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Hellfire Burning Through the Streets.

White light flooded the room, growing brighter as it rose from the bloody ring on the floor.

"Sam, we gotta go!"

"Lucifer. He's coming." Sam muttered, his eyes, terror filled and yet shining with a strange anticipation, never leaving the light as it turned blood red, bathing the room in a near painful glow. Dean shielded his eyes and pulled hard on Sam, trying to get him in gear. The light grew to blinding and Dean heard the building begin to shake, debris starting to fall around them.

"DAMNIT SAM, WE GOTTA GO!" Dean gave a violent tug on Sam's jacket and Sam's feet finally shifted, the younger hunter following his brother blindly. Dean pushed through the big double doors of the convent, tugging Sam through just as the light permeated through the roof of the old building and the structure began to implode. Rays of bloody red light shot out from the shattered structure and hit Sam square in the back. He stopped, his jacket ripping as his mouth opened in pain, back arching as his head shot back and body went rigid.


Dean had turned when his brother pulled free. Fear streaked through him as he watched the light hit his brother. "SAMMY!"

The light faded, the night turning utterly black. Sam's eyes rolled back in his head just as Dean lunged forward and caught him under the arms. He sagged against Dean's chest, breathing ragged. Dean couldn't keep Sam's dead weight upright and they both went to their knees. The building began to shudder vehemently, the ground shaking beneath them. Dean leaned over and threw his arms over Sam's lax form and his own head, protecting them from flying debris. The building crumbled and fell to the ground in ruins, finally stilling, a huge cloud of dust rising into the night. Dean lifted his head and focused on his brother.

"Sam?! Sammy!" Dean cried, shifting Sam so that his head rested against Dean's chest. "Sammy, talk to me kiddo." Dean tapped Sam's cheek, trying desperately to elicit a response. Dean pulled his cell phone from his pocket and flipped it open, hitting a speed dial button that he knew well. His ear was greeted by a rapid beeping signifying no service.

"Damnit!" Dean shifted and pulled Sam up against him. Sam's head lolled against Dean, hair hanging over his closed eyes. Dean panicked, putting a hand to Sam's pulse and holding his breath until he found a steady, albeit slow beat. "Okay….okay. You're okay. Jus' gotta get us the hell outta here. C'mere. Goin' to Bobby's." Dean muttered as he pulled Sam against him and struggled to stand while pulling up his brother's entire weight. He looped Sam's arm over his shoulders and tugged him close, Sam's head coming to rest in the crook of Dean's neck. Dean dragged Sam over the grass and towards where the Impala sat waiting.

"Thanks Cas." Dean muttered under his breath, grunting as his brother's dead weight took it's toll on him.

Dean eased Sam down against the ground, propping him up against the front tire of the car. Sam's chin rested on his chest and Dean again checked Sam's pulse and breathing, finding it still just slightly off.

"Hang on Sam." Dean said softly, moving to open the back door. He left it hanging open and again grabbed Sam under the arms, this time pulling him up so that he was facing his brother. He eased Sam down onto the seat and allowed him to gently flop back against the leather bench. Dean circled the car and threw open the other rear door, reaching in to pull Sam across the seat. He made one more trip around to push Sam's long legs into the car, one foot resting in the foot well, the other awkwardly on the seat. "Sorry Gigantor, it'll have to do until I can getcha safe." Dean brushed Sam's hair back from his closed eyes with a gentle hand before he slid behind the wheel. The engine rumbled to life and the tires spun in the grass as Dean turned onto the road, hell-bent for South Dakota.


Bobby walked to the door as he heard the familiar sound of the Impala rumbling down the gravel road to the house. He kept the rifle on his shoulder, not leaving the line of protection that his wards created. Dean swung the big black car into the grass at the base of the porch steps and Bobby stepped onto the porch, worried when he did not see the second head in the passenger seat, the youngest Winchester he so desperately wanted to see alive and safe.


"Help me Bobby!" Dean said, throwing open the back door and reaching for his brother.

"What happened Dean?" Bobby asked, propping the rifle against the banister and rushing forward to help Dean with his brother.

"I don't know."

"Let's get 'im down to the panic room, where he'll be safe." Bobby slid his shoulder under Sam's left arm while Dean wedged himself beneath the right, supporting him between them.

Dean stopped short, "He's not gonna like that Bobby."

"We'll deal with that when we figure out what the hell happened to 'im and when 'e wakes up."

"Yeah," Dean nodded, "okay."

Between Dean and Bobby they got Sam eased out of his jacket and settled on the small bed in the panic room, Dean's mind straying to when he was handcuffed there not that long ago. Thankfully, Bobby had taken the cuffs away. Dean perched on the edge of the bed and accepted the cool washcloth that Bobby held over his shoulder. He folded it and wiped Sam's face and hands, taking the smudges of dirt away, before he laid it on Sam's forehead.

"What happened to the boy, son?"

"Cas helped me get to Sammy. That bitch, Ruby, she locked me out while Sammy killed Lilith. I finally busted through and knifed the skank. We were too late to stop it. The…the last seal was…was Lilith. This pit formed in the floor an' light shot out. Whole damn place started shakin' and I pulled him out. We got outside jus' before the building crumbled but then that scary ass light hit Sam square in the back. I never heard him scream like that. Never saw him drop so fast…God, Bobby, what if he's hurt?" Dean murmured, stifling a sob as he adjusted the cloth on Sam's forehead.

"He'll be fine, kid. Why don'cha get cleaned up an' take the other bed? Stay down here an' I'll bring ya some grub."

"Not real hungry Bobby. Thanks anyway."

"Damnit kid, ya gotta eat. Sammy's gonna need ya."

"I will. Jus' not yet. I need to see him awake. I need to tell him…" Dean trailed off, looking sadly down at his unresponsive little brother.

"Okay son." Bobby said, placing a firm hand on Dean's shoulder. "I'll be back soon."

Dean nodded and swallowed, his eyes never leaving Sam's face. Bobby left. "Heya Sammy. I don't know if you can hear me, but I meant what I said on your voice mail…" Dean trailed off, standing as he grabbed the jacket. He rifled through the pockets until he found Sam's phone, quickly dialing the voice mailbox. A computerized voice greeted him.

You have one saved message. Then Dean heard his own voice. "Listen up, you freak…"

"What the fuck?!" Dean listened quickly to the rest of the message, horror playing over his features as the realization that the angels had changed the message to push Sam into starting the apocalypse dawned on him. "Sonuvabitch!" Dean perched on the bed once again, squeezing Sam's arm. "Oh Sammy. That is not what I said." Dean sighed. "I know you probably wanna hate me, Hell, I wanna hate me. But I swear to you, that is not what I said. Those fucked up angel dicks pushed you into this and I swear, if you got hurt because of them…I will hunt every one of them down. I know there's gotta be somethin' out there that'll kill those sonsabitches and I will find out what the hell it is… Sam, I…what I said, what you never heard… it's…well…I'm sorry Sammy. So damn sorry. I didn't come back right. I know that now. I know, now, how much you needed me to be…me, and I couldn't do it. I let ya down an' I lost ya for it. Meant what I said…we're brothers. I'm here now an' I'm gonna be here. All you gotta do is wake up Sam. Sammy."

Dean fell silent, unable to speak past the lump that had closed his throat. Sammy. Haven't called you that in a long time. Too long. God, little brother. I knew I came back wrong. Not myself. No one would, but I managed to take it out on you. Not even your fault. No one's, I guess.

"You're right, Dean."

"F-." Dean swiveled in his seat, looking at the open door. "Cas, what the hell?"

"I am sorry Dean. You are right. Your…opinion of my superiors. I had no idea this was happening. I had no idea, being called into service on earth, for the last ten thousand years…I had no idea what they wanted to bring about. I am sorry you and Sam got thrown into the middle of this."

Dean looked over the disheveled angel, taking in the tan trench coat, white dress shirt and loosened tie that the angel always appeared in. He cast green eyes over the angel's dark features, seeing regret and something else. Anger. Dean felt the need to speak.

"They jerked you around too. Cas, help me? Help me figure out what the hell happened to Sammy. Help me. Heal him."

"I cannot."

"What? Why not?!"

"It is beyond my power. What Lucifer has done to Sam."

"What are you saying Cas? Am I gonna lose my baby brother?"

"That is up to Sam. I will tell you though, that he is going to need you at one hundred percent. Bobby has made sandwiches. For your brother's life, do not fight him when it comes to taking care of yourself too." The barest whisper of wings and a brush of air greeted Dean's face, making him squint. He looked up to find the doorway empty once again of all but him and his unresponsive brother.

"Hey Dean?"

"Yeah Bobby?"

"I made some chow. Ya should come eat somethin'."

"Yeah. Alright." Dean turned back to the bed, missing Bobby's puzzled look, and brushed a hand through Sam's hair, sweeping it back from his closed, dark smudged eyes. "Be back soon Sammy." Dean ran a hand over his short, spiky hair and stood from the bed, following Bobby from the panic room. He left the door ajar, both realizing that nothing could get inside the room and fearing that if he closed himself off from Sam he would slip away.


Sam looked around, seeing nothing but mist surrounding him, making it impossible to see where he was. His breath caught in his throat as he spun a tight circle, feeling cold air brush him but not seeing it's source. The short hairs on the back of his neck prickled and his heart began to pound. Finally something in the distance caught his eye as the mist began to part. Sam squinted into the misty light, gasping as the figure came closer.


"Sammy," Mary's blue gray eyes crinkled at the edges as she smiled at her son. "my baby boy." Sam's chin dropped.

"M-mom? Am…am I dead?" Sam met her eyes as her face sobered.

"No baby, just tired." Mary walked closer to her son, silent as she steadily tipped her chin up to look at the boy she remembered as being a tiny infant in his crib, then as a strong young man pinned to a wall by a poltergeist in her home. She wrapped her baby boy in her arms and held him tight as he dropped his head low to rest on her shoulder.

"Mom, what happened to me?"

"Baby, Lucifer is free. You got hurt before Dean got you out."

Sam sagged, Mary lowering him to sit down, Sam finally realizing through the mist that there was actually what appeared to be a room around them, mostly furnished in white and blending into the mists. "Wha-what am I doing here? Why are…you here?"

"I'm here to help you, baby. You have to get ready for what's coming."

"What's coming?"



Dean choked down his sandwich, Bobby sitting across from him, watching. "What happened, boy?"

"Ruby, the angels, friggin' dicks. They played us. That bitch played Sammy, Uriel and Zachariah, they wanted him out. They wanted the fuckin' apocalypse. I swear if they've done something to Sammy…"

"Been a while since I heard that."

A puzzled look crossed Dean's face. "Heard what?"

"Ya call 'im Sammy. Sayin' you'll stand up for 'im."

Dean's face fell. "I know. Too long. I want m'brother back." Dean swallowed hard, discarding what was left of his sandwich. "Ya think he'll be okay?"


"I'm goin' back to 'im." Dean said, standing from the table. He jumped as Sam's scream broke the silence of the old house. Dean broke into a sprint, hurrying down the basement stairs to the room that housed his brother.

Dean rushed through the warded door and hunkered down beside his thrashing brother, his knee landing on the discarded washcloth. "Sam! Sammy!" Dean gripped Sam's arms as he arched off the cot. Dean's ears rang as Sam screamed again, the veins bulging in his neck as his muscles spasmed and corded. Dean wrapped himself around his brother, trying to calm him. "Hey, hey. C'mon Sammy, take it easy."

Sam finally stilled, the rigid muscles relaxing. "That's it kiddo. M'here. Jus' rest." Dean brushed Sam's hair back from his forehead, noticing the beads of sweat on his brow. Dean picked up the washcloth and went to the small basin, running tepid water into the sink. He wrung out the excess after rinsing the cloth and went back to Sam. He bathed Sam's face gently before settling the cloth on Sam's forehead once more. "I am here now Sammy." Dean leaned forward and propped his elbows on the edge of the cot. "I'm so damn sorry kid. I wasn't there. For the longest time, I was gone. Di-" Dean swallowed, emotion choking off his sentence "-didn't know how to find m'way back. Didn't know how to be the big brother I was. The one ya need. I'm sorry about that. So sorry." Dean's eyes dropped to Sam's hand where the small black bracelet wrapped tightly around his brother's wrist. "I wanna be big brother. Whatever's goin' on with you…we're gonna figure it out. We're gonna beat it."


Sam lowered his head and blinked rapidly, his vision tunneling briefly. "Mom, I don't feel so good."

Mary eased soundlessly to the white bench beside him. "I know, baby." She reached a small hand out and smoothed his floppy hair back from his face, tucking the long locks behind his ear. She tucked her fingers against his cheek and Sam's eyes closed, a ragged sigh filtering through him as he leaned into her touch.

"What's happening to me?" He asked.

"You have a fight ahead. You have to find your way back and you'll have a lot of challenges to face, but if anyone can do it, I know you can."


Sam's head rolled against the flat pillow, Dean reaching out to hold the now slightly warm washcloth in place. "Easy Sammy. Easy." Dean swallowed hard as Sam's neck arched and his cheek twisted into Dean's hand. "Yeah, it's me. Just rest Sam."

"How's 'e doin' Dean?" Bobby asked as the older hunter lumbered into the room. He tapped Dean's shoulder with a cup of steaming black coffee.

"He's a little restless."

"He'll be okay."

"I hope so." Dean took the coffee and gratefully breathed in the aroma of the strong brew. He took a sip of the hot liquid and exhaled a coffee scented breath. He reached out and wrapped his fingers around Sam's wrist. Bobby watched the brothers silently, with fondness and concern for his boys, before he turned from the room to retreat upstairs, planning on watching the news.


He walked through the streets of the city, long unfelt, unseen sun warming his pale features. His ice blue eyes glinted. His stark black hair flowed freely just past his broad shoulders, which narrowed to a firm waist outlined by a black silk shirt. Long legs encased in black jeans, tapered to black biker boots. His large hands spread out to the sides and he breathed deeply, closing his cold eyes as if to embrace the slight breeze flowing around him. His fingers spread and then relaxed, arms stretching out just slightly as he continued to walk through the center of the city. People stopped and stared at the handsome stranger as he smiled almost contentedly. He stepped into the intersection, tires of approaching cars squealing as they swerved to avoid him. He raised his arms above his head and roared, his deep voice booming, filling the sudden silence that surrounded him. A whumf shattered the air around him as fire blew out windows and exploded to ravage buildings around him. Chaos ensued as people screamed, victims ran from their homes and businesses, flames consuming flesh and clothing. He tipped his head back and laughed, the sound drowning out the cries of the dying.


Dean startled awake as Sam sat upright on the cot with a choked scream. "Sammy?" Wide blue green eyes darted around the panic room, not focusing on anything. His chest heaved as breath wheezed between clenched teeth and through flaring nostrils. Dean all but jumped onto the edge of the cot and grabbed his shaking brother by the shoulders. His hands slid up Sam's neck and cupped his chin, turning his head to force Sam to look at him. Sam's eyes continued to dance around, wild looking and terrified.

"SAM!" Dean barked, trying to get his little brother's attention. Sam jumped in his arms and finally focused on him.

"Dean?" Sam panted, locking still slightly wild looking orbs with his brother. "Dean! It's him… Lu-Lucifer. He jus'… he jus' blew up Lawrence."

"Lawrence? Lucifer…Sam. What?" Dean questioned, not being able to follow what his brother was talking about.

Footsteps pounded down the wooden stair case and thundered loudly as they crossed the threshold into the iron room. "Dean, Sam, ya better come see this."

"What Bobby?" Dean asked, still not understanding what was going on.

"Most of yer hometown just burned to the ground." Dean helped Sam from the cot, supporting his weakened brother as he swayed on his feet. Bobby slid in on Sam's other side and they hurried as fast as they could up the stairs with the youngest Winchester in tow. The television droned on, the reporter's voice coming back through after brief notes of alert tones announced the news report.

"We have breaking news…" a reporter's voice broke over the alert tones. Dean eased Sam down and focused on something but his brother for the first time in hours as the red-headed reporter's face appeared, her sad and expressive blue eyes dampened as Dean watched her blink rapidly. "We just received a report of a massive fire in the city of Lawrence, Kansas. Eye witnesses to this bizarre occurrence have reported seeing, quote, a man walking down Main Street with his arms spread as the buildings around and behind him burst into flame and exploded, end quote. It's reported that one hundred sixty seven homes, businesses and buildings are fully engulfed and the fires are spreading. Fire departments from many nearby counties and other cities have responded to help, but sadly cannot keep up. However, early estimates are that over sixteen thousand people are dead or missing."

Grainy, shaky video, looking like it was shot from a hand held camcorder appeared on screen, showing billowing black smoke blocking out the warm summer sun. The footage showed people trying to find loved ones, the din of screams, cries, falling debris, and the roar of flames and wail of sirens loud through speakers of the old television. The reporter's voice broke back in. "The president has declared a state of emergency for the city and immediate surrounding areas. Law enforcement officials have no leads on who the man was or where he is now. We'll be following this developing story and bringing you more details as they become available. Again, the City of Lawrence, in eastern Kansas has been devastated by massive, uncontrollable fires. Fire departments from a total of twenty one surrounding towns and cities have responded and are unable to subdue the raging fires. They are settling for trying to stop the spread of the flames, help victims as they are found and rescued, and trying to stay alive themselves as the destruction continues to spread."

Dean jumped again as Sam slid off the worn easy chair into a heap on the floor. He was by his brother's side as Sam pulled his knees tight to his chest and looked up at Dean with tear filled blue green eyes. "Dean… I saw this happen." Sam whispered.

"You mean, like a vision? Like you had before Yellow Eyes bit it?" Dean said, crouching and placing a comforting hand on both of Sam's upraised knees.

"No… not really. It… it was more li-like I was there. Like I was wa-watching it happen. Like I…" Sam broke off, his face paling.

"What Sammy?" Dean asked quietly.

"It was like I was doing it." Sam whispered, the tears breaking free to course down his waxen cheeks and jump free of their tracks as they dripped from his chin onto Dean's hands.

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