AN: just a small crack that RanyxKnight wrote with me to help with writers block.


by: Morgana-chan & RanyxKnight

The mall was crowded that Saturday afternoon and Hinata had finally found a dressing room. It was on the man's side but who cares a dressing room is a dressing room. And she needed to check if her new lingerie fit. It was important. Her late-night job payed the bills... being a kunoichi was great but didn't pay well when the world was at peace.

She wouldn't need that job if she wasn't disowned, but oh well it was an easy job. All she had to do was spin around a poll and cash just flies at her. Her body was always in top shape to begin with as an advanced kunoichi... and it was just her body. It still amazed her how much people would pay for her to just take off her shirt.

Why was he here? Simple. Konan was a bitch. And she wanted something to 'surprise' her lover. So she sent Itachi to go find something, 'Sultry, not slutty, that's black but innocent yet not too naive looking with lots of lace preferably white and if no that no lace at all.'

Why the hell couldn't the broad go get it herself? Because she had to 'organize' the next mission.

Severely pissed to be walking into a lingerie store without a hot chick Itachi strolled into the aisles. Then realized something horrid. He couldn't read the size labels. He looked around. No one seemed to be in the store... lousy customer service. But then he heard a sigh come from the men's dressing room (In a lingerie store? Weird. But still there).

Desperate for help Itachi walked in.

His red eyes grew big. In front of him was a sexy little vixen. She wasn't waring a top and her bra was half off. The anominus girl didn't hear the door opine and she looked like she was too consintated on her piece of I guess no cloth and didn't notice him come in the dressing room.

Dirty thoughts fills Itachi's mind. He couldn't take his eyes away from her. It was love at first sight....till she turned around. She stared blankly. Her lilac eyes had as much emotion as a blank sheet of paper.

Then the worst thing happened. She screamed. It bounced off every wall in the store thankfully no one whas there.

Itachi desperate to conceal the scream put his hands on top of her mouth.

Her eyes grew wide. Poor Hinata was trapped with some crazy guy hovering over her.

It felt.....right.

Hinata finally calmed down and tried to speak but her voice was muffled when her lips were covered by Itachi's

"Menughmeh," she tried to get through. Her arms tried to remove his arm. But he wasn't going to let this opportunity get away.

She tried to kick him but he was pressed so tightly agents her that she couldn't move

He moved close to her ear and asked her if she would like to join him at Starbucks for coffee in half an hour.

Hinata meekly nodded her head. She figured it was her only way to get him out of the dressing room. He calmly walked out... and she realised how lean he was...

Her face burned just thinking about what she was doing with him just moments ago.