Hi! This is just a little one-shot to cure me of my writer's block. I hope you like it, though.


A Danny Phantom and Phantom Stallion One-shot

Danny Phantom had a day where no one needed help from ghost attacks. Since he and his family had road-tripped to Nevada, Danny decided to take in the sights from a bird's-eye view.

On the ground, Sam Forster had found her horse, the Phantom Stallion, aka Blackie, aka Zanzibar, for the first time after the avalanche. She mounted the silver stallion, and they began to gallop across the playa. Sam looked up into the sky where she thought she saw Danny Phantom, the half-ghost who had saved the world from a giant asteroid called The Disasteroid. She looked back to where the Phantom was going.

Danny had seen the silver horse with the rider galloping across the barren lands of Nevada's Calico Mountains, and decided to get a closer look. He was all but a black-and-white blur as he zoomed downward. When realized how fast the stallion was going, he replaced his feet for his ghost tail, and his speed increased greatly. Pulling in next to the majestic stallion, he saw a girl with flowing auburn hair and warm brown eyes riding bareback. The silver stallion snorted and rolled his eyes as Danny attempted to fly closer. The rider turned and saw him, her eyes wide with shock, then shrinking to normal size with realization. Her horse began to slow, and Danny did, too.

Sam pulled the Phantom to a stop beside the ghost-boy. "Hi," she said. "You're Danny Phantom, right?"

"Yeah, I am. Who are you?" Danny asked.

"I'm Sam Forster," she replied.

"Nice horse," Danny commented. As if by cue, the silver stallion snorted and pawed the ground, glaring at Danny (if horses can glare). Danny floated back a bit.

"This is my old horse, Blackie," Sam said. "He ran away a few years ago, and is now the Phantom Stallion."

"Cool," Danny smiled.

As the Phantom started acting up again, Danny thought he heard Sam whisper, "Zanzibar, easy," but he didn't bring it up. Instead, he asked what was up with Sam's bracelet.

"I wove it from the Phantom's mane," she said simply.

Sam then dismounted, and then the Phantom backed away before turning tail and running into the Calicos.

Danny asked, "Want a lift?"

After bidding Sam goodbye at her ranch, Danny flew off towards the place he last saw the Phantom Stallion. Sure enough, there the Phantom was, with his herd. Danny was impressed that such a young stallion had such a large harem.

Danny floated there for a few moments longer before flying off to his hotel. As he flew off, the silver stallion glanced in his direction, and then reared and screamed. His whole herd then started a chorus of whinnies and neighs, with some rearing and bucking, as Danny's shape faded away into the distance.

Well, like I said, this was just a little one-shot. I hope you liked it, but if you didn't, oh well! I had this idea for a while, but I just put it up now because I needed something to do while I think of stuff for my other stories. Bye, R&R!