Alright everyone, this is the sequel to Dance with Me, my first fanfic. If you haven't read that, then go read it before you start this, because it won't make much sense otherwise. This is finally back on here and the newest chapter, will be up soon so please alert this so you will get the updates after this blast is done!

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From the moment I heard Bella's incoherent message of broken sobs and shallow breaths my heart was gone. It hadn't dropped into my feet, or jumped into my throat; it was ripped from my chest and took up residence beside her, waiting for me to find them both again. I couldn't drive quickly enough, inwardly cursing myself for this camping trip with the boys, as the miles sped by.

After the impossible message that I had heard this morning, I hiked a little farther to get better service and called Rosalie. What she could tell me wasn't much, but it didn't sound good either. Bella was devastated, but the reception was shit so I couldn't make out why, and Bella didn't want anyone else but me. Alice was worried too, but not even my mother could get her to open the bedroom door. What had happened to make my love shut herself in like this? My mind was racing but any possibility became too scary to think about without solid answers, so I simply pushed my foot forward and watched the car pick up speed.

I was surprised that Emmett let me drive his Jeep, but I guess he didn't want to fight with me, so he simply let it go.

Forty miles from Seattle, which meant in an hour I would be pulling Bella into my arms and finally getting some answers. I just tried to make it back home, and as the miles continued to pass I was even more on edge, if that was possible.

Finally we entered the city limits and I maneuvered the city traffic before pulling up outside the building. We had passed the bar eight blocks ago, so I knew it was still standing, which meant that whatever this was, was personal.

I jumped out and grabbed my bag, not even saying good-bye to Emmett or Jasper before running to the elevator. I rode up to our floor and stepped out making my way to our condo. I put my key in the door and threw my bags down. All of the lights were off and I could hear Bella's sobs in the bedroom. As I came into the apartment, I scooped up the phone and scrolled through the frantic phone log of missed calls from my family to see the last call Bella answered, trying to see if that could give me a clue, and when I saw it, I knew immediately what was wrong.

I had to remind myself to breathe as I threw the phone onto the couch and made my way to the bedroom, tears streaming down my cheeks. I opened the door and saw Bella lying there, clutching onto my pillow, crying uncontrollably. I jumped onto the middle of the bed and wrapped my left arm under her while pulling my pillow from her with my right. She rolled into my chest and grabbed hold of my shirt as I pulled her closer and cried with my wife, giving her a moment before she spoke.