A Collection of Vampire Oneshots.

Title: *Untitled for now*
Characters: Shinichi, Agasa, Ai
Rating: T

Warnings: Mentions Blood.... but surely you knew that right? Its a VAMPIRE oneshot...

It was strange. Seeing lights on at the Kudo household after being off for so long. Those that passed by on their daily walks stopped and stared at the dull light coming the windows on the upstairs of the house. Some were happy to know that the teenage detective was living in the area again and others were just happy knowing that the ghost story that was being spread around about the house wasn't true.

Although if anyone was walking past the Kudou house this late afternoon they would be starring for an entirely different reason. From outside the house it seemed like a fight was going on inside if the angry shouts and crashing of furniture was anything to go by. Thankfully it wasn't a fight at all, merely one very frustrated teenage detective taking out his frustration at his current situation on whatever poor piece of furniture happened to be close to him. The situation he was in now made the whole Conan situation seem as troublesome as spilled milk.

Now our dear detective is known for being able to handle complicated situations amazingly well but this was just too much for Shinichi to handle. Everything that he had be raised to believe in and everything that he believed not to be real was thrown out the window because of one little mistake. One little careless mistake. One step into the unknown. One moment of being unaware was all it took.

A sharp pain in his neck and then he had drifted into darkness only to wake up in his Shinichi sized body on the cold and trash covered ground of the alleyway he had walked into. He made his way back to his old house, being careful not to be seen, where he collapsed on his bed and fell into a deep sleep until morning.



That morning had been an interesting experience for Shinichi. Being slowly pulled out of his slumber it seemed as if someone was shining a very bright light on his close eyelids but reluctantly opening his eyes revealed it was only the light shining through the window. Why did it seem so incredibly bright? Later on he realized that it just wasn't the light that was brighter. Everything was brighter and clearer as well. As he went about his morning routine he noticed other odd things as well. Like the fact that the house seemed to be filled with lots of noises he had never noticed before. Turning on the water he could clearly hear the water rushing through the pipes and in the kitchen he could hear the refrigerator humming loudly. Being the logical person he is though assumed it was just because he hadn't been in the house for a while and became unaccustomed to the everyday sounds that went on in the house.

After he showered and got dressed he decided it was time to go attempt to explain to Agasa and Haibara how he suddenly got his body back. Walking down the stairs, Shinichi could feel his stomach growling and realized he was actually very hungry. Seeing as no one had lived in the house for a while there wasn't really much of a selection to eat so he finally settled on eating cereal. He pulled the milk out of the refrigerator but quickly threw the carton away after he realized that milk was most definitely not supposed to be green. So he decided to just eat the cereal dry.

He ate mechanically not really thinking about anything just staring off into space. A few minutes later the bowl was empty and he found himself pouring the rest of the box of cereal into the bowl as well.

One empty box of cereal later Shinichi was still hungry but decided that he didn't really want to see if the other green thing in the fridge was edible or not so he quickly put his shoes, ignoring the hunger, and walked outside and across the yard to Agasa's house. Shinichi didn't even bother to knock on the door, instead he took out the spare key that was hidden behind a loose brick and unlocked the door himself. Kicking off his shoes he strode into the living room fully intending to enjoy the shocked look on Agasa's face at the now normal sized detective.

The reaction that he got was exactly what he thought it would be and he would have enjoyed it to if his hunger hadn't made its self painfully noticeable again. The shocked faces of Agasa and Haibara were quickly replaced with ones of worry and concern as Shinichi doubled over in pain nearly falling to his knees on the floor. Agasa was at Shinichi's side a moment later trying to help the teen up to lie on the couch. Haibara was a little slower to react, still getting over the shock of seeing him at his normal size, but soon she too was rushing over to help the young detective. She was about a yard away from him when his head suddenly shot up and his glowing dark red eyes stared at the vial that she had forgot she was still holding. She had been running test all day with various blood samples that Agasa was able to request from the hospital. By studying the effect the apotoxin had on other blood type she hoped she would be able to make a breakthrough in finding an antidote for it. Although there was a small refrigerator in the basement it was already full of other experiments so they had to keep the vials of blood stored in the kitchen refrigerator for now. She had been on her way to place a "B" type vial back in the fridge when Shinichi walked in.

Haibara had never been one for ghost stories or stories about monsters but what she was seeing now was starting to make her think there might have been some truth to those stories. Red eyes followed her every movement focusing on the vial of blood in her hand. She was sure that if he hadn't been in so much pain he would have already taken it from her. She was honestly afraid to get any closer to him. Slowly she lifted up the vial and made sure the top was on as tight as possible and then carefully laid it on the coffee table and rolled it towards him.

The white hot pain starting in his stomach and spreading to the rest of his body was somewhat similar to the pain of transforming into Conan but twice as bad. Something in the back of his head was telling him that what was in the vial would stop the pain and he quickly grabbed it from the table, stifling a scream from the pain that small action caused. By now but Haibara and Agasa had backed a considerable distance away from him and he knew he must be freaking them out quite a bit. They had every right to be though, he didn't even know what was going on himself. Shinichi didn't even stop to think about what was in the vial. He just wanted the pain to stop so he quickly took the lid off the vial raised it to his mouth letting the lukewarm liquid run down his throat. Each gulp calming the pain until finally the vial was empty and the pain was gone.

"Wow Haibara, what was in that vial? The pain started going away after I took only a sip."

It was the slightly grossed out look on both of their faces that prompted him to look down at the vial and read the label.

Blood Sample #42 Type B Male.



The vial landed on the carpeted floor and rolled under the table as the teenage detective promptly passed out, slumping over until he was completely on the floor.

There will be another oneshot later on that continues from this storyline.