A/N: Joker doesn't belong to me.
Just a rainy day~

"Rainy Days"

It was raining.
(and pouring the old man was snoring)
So I had to cut his throat.
It was raining.
(cats and dogs, hungry hungry dogs)
And there was a woman caught in the rain.
Caught like a mouse in a trap.
I, oh so gentlemanly, offered her my umbrella.
To keep her dry.
Rain Rain go away
But she took one look at my face--
One single glance--
And screamed.
How very ruuuude.
(miss manners miss manners)
This is what happens when I try to be the 'nice guy'.
People scream (freak! freak!) there's panic, there's chaos.
Now don't get me wrong, I like the screamers.
I like 'em a lot.
But when this pretty little woman goes off and yells--
Right in my face
When I'm offering her assistance, well--
It hurts a guy's feelings.
(i've got a heart too you know)
So when this beautiful
(drop dead gorgeous)
woman rejects me.
My ego has been bruised.
And I've got to save some face.
(or bruise hers)
Long story short.
She ended up taking my umbrella.
(right in her cornea)
Chivalry isn't dead...
But she sure is.