Chapter 3: First Word


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Hikaru and Kaoru [Age: 2]

Hikaru's POV

So here I was again, dressed as what everyone thought to be an adorable little girl. In my misery I wasn't alone. Kaoru and I shared the humiliation like everything else. The wigs were itchy, and the dresses left us feeling freely confused beneath the frills. As if potty training wasn't already difficult enough.

The women of the family were especially fond of our mother's fashion sense for us. The men just turned away displeased, while others snickered at our loss of dignity. Of course we hadn't really noticed, we were too busy ignoring them. We might have been cross-dressing, but at least we weren't the people laughing at two little boys with no voice in the matter. They were the real monsters outside our world. Inside, with just Kaoru and me, that was our sanctuary. So when we walked passed the strangers we never knew to have relation toward us, we didn't look at them. We were too ashamed, not of ourselves, but of them.

That's when one of the women just had to stop us, pinch our cheeks, and tell us how cute we were. She compared us to dolls. Not once did she ever address us by our names. Our own mother was reluctant to grant us that. Least we were well prepared to cause trouble to the enemies that tried to penetrate our borders.

Kaoru and I have this thing between us. We've had it for as long as I can remember. Just by looking into each others eyes we know everything the other one is thinking. In that moment Kaoru was telling me how he wished we were elsewhere. I squeezed his hand in response, reassuring him everything would be okay.

Auntie was already on our bad side, but what she did next I'll never forgive her for. She took Kaoru away from me, in one gentle sweep. Maybe the notion was harmless, but it scared me more than the monsters that hid our closet night after night. Those ones that made Kaoru cling to me. He was out of my grasp and that was enough to drive me crazy! I started to reach for him when mother came and picked me up as well. I fussed and fought but she wouldn't let go!

When Kaoru and I made eye contact, I could see how afraid he was. These monsters were real…

The adults exchanged words, mother smiled at me, and started to walk off with me still in her arms. I watched over her shoulder as our auntie took Kaoru over to the table of refreshments. Every step that separated us… it was chilling how cold his absence left me. That's when I saw it. Kaoru's eyes started to water and then he let out a shrill cry that made my heart leap into my throat. I started to push my way out of mother's grasp, and finally she lowered herself in time where the drop wouldn't hurt me. She tried to reach for me, but I took off as fast as my little legs could carry me.

By now our auntie was trying to calm him. This only made him cry more. I was so worried about him. I needed to tell him it was okay. I needed a way to get his attention!

"Kaoru!" I cried, and everyone stared at me in astonishment.

I barely recall the words, but mom said behind me, "His first word…"

Kaoru's eyes went to mine, and he forced himself away from auntie, filling the gap between us, we embraced each other tightly. He was shaking, and tears were still spilling from his eyes, "Kaoru…" I whispered the word again.

The spectators would never understand what we felt. In that moment all I wanted to do was be close to Kaoru. When I felt anyone approach I pulled him closer. They would never take my brother away from me! Never again! When mother walked up to us, I stared at her with hard eyes that too started to fill with tears. When she leaned down I held onto Kaoru and shook, but she didn't pry us from one another. She picked us up in her arms, and whispered an apology.

That was the very first time I ever spoke. Hours later, when we were snuggled in our bed alone, Kaoru returned the favor, "Hikaru" he said, and I smiled. I found out that the only person who could ever make me smile was him. "Kaoru" I replied, pressing my forehead against his. Whenever he needed me, all he had to do was call my name and I'd come running.

We shared everything; above all we shared love for each other. That would always remain the same.

Author's Notes: Another short baby one shot. I love the twins as toddlers, and thought the idea of their first words being each others names would be really cute. Hope you enjoyed it, and part 2 of the Hikaru Flu may be coming up soon. We'll have to wait and see.