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Chapter 1: My Strange New Friend

Tsuna had seen his share of strange things, being a mafia boss and all; it was only natural for the poor boy. And yet he never got used to it. The first time he met Reborn, it was quite unusual that a baby had the qualifications to become a home tutor. But it was even more unusual when nobody bothered to question it. When everyone else figured a baby would be perfect for his teacher, it lowered his self esteem greatly. Until the infant started spouting out some nonsense about the mafia, and how Tsuna would be forced to become the tenth of the Vongola. That's how it all started, the Vongola family and Reborn. Whenever something strange happened or somebody weird came to visit, it was always because of Reborn or the fact a certain teen was the next Vongola tenth. He mostly blamed Reborn though. Despite the fact Tsuna was always bombarded with new house guests, murderous assassins, and well, bombs, he still always managed to get surprised at a new face. Examples are, well, every single person to enter the residence in which he lives. Why do I suddenly mention this, you ask? Well, that's because there is a new face in the Sawada household. Yes, it's been a while. Ever since Fuuta came all the surprise guests have stopped appearing, much to Tsuna's relief. Since it's been a long time since the Sawada's had a freeloading guest, I guess it might be a bit alarming for one to suddenly show up out of nowhere.

Especially one that was presumed dead.

Since you all must have read the summary before clicking on this story, you probably know who I'm talking about. I think I should actually start the story now. The trembling son of Nana had his back glued to the wall behind whilst the bag he carried was now dropped and forgotten on the floor below him. The boy pointed to a man sitting in the chair he always sat in for meals. The said man gave a warm smile and a slight nod to the other.

"W-why is the Vongola Primo sitting at the dining table?" Tsuna choked out realizing how stupid that sentence sounded just now.

Reborn sat across from the man in question. "He's having a cup of tea with us. Show some respect Tsuna, it's rude to point." He took a sip from his cup.

Giotto waved it off. "It's fine; I'd rather not be treated as a superior." The response was directed to the arcobaleno and the two began talking like old comrades.

Tsuna gaped at the scene in front of him; his home tutor and his ancestor were having a friendly chat in his house while his mother served them some more Jasmine tea. No wait, green tea. At the moment, he was considering it to be some sick joke planned by Reborn and the man over there wasn't his ancestor but some Italian guy in a clever disguise.

"Here you are, Giotto-kun! I made some snacks to eat with your tea." Nana smiled while blushing at the handsome stranger.

"Thank you."The smile he gave in return could have swooned a thousand fan girls. And maybe a few guys too.

Tsuna's left eye twitched. No matter how well made a costume was, it wouldn't be able to smile like a thousand suns. Okay, maybe it was an illusion made by the infamous Rokudo Mukuro instead. He went over to the ex-mafia boss and poked him once.

Poked him twice.

Poked him thrice.

Poked him-

"Can you stop doing that? It's really annoying." Giotto stated to the boy dangling a finger just a millimeter away from the back of his shoulder. Tsuna then took notice of how solid this illusion was and how real the man he poked felt. He placed his index finger and thumb underneath his chin while softly rubbing the chin with his thumb. Were illusions always this lifelike? This was some impressive work. It had been a while since the last illusionist he faced off against, which was Rokudo Mukuro. Maybe he wasn't that familiar with genjutsu techniques as well as before. But wait, wasn't Mukuro locked up in an impenetrable prison unconsciously floating in a tube of water restrained by tight binds while to top it all off, had his powers completely sealed off? The Vongola Decimo put two and two together.

It wasn't a disguise.

It wasn't an illusion.

He pounded his cranium against a nearby wall and quickly turned his head back to the remaining two figures.

It wasn't a dream or hallucination.

The two seated men watched in amusement.

It wasn't long until Tsuna finally faced the only remaining truth, with the help of Reborn, as always.

"It's Giotto, the Vongola Primo, dame-Tsuna. He's come back from the land of the dead." Reborn said in a ghostly tone.

He could only let out a shrieking Hiiii!! Before fainting and falling flat on his face. Only, Giotto managed to get over to Tsuna in a split second and save the fellow glove user from a bloody nose. The blonde gazed in amusement at the unconscious young teen resting soundly in his arms. He smirked, the family really had found a rather interesting one to succeed the name of Vongola.

Or so he should say a rather strange one.


Tsuna moaned loudly and reached up to run his fingers through his bangs. He could see spots of lights though his eyes were closed shut due to the outside world blinding his sight, making it near impossible to open his eyelids. He attempted to peek out by squinting but couldn't handle all the brightness, and just ended up hurting his pupils. Tsuna turned his head around until his face was farthest away from the light before letting out another painful moan. He tossed and turned on what seemed to be a bed, and hopefully his, and deciding it was too bright for his tastes draped an arm over his eyes. Tsuna fidgeted a bit on his spot and finally settled down for a moment.

"I see you're finally awake."

His eyelids flew wide open completely ignoring the burning of the illumination, and focused onto a tall figure leaning on his bedside. Giotto sat cross legged on the edge of Tsuna's bed while smiling at the formerly sleeping child. "Good morning."

The brunette screamed and frantically scrambled away from the stranger but ended up against a concrete wall once again. Damn these troublesome walls. Tsuna, completely tangled up in his bed sheets, slid his leg over the edge causing the blanket and his entire body to slide along with it. Luckily, he landed on his nice soft blanket. Unluckily, his head hit the edge of the table on the way down. He let out a small whimper as tears formed at the brim of his eyes. Though he was quite alright a few seconds after, a knock on the head was nothing compared to his home tutor's blows.

A hand was placed on Tsuna's mop of hair. "Are you okay, little one?" Giotto smiled without even the least bit of worry in his eyes. The Vongola Primo couldn't help it after seeing the younger one's humorous antics.

Tsuna was a bit peeved at the nickname of 'little one', he wasn't little! But he was too preoccupied at the moment by the fact his ancestor's face was but an inch away from his. Tsuna blushed a dark shade of red for reasons he couldn't comprehend. This act did not go unnoticed by the older Vongola who purposely leaned in closer and cupped the other's warm face. The blush grew darker and Tsuna averted his eyes to the floor. Giotto silently laughed. The boy was undeniably cute much to the first's delight. He removed his hand and got up from his knees. The one still on the floor looked back at the other when he could no longer feel his touch; he stared as the man rose. Giotto turned to leave.

Tsuna's eyes widened. "W-wait!" He held up a hand as a sign to stop.

The blonde stopped and half turned his head.

"Where are you going? And h-how…" How are you alive??? He mentally screamed out while realizing his stupidity for not asking earlier.

Giotto smiled knowing what the other wanted to say. "I'll be downstairs with Reborn don't worry, I won't be going anywhere." Tsuna felt a bit relieved his supposedly dead ancestor wasn't going to leave but also felt suspicious when he said he wasn't going anywhere. So, he let out a little 'eh?'

With a foot out the doorway, Giotto once more turned back to the boy tangled up in his sheets and smirked.

"I wouldn't want to miss out on spending some time with the Vongola Tenth."

Tsuna blinked at his response.

"Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound of your moaning, Tsunayoshi."

He was already out the door when Tsuna let out a howling 'EEHHH?'

Giotto chuckled as he walked down the hallway, still being able to hear the small boy panicking. It was such a shame he couldn't witness the current scene of his heir all flustered as his cute self. But he continued to smile at the reassurance of one thought.

There would be plenty of time to tease the young tenth at a later time.

"Has the idiot finally regained consciousness?" Reborn said still sitting in his previous seat.

Giotto sat down across from the hitman. "Of course, didn't you hear the scream just now?"

Reborn, not bothering to question why placed both hands on the sides of his tea.

"What are you planning to do now that you're back, Primo?"

He smiled sadly, watching his reflection inside his tea. "The Ninth suggests I try to live a normal life, disregarding the whole mafia thing." He rested his chin on his left palm. "Everyone who remembers my face is long dead."

Reborn hid his eyes underneath the shadow of his hat. "But you're still going to include yourself into the Vongola family."


The infant gave him a look in question.

Giotto smiled in return. "They're the only family I have."

Reborn didn't say anything, so Giotto continued.

"So, the Ninth suggested I at least take a vacation and take this chance to meet the Vongola Tenth."

Reborn waited as Giotto took a long sip from his tea before placing it back down with a refreshing sigh. He happily muttered something about Japanese tea and heaven with eyelids closed. When the tiny mafia man began to get impatient, he finally interrupted the other out of his thoughts. "So?" He asked irritably.

"I like him; I think I'll stay here for a while."

Reborn nodded in understanding. He finished off the remainder of his drink before hopping down from his chair. Giotto watched in curiosity. "It's time for dame-Tsuna's training. I can't have him slack off even if the founder of Vongola is staying at his house." The baby smirked.

The newest houseguest of the Sawada's smiled. "That sounds like fun, can I join in?"

Reborn looked back as if he expected the Primo's answer. "Definitely, it'll be good for Tsuna to receive some teachings from another glove user."

Giotto arose from his chair sliding it back. "I'm looking forward to it." His expression then changed to one filled with anticipation and eager for battle. He smiled, but not like his usual warm one. "Now, let's see how strong the Vongola Tenth really is."

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