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Chapter 3: Rip Your Throat Out

Hello there, I am Sawada Tsunayoshi, a simple 14-year old middle school student attending Namimori Middle. I have a simple life, just as any other student would, below average grades, a circle of friends, loving parents and a murderous home tutor. Besides the first and last part, I'd say I've got it pretty good. I'm also in line for the next Vongola boss, Vongola Decimo as they call it. At first, I used to reject the whole idea of the mafia and everything to do with it, but now I've learned to accept it as a precious part of my life. I mean, how else would I have made all the friends I have now if I never met Reborn? But recently, I've been having slight problems with this new houseguest of mine. Although he's a bit on the off side, I'm sure he means well. The time he spent here wasn't all that bad, at some moments I actually enjoyed spending time with him, while other times, I wanted to rip his throat out. But since now, he's gone; I can't help but have the lingering feeling of regret dwelling within my being. Sure, he was a nuisance, but he was a friend nevertheless. And I swear I will, with all my heart remember-

"Tsunayoshi, if you start out the chapter like that, readers will get the wrong idea." Giotto said, biting a small piece of a rice cake off with his teeth. "And why do you make it sound like I'm dead?"

Tsuna turned back to the man who was sitting down on the floor, eating away at his afternoon snacks. "That's because, Giotto-san. You are already dead to me." The boy said with a straight, unwavering face.

"That's pretty cold of you. I thought ukes were supposed to act cute and shy whenever they got kissed or something." He took a small sip of his tea before setting it back down on the table. "And aren't you supposed to be at school now? Don't tell me you plan on skipping the whole afternoon."

A slight vein popped up in the corner of Tsuna's forehead. He fully turned to face the man before accusingly pointing a finger in his face. "Whose fault do you think it is that I have to skip?! I won't even be able to show my face at school anymore after your little stunt! What will my friends think? What will Kyoko-chan think?? And who are you calling an uke?!"

Reborn looked at Tsuna for a second before turning to Giotto with a questioning look. "I didn't know you preferred guys." He said, not sounding the least bit surprised.

Giotto smiled happily. "I don't. Tsunayoshi is just an exception. He screams like a girl, you know."

"Yah, I know. I hear that same girlish scream every day." Reborn sighed in exasperation, almost feeling disappointed in the lack of masculinity in his student.

Tsuna blushed a shade of pink while angrily yelling at the two. "W-wha-I do not scream like a girl!" The boy furiously protested in a squeaky voice.

Reborn scoffed at the young boy's meek attempt to prove otherwise. "Oh please, Tsuna. You're even voiced by a girl in the anime, there's no use in denying it." The two hitmen both nodded in agreement to the statement with a small 'mmhm.' The small brunette flushed a darker shade of pink as he put on his best angry face. "W-well…YOU'RE A PEDOPHILE!!" He screamed out, pointing at the blonde eyesore before him.

Reborn looked to Tsuna for a second and paused in thought before giving the Vongola Primo a blank stare. "You do factor as a pedophile, Primo."

Giotto waved his hand at the word, brushing the insult off without a care. "I prefer the term 'Shotacon', if you please."

Tsuna grabbed at the roots of his hair, gripping at it as if he were about to tear it off. This man was treacherous, an abomination, a stain on the collar of his shirt he couldn't rub off. Something needed to be done to get this man out of his house; he didn't care where he went, as long as it was not anywhere near fifty meters of the boy. But what could be done? This man was the Vongola Primo, the one who founded the most powerful and influential mafia family in the world. Tsuna really doubted he could merely just physically move the man out by force, even if he tried attacking the Vongola Primo, he would probably end up dead on the spot.

Tsuna groaned in frustration at his thoughts. There really was nothing he could do. He would just have to adapt living with this man…

"….And besides…" Giotto began. "Virgins are just so much more fun to tease."



Tsuna went for his throat first.

The young brunette tackled him, successfully toppling the much larger man over as he sat victoriously on his stomach. His small, fragile hands gripped its way around the pale thick neck beneath him. He didn't put any pressure on his strangle though; he just kept it there, while his teary eyes stared menacingly down at the man below him. Giotto seemed to have no reaction throughout the sudden attack, his perfect face remaining bored and uncaring. Neither one broke the little staring contest they had between the two of them, that is, until Giotto suddenly let out a heartwarming chuckle. The younger one furrowed his eyebrows at his ancestor's abrupt outburst of laughter. Just exactly what was so funny? Giotto's hand reached up to gently touch the younger one's cheek, blue eyes staring intensely back into the other's large brown hues. "Tsuna…" He whispered while smiling longingly at the boy, which took Tsuna aback a bit. His face blushed the same deep shade of red he had when they first met. Strange, why did he always act this way around Giotto? His face always got hot, embarrassment came to him more easily than usual, and there was always this suffocating feeling inside his chest. He hitched his breath as a single thought trailed through his mind. It couldn't be….

The boy's train of thought cut off midway as he felt a warm, calloused hand caress the side of his bottom.

He thoroughly kicked the man's head as he casually stood up off of him.

Heartburn. It was definitely heartburn.

Not long after Tsuna kicked the Primo's face in, his ever so faithful right hand man came bursting in through the front door. Gokudera panted heavily as he leaned against the door frame for support. "J-Juudaime…" He breathed out exhaustingly. His face looked paler than usual, and not to mention he had a poorly wrapped bandage around his head.

Tsuna widened his eyes at the sight of his best friend in such a condition. "G-Gokudera-kun!" The boy exclaimed out, rushing over to the other to support him from falling on the spot. Tsuna stiffened his body as he let the silver haired man's head fall back onto his shoulder. "Gokudera-kun! Are you okay? What's wrong? Gokudera-kun! Get a hold of yourself!" He cried out, shaking the other's shoulder vigorously.

Giotto finally sat up to observe the newfound situation before him. He narrowed his eyes at the silver haired boy. It seems that kid was getting a bit too close to his Tsunayoshi, a bit too much for the Primo's liking. Though not many people knew this about him, he was actually the very possessive type. When he wanted something, he got it, and he didn't like other people touching what was his. Reborn noticed the focused gaze of the Vongola Primo and smirked. "That is the Vongola Storm Guardian, Primo."

Giotto turned his head at the hitman's words. "Tsunayoshi's Storm Guardian?"

The Arcobaleno nodded in affirmation. "Gokudera Hayato, Tsuna's right hand man." He smiled almost devilishly.

Giotto said nothing as he silently watched the pair.

Gokudera put on a weak smile as he placed a hand on top Tsuna's other shoulder. "J-Juudaime…I'm here..No need to worry..anymore…" He stuttered out, attempting to maintain an upbeat attitude for his beloved boss.

You're just making me worry even more! Tsuna mentally shouted out. "What are you doing here, Gokudera-kun? Shouldn't you be resting in the infirmary?" He asked, seeing as how in the previous chapter, Hibari had laid a full blown head injury to his dear friend.

Gokudera gritted his teeth as he spoke. "I..I have to protect Juudaime from that man…" He said, clutching at Tsuna's shirt.

Tsuna looked worriedly and yet surprised at him. "What? Protect me from who?" He asked, although he should have figured who he was talking about by now.

The Italian clasped both hands firmly onto his boss's shoulders. He leaned his head against Tsuna's chest as his eyes bored down to the hard wooden floor. "Juudaime…Just tell me…" The boy tightened his grip a bit more before he spoke. "….Just…Just who is this suave blonde foreigner that seduced Juudaime into a lustful one night stand of hot and passionate love making?!" He gritted his teeth, despising the very words as it came out of his own mouth, and suddenly shot his head up. His eyes filled with hope that it would not be true, his beloved boss having done something like that..."Just tell me you still have your virginity, Juudaime!" The boy wailed out in desperation.

Tsuna stood still and quiet for a moment. Very quiet.

Giotto shook his head in disapproval as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Well, we wouldn't want lies to be spreading about Tsunayoshi, now would we? The only proper thing for me to do is take responsibility for this mess and take Tsuna-." He was cut off by a firm pillow landing flat on his face.

It was Tsuna of course, the one who threw the pillow. "Don't say a single word more!" His face turned a dark shade of red as he threateningly pointed his finger at the man. "And put your shirt back on!" Somehow in the last few seconds, the blonde had successfully removed his shirt and tossed it across to the opposite end of the room. Giotto pouted in disappointment at the young Vongola's response. He placed a hand over his well toned chest. "But Tsunayoshi, does my half-naked appearance not please you?" He asked innocently.

"No, it doesn't!" The boy retorted.

"But I'm sure thousands of fangirls would disagree."

"I don't care what your thousands of fangirls think!"

Just then, Yamamoto came rushing in through the open front door. He caught sight of Tsuna and a panicky Gokudera and smiled in relief. "Yo, Tsuna! Looks like you found Gokudera!" He laughed nonchalantly as he walked over to his two best friends.

"Yamamoto!" Tsuna's face lit up at his most reliable companion's appearance.

Giotto narrowed his eyes again, taking in the sight of the new arrival. "Another one?"

Reborn smiled, clearly enjoying how the whole situation was unfolding out. "Yamamoto Takeshi, the Vongola Rain Guardian."

Giotto rested his arm on the tabletop, leaning against the palm of his hand as he silently observed the trio. They reminded a lot of the past, the times he had spent with his guardians, back when he had a family. The built up fury of the Storm, the calming laughs of the Rain, and the Sky whom embraced them all. But that all went and gone, he was not a man who lived in the past or held onto regrets. Right now, the present was all that mattered.

Tsuna was all that mattered.

And he wouldn't let that go so easily.

Giotto smiled warmly as he stood up to formally introduce himself. "Vongola Storm Guardian, Vongola Rain Guardian, it is a delight to finally meet you." He strode over to where the three stood and without a care, snaked an arm around Tsuna's waist, pulling the young boy closer to his chest. He rested his chin on the boy's shoulder while his azure eyes never left the faces of the guardians. He continued to tighten his hold on the young Decimo.

Tsuna blushed at the tingling sensation around his stomach as he feebly attempted to pry the Primo off. "G-Giotto-san! Stop it!" He exclaimed, trying with all his might to peel the strong arms around him off.

This of course, did not go unnoticed by his fellow companions, who were watching the foreigner with resentful eyes. Yamamoto's eyes narrowed, his stare grew cold. And as he was about to say something, the trembling body of Gokudera stopped him to it. The swordsman blinked at his friend's odd behavior and instinctively reached out a hand towards him. "Ah…Gokudera?" He asked, sounding a bit concerned for the other.

Gokudera clenched his fist tight around his fingers and glared into the direction of the man who held his beloved boss captive. "You…You're the one who violated Juudaime, aren't you?" He strikingly lunged at the object of his anger and grabbed the figure. "YOU BASTARD! GIVE ME BACK MY PRECIOUS JUUDAIME!!" The silver haired man yelled out, strangling with all his might in hopes of killing the bastard before him.

There was a bit of an awkward silence as they watched Gokudera, until Tsuna helpfully broke the silence. "Er, umm…Gokudera-kun?" The small brunette gulped as a sweat formed at the back of his head. "That's a lamp." The boy pointed out.

Gokudera turned his head at the sound of the boss's voice. "Juudaime! Just you wait, I'll kill this bastard and then you won't have to worry anymore!" He said, before going back to his previous activity of choking the life out of an IKEA lamp stand.

Yamamoto simply laughed at the sight of his delirious friend. "Well, Hibari did hit his head pretty hard…" He smiled nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I guess he hasn't fully recovered yet."

Tsuna blankly nodded as he tried to ignore the one-sided brawl going on inside the sitting room. "I see…" He turned back to Yamamoto. "Shouldn't we get him to a hospital then?" Tsuna's grades may not be the best, but he knew when your friends started seeing material objects as human beings, it was time to call an ambulance.

Reborn then suddenly came flying out of nowhere and perched himself onto Yamamoto's shoulder. "We'll get him to Dr. Shamal. Don't worry; I'll make sure he treats him right." He said, motioning over to the hectic battle between man and household object.


"Anyways, I'll take Gokudera over to the infirmary. Tsuna, I want you to round up the rest of the Guardians and meet me on the roof of your school." The baby hitman ordered.

Tsuna blinked at the sudden demand. "Eh? The rest of the Guardians? But why?" The boy asked, oblivious as to the reason of his request.

Reborn smirked at his student's surprised expression. "You'll see when you get there. And if you refuse…" Leon morphed into a green and black gun in the Arcobaleno's hand. Tsuna almost immediately held his hands up in defense and backed away. "Wait! Don't I even get an explanation?" Tsuna objected.

The sharp click of his gun promptly silenced all further protests.

"A-Alright, I got it." He forcibly complied, understanding the consequences of what would happen if he denied his sadistic home tutor.

Reborn smiled in satisfaction at the student's response. He hopped down from Yamamoto's shoulder and onto the hardwood floor below. "Don't keep me waiting." He spoke threateningly as he grabbed the collar of Gokudera's shirt, effortlessly dragging the boy out the door with him struggling and cursing all the way through.

Tsuna sighed as Giotto finally released him of his grasp, the boy scratched at his head as he looked around him. "Well, I guess we'd better go and gather everyone else…" He suggested, looking down at the ground while silently mumbling to his self. "I have no idea where Reborn is going with this…" If he had any other choice, he would really rather not go and collect his Guardians, in fear for his life. But since the baby had demanded it, it would be an instant death wish not to act in accordance.

"Oi, Tsuna! I've got the kid!" Yamamoto beamed happily, holding up a flailing Lambo who was whining for the location of his precious grape candy. He smiled as he placed the kid atop his shoulders, instantly putting his crying to an ease. The black haired boy grinned as he held out a hand to Tsuna. "We've only got three left, right? Let's go find them together." He smiled kindly, waiting for the short boy to take the hand he offered.

Tsuna could only smile in relief at his friend's reassurance. "Yamamoto…" He trailed off, wondering how this carefree man could always be so dependable. The atmosphere always felt so comforting when he was around, no matter what the situation, he could always rely on Yamamoto to relax the tension. Tsuna smiled and nodded, placing his small hand in the larger one's grasp. "Yah, let's go." He said, taking a step forward to follow his trustworthy friend. That is, until he felt a tug at the collar of his shirt, which pulled him away from doing so.

It was Giotto, go figure. "I'll come with you." He spoke in a serious tone.

Tsuna shook his head. "No, its fine, Giotto-san, me and Yamamoto know the Guardians so it won't be a problem." The brunette said, declining the offer to help. "And besides, Reborn said only to bring the Guardians, so there's really no need for you to come."

"You're making it seem like you really don't want me to go with you."

"Oh, is it that obvious?"

"You're acting a lot colder than usual, Tsunayoshi. Seriously, it's like your personality did a complete 180."

Yamamoto laughed merrily in the background as he watched the two chat with one another. "Maa, you two really get along with each other, huh?" The baseball maniac said, still grasping on to Tsuna's hand.

Tsuna turned his head and blinked in surprise at the taller one's words. Him and Giotto get along? Is that what it looked like? For Tsuna, it was difficult to even just stand beside the man for more than a minute without wanting to rip his throat out. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized how close they had gotten in such a short period of time. Well, not necessarily close, but Tsuna was more of the type be a bit reserved at first, he was shy and didn't know how to open up to new people that easily like Yamamoto or Ryohei. It had only been, what, the second day he met Giotto and already they were bickering and fighting with one another as if they were old friends. Tsuna shook his head off of these thoughts and turned to Yamamoto with a disagreeing look. "I don't get along with perverts."

"But Tsunayoshi," Gitto began. "It was just a little peck on the cheek, and that doesn't even compare to what I'm going to do…" Tsuna shot a threatening, yet at the same time cute glare at the man before he could finish. The brunette sighed, finally getting sick and tired of fighting with this unbeatable foe. "Alright, fine. You can come." Tsuna said, but before Giotto could say anything more, the boy struck a pointed finger up in the blonde's face. "But don't you dare try anything on me." He said, fully aware of his lecherous ancestor's intentions.

Giotto nodded in affirmation, putting up his right hand in the air while he placed his left one over his heart. "Of course, Tsunayoshi. I wouldn't even think of doing anything to stain your precious innocence." He swore a solemn oath, smiling a bit at the thought of taking that said innocence.

Tsuna nodded in approval. "Good, because Yamamoto will be walking between us."

"WHAT?!" Giotto cried out in surprise, sounding completely out raged by the walking arrangement.

A tiny vein popped up in the corner of Tsuna's forehead. "So you were going to try something!"

Giotto's eyes trailed off to the side as he replied, "..Noo…." Avoiding Tsuna's gaze and looking off to some place on the ceiling instead.

Tsuna twitched his eye at his ancestor's childish behavior. This was the man who founded Vongola? Hard to believe, maybe the hospital got him mixed up at birth or something. The small brunette just grumbled as he pulled Yamamoto outside to the street. "Let's just go…" He said, not even caring if Giotto decided to follow them or not.

And he did, to Tsuna's dismay.

Yamamoto just smiled at the foreigner, offering his free hand to him as he introduced himself. "Hey, I'm Yamamoto Takeshi, member of the Namimori baseball club. It's nice to meet you." He spoke in a friendly manner while grinning widely in expectation. He blinked as he glanced back over to Tsuna and then back to the blonde stranger. "So, are you Tsuna's older brother or something?" He asked, noticing the slight resemblance the two shared.

Giotto narrowed his eyes at the boy, but took the hand that was offered. "Pleasure." He said in an almost spiteful way. He didn't like the feeling he got from this boy, it was almost, threatening even? Plus, Giotto could tell this man harbored some sort of attraction towards his Tsunayoshi, and it oh so aggravated him. He put on a small, kind smile as he shook his hand up and down. "Me? I'm Tsunayoshi's own personal sex slave."

Tsuna stamped down on the man's foot, hard.

"I mean, I'm Giotto." He said, wincing a bit from the pain.

Yamamoto nodded in understanding. "Oh, I see. So, I guess those rumors at school were wrong, huh?"

Tsuna immediately intervened at that time. "YES. They are all horrible gigantic lies." The boy spoke sternly, motioning his hand furiously in denial.

Yamamoto smiled in relief at his young friend. "That's good…" He turned towards one end of the street. "I guess, we should go and get that girl first, since she's way across town." The taller man smiled down at the brunette before pulling them both down the street.

Tsuna nodded once firmly as they both ran off towards the direction of Kokuyo middle school.

Giotto gazed at the pair's back in silence. He muttered something under his breath as he watched Tsuna dash off with the baseball nut.

"…I won't lose."

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