who were busy putting posters up on the walls.

"Oh hi, you must be Isabella!" The short one said brightly. She had a pixie like look about her. She was petite and had short dark hair that was styled to perfection, sticking in a variety of directions.

"Erm, just Bella actually, but yeah. Hi" I said with an awkward grin.

"I'm Alice" She said and skipped towards me with finesse, "And this is my best friend Rosalie", she said as she gestured towards the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

"Hi Bella" she said warmly, looking over me with approval.

"Rosalie? Erm... What a lovely name!" I said, looking a little harder at her, I was sure that it was... "Nice to meet you both"

After unpacking, we all started talking and it turned out that my suspicions about Rosalie were correct. Alice had a boyfriend called Jasper, and Rosalie was here with her boyfriend Emmett. They had all come to the same college to stay together. They also had another best friend in their little group who they didn't name, but I had my suspicions. They asked me about myself and I said I lived in Phoenix with my mother, and I told them about my friends from Phoenix and how I was hoping that they would come to visit me soon. I decided to leave out my life in Forks, I would decide if that was important later.

After getting to know each other a bit, Rosalie's phone rang quietly in her jeans pocket. She pulled it out and smiled at the display. She flipped it open and held it up to her ear.

"Hi Em, how're you? ...Yeah I'm good thank you, we've settled in nicely! ... Well yeah that sounds great, of course I want to see you! ... Well would it be alright if we bought our roommate? We'd finally have an even number then! ... Excellent, well I'll see you an hour then yeah? Love you Em!" and with that she shut her phone and smiled at Alice.

"The guys want to go out! Bella you're coming with us yeah?"

"Erm, yeah, if you want me to" I replied, suddenly apprehensive about this reunion. Rosalie seemed to be a completely different person. But she obviously had no idea who I was, I wasn't going to remind her, I was going to get her remember.

"Of course we want you to!" Alice said, bouncing up and down on her bed in anticipation, "This is going to be soooo good! He's going to love you!"

"I know right?!" Rosalie said nodding enthusiastically, with a hint of a giggle in her voice.

With Alice and Rosalie's help I got changed into an, even if I do say so myself, amazing outfit. I was wearing a dark wash denim mini, with a fitted band tank, and worn black biker boots. Sexy, but not too girly and Barbie like either. Pink was definitely not my colour!

"Totally his type!" Rosalie giggled as she poofed up my hair and Alice applied a small amount of eyeliner to my eyes and then smudged it outwards to make it look 'smoky'.

We left the dorms and walked to the other side of the campus where three guys were standing. I could a feel a knot forming in my stomach as we walked closer and the guys turned to face us at the sound of Alice's heels clicking on the ground.

"Rose!" One of the guys shouted and half ran towards her, embracing her when he reached her and kissing her lightly on the lips. That was Emmett. He hadn't changed too much. He was huge now though, he looked like a wrestler. If I was to walk into him it would leave me with a bruise.

Alice flitted towards a guy who was obviously Jasper and pecked him lightly on the cheek while he rested his hands on her hips. I looked at the other guy who was standing looking in the other direction of the PDA. He was devastatingly beautiful, his dishevelled bronze hair looking like he had just got out of bed, and even in the dark his green eyes seemed to shine under the lights from the sidewalk.

He looked at me and his eyes bugged. He took a step towards me, and instinctively I took a step back, thinking back to my time at Forks High. He hesitated and cocked his head to the side looking at me. "Hi there. I'm Edward" he said quietly, taking another cautious step towards me. This time I stayed still. I just stared at him; I couldn't seem to find my voice.

"Oh oh oh Edward!" Alice chirped pulling away from Jasper to stand next to me, holding onto my arm. "This...is Bella", she said it triumphantly, looking at him expectantly.

"We were just getting to that part actually Alice, but thank you", he said turning his head toward me again with a sly grin. "So, Bella... you're living with Alice and Rose?" I could only nod in response, all the confidence that I had gained since leaving Forks shattering like glass, "Good, I'll always know where to find you then", he smiled at me again, with a glint in his eye, he opened his mouth to speak again but was cut off by Emmett.

"Who's the newbie Rosie?" as he walked towards me, a huge grin plastered on his face.

"This is Bella, she lives with me and Alice" she said walking over to stand on my other side that Alice wasn't occupying.

"Hi, you must be Emmett" I said happily, I noticed Edward cock his head to the side looking at me, noticing how I could actually talk to Emmett.

"That's me! And this is Jasper, and that..." he said gesturing at Edward, "That is the one you should try and stay away from!"

"Emmett!" Edward exclaimed slapping Emmett on his huge arms.

"Hey guys, let's go yeah? Otherwise it'll be shut by the time we get there!" Jasper said, pulling Alice away from me. Alice and Jasper walked hand in hand in front, followed by Rosalie and Emmett in an equally intimate position. This left me, the mute and the most beautiful, dangerous creature to ever walk to earth, lagging behind.



Aah College was going to be amazing. A new field to graze in if you get what I mean! I had enjoyed Forks High, and my position there...Or maybe it was the position I found myself in with the many beautiful girls who also attended there. I just don't get these girls. They all come along knowing what I was like, saying they would be the one to change me, only to be let down. How could you be let down when I never promised anything more than one night?

And that was why I had to leave Forks as soon as possible. I hadn't planned on going to college initially. My father wanted me to go, insisting I was wasting my life away, but I was adamant. But then Lauren happened. I always swore that I would never waste my erm... 'talent' on her. But then one night, we were at a party, and I was so ridiculously wasted. Alice and Jasper had left already, and Emmett and Rosalie were initiating some serious PDA in the corner. I saw Lauren saunter up to me, and it just happened. It was once, a quickie in the pool house in Jessica's yard, but since then she'd not let go of it. It was all getting too much. I'd managed to work my way through the halfway decent girls in my year and the year below without thinking twice about it. And now I had to get out. Fresh meat, as it were.

I didn't really care where I ended up going, so when I heard that the guys were all going to the same college, I instinctively followed suit. Making my father happy in the process. I moved in happily, with my best friends Jasper and Emmett, luckily the lady at room allocation had taken kindly to me and agreed that she would put us all together, so we moved in and got acquainted with the place. Then we decided to go out, so Em called Rosalie who had managed to get a room with Alice, and told them to meet us in an hour, and apparently they were bringing along their roommate. This could be my first college hook up. I was excited already.

When we got to our already agreed meeting place, Emmett and Jasper started joking around about our new college experience.

"So, Edward. College girls eh?" Emmett asked.

"Indeed. College girls" I said with a nod of my head, although looking at the ground.

"Rose and Alice are bringing their roommate apparently" Jasper mentioned. Like I would have forgotten that! It's not that it's been a long time, but...the anticipation for college had been literally killing me that past couple of months. I nodded again, shoving my hand into the pockets of my jeans.

"Edward's not likely to have forgotten that Jasper! He'll be getting some tonight, right Edward?!" Emmett almost shouted with glee.

"Well..." I said, looking up with a sly smile, "you know me Em, never say never eh?" and I laughed, followed by both Emmett and Jasper.

"Rose!" Emmett suddenly shouted and did a half run towards the three girls who were walking towards us and kissed her. Alice and Jasper followed suit. I choose to look away at moments like this. PDA is definitely not something for the 'single and loving it' crowd. But in my haste to look away I had completely forgotten to look at tonight's mission. I turned slowly, and there was a really hot girl. When I say hot, I mean really damn hot! She was amazing, she had long dark hair, and huge dark eyes that I can imagine would look amazing looking up from sucking my dick. She was totally what I would usually go for, sexy but not too girly. And she was wearing this fitting tank that showed me exactly what I would get tonight.

I stepped forward to introduce myself. And she stepped back. She stepped back? That never happens. Her eyes seemed to hold an emotion I couldn't quite make out in this lack of light. I took things a little slower, not wanting to scare the poor thing. It would have to be the less forward approach with this one obviously! But she didn't say anything. Nothing. Just stood there looking at me with those beautiful eyes of hers. Then Alice intervened, introducing the mystery silent girl to me. Her name was Bella; I think I knew a Bella once. Don't really have the best memory for faces but I'm sure it's not the same one.

Then I decided to test the waters a little early with a comment about always being able to find her. Hoping it wouldn't freak her out completely. But still nothing, she would nod, but as for her voice, I was beginning to think she might have been a mute, or maybe had an embarrassing stutter. I don't do charity work I'm afraid.

But then she turned and I finally heard her voice. She seemed to be more than happy speaking to Emmett. How odd. I cocked my head to the side and looked at her. Did she not like me? Already? That had to be a new record. Don't get me wrong; I'd had girls who didn't like me before, but normally after I've slept with them, not before. And I certainly hadn't slept with this girl, I would have remembered her. Definitely.

Jasper hurried us along to the bar we were headed to. He walked ahead with Alice, and Emmett and Rose walked behind them. Leaving me and mystery Bella walking behind them all.

"So, Bella. What are you studying?" How lame. I should have definitely started as I mean to go on. Was she even going to answer my question? She looked up at me, I wish I knew what she was thinking, this would be so much easier. No girl has ever made me this frustrated after just 5 minutes of meeting her.

"Erm, Public Relations", a minimal response, but hey, she'd spoken, I'm not going to complain too much. Hang on a second though. Public Relations? I was doing English Literature, and that meant we would be in the same department, we would have that departmental meeting together in the morning.

"Oh right, I'm doing English Literature. We have that meeting tomorrow" I said coolly.

"Hmm", she responded. Oh my God, I shouldn't have to work this hard for sex. It's just not right. But imagine that hair swaying around as she rides me... definitely worth it.

"Don't talk much do you?" I joked. I had to lighten the conversation. It wasn't going too well for me at the moment. But she just looked at me with wide eyes like she was scared.

"Erm, well... You seem to have an awful lot to say. Wouldn't want to interrupt" She muttered and looked at the ground. I followed her eyes to the ground but got distracted by her legs. She had long, lean, beautiful legs. I can imagine them wrapped around my waist as I took her up against the wall. Yes. That would be great. I have to keep going.

We walked in a comfortable silence for the next couple of minutes before we got to the bar. We walked in and took our seats at a booth in the corner. The others all went to get drinks, while me and Bella saved our booth. She was fidgeting, twisting strands of her hair in her fingers and looking anywhere other than at me. I decided to take direct action.

I scooted over towards her and took her hand from her hair, and with my other hand I cupped the bottom of her chin, tilting her head up to look at me.

"Bella..." She winced slightly, and had that look of fear in her eyes again, it was the weirdest thing. What did she think I was going to do? "Do you know, you really are beautiful?"

"Erm...thank you. Alice and Rose picked out my outfit" she said, biting her bottom lip. It wasn't just the outfit I was interested in. That would be on the floor soon enough, but it was an amazing outfit, why not compliment it?

"Oh did they? They definitely know what they're doing don't they?" I said with a sly smile and looked towards the girls who were standing at the bar turning to glance at us every few seconds with huge grins on their faces.

"Rose said..." She hesitated, looking down at the floor, "Rosalie said that I was your 'type'", fucking Rosalie. She always ruins my fun. This girl knew that I would be interested, that means I'm going to have to work even harder.

"She did, did she? Well, Rosalie should also be aware that I don't have a 'type', as long as they've got a pulse and look after themselves, that's all I need really!"I laughed as I tried to make that a joke, I hope it came across right; otherwise I look like a total jackass. But she giggled slightly, pulling her head away from my hold on her chin and taking her hand back when the others came back with our drinks.

"How you doing guys?" Emmett asked with a wink at me. I rolled my eyes at the 'oh so subtle' gesture.

"Getting along famously" I said with a smile in Bella's direction.

"You do realise you're like, Edwards fantasy fuck Bella?" Emmett said without even flinching. How could he say that to her? She's definitely not going to fuck me now!

"Oh really?" I heard her say, obviously interested at where the conversation had turned to. "A fantasy? I would describe myself better as his worst nightmare" She said those last two words with the most seductive tone I had ever heard. If I could have sex with a sound, that would definitely be the one.