E/O Drabble Challenge: Special Addition

Word: fervor

Definiton of fervor: Intense heat. Great warmth and earnestness of feeling.

Word Count: 100

A/N: Happy Birthday Helen Bache! I thought some beat up Dean would be a great present!

Never steal from little kids

Sam tossed the ice pack towards Dean and continued chuckling.

"It's not funny!" Dean said, wincing, placing the pack on his swollen eye.

"Yes it is! You got beat up by a little kid."

"He wasn't that little." Dean muttered, moving the ice pack towards his shoulder.

"He was seven! You really shouldn't have taken his gameboy."

"He wouldn't share!" Dean settled himself onto his bed, groaning, and put the icepack on his eye once more.

"That fight was very fervor and amusing."

"Oh go bite me."

"Too bad that little kid beat me too it."

Dean flipped him off.