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I knelt to my Master, much to everyone elses dismay.

Well, too bad. They're lucky I actually agreed to convince Sidious to do the Q&A. Have a little sympathy here, would ya?

Anyway, we had to start the Q&A so I could get to my mission on time. (Heading to the Outer Rims….suuuuck)

Luke grinned as he logged onto my account yet again. I swear, did that boy have any sense of privacy in him? At all????

Luke looked at the question and frowned. "Dad, this is for you…"

Sigh. "Go ahead."

I have to admit, I was a little afraid of what this Earthling would ask me.

Obi-Wan snuck a look at the screen and burst out laughing. "Have…..fun….explaining…..that…one!" He gasped.

Scratch that. I am very afraid of what this Earthling asked me.

"These five are from Lightside." Luke continued to frown. "'Vader, have you ever told your kids about how you killed your wife?'"

Seven pairs of eyes rested on me.

I paled, even though I doubt I could get any whiter because of the blasted mask.

I snuck a look at Leia, who looked at me as though I suddenly told her I was going to kill Solo or something.

I willed my vocal cords to work. "Next question."

My Master raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Lord Vader, you made the quidelines very clear to me. No skipping out on a question." He smirked at me.

I was about ready to punch that old guy in the freaking face.

"No…." I sighed and sat down in a chair. Blasted Earthlings…you will pay!!!!

Leia looked absolutly horrified. "What did you do to her?" She whispered.

This is so not my day.

"I would rather refrain from the details," I said idly, suddenly taking interest in polishing my lightsaber again.

Leia clenched her fist, and I knew she was about to yell at me.

How ironic. My daughter yelling at me, not the other way around.

"What is SITH HELL did you do?!?!?" She shouted.

I could feel the Dark Side growing stronger in her.

Well, shavit.

"Fine." I glared at her. "I choked her with the Force. But it was Kenobi's fault." I looked pointedly at my former Master.

Kenobi glared at me. "No it wasn't!"

I shook my head ruefully. "If you didn't stow away on her ship, then none of this-" I motioned to my suit. "Would've never happened. And Padme would still be alive!"

Kenobi sighed. "You were the one that snapped."

"Because you were there! You turned her against me!" I roared.

Kenobi rolled his eyes. "Oh, please."

I waved my hand. "Enough. We will continue this…." I had to search for the right word. "Debate later. Not in front of them." I meant Luke and Leia. They didn't need to know their father's downfall. Yet.

Luke sighed at me, clearly not happy with my answer.

Well, too bad.

"The next question is for Emperor Palpatine." Luke glanced at Master. "'What's your greatest nightmare? I know you have them. "Do they involve Luke?'"

Well, at least I'm not Sidious right now…

Sidious sighed. "Yes, I do have nightmares. Next."

Han intervened. "You still have another que-"

Sidous silenced him with the Look of Death.

Han looked down at his shoes. I can totally relate to that.

"Next question is for Yoda. 'How do you feel about Yaddle?'" Luke read.

Yoda frowned. "What is that?"

We all shrugged. "Next!" I said.

"For Obi-Wan." Luke read on. "'Why the hell did you let Vader kill you?!'"

I grinned under my mask. Good times, good times…..

Obi-Wan sighed. "I knew that the only way for him to be beaten eventually is for me to die and guide you."

Luke nodded. "Good to know."

"For Han." He read ahead and burst out laughing. "'I saw Leia cheating on you last night!'"

Everyone, save Sidious and I, burst out laughing.

Han turned red and glared at Leia. "Are you serious?!?"

Leia widened her eyes. "Han! How would an Earthling know if I cheated on you?! They don't live here!"

Good point.

Han rolled his eyes. "Oh, please…"

Leia slapped him. "Fine! If you don't believe me, then we are so done!" She stomped over to me and sat next to me in a huff.


Han waved her off with his hand.

Luke watched the whole scene with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, next…"

"This one question is from Candace." Luke rolled his eyes. "For dad. 'Why do you surround yourself with imbiciles? Do you actually want them to make you mad enough to make you mad to end their pathetic life?'"

Good question.

I shrugged. "I always handpick the best myself, but once they're around me, they start acting like Neanderthals."

Everyone nodded.

"The next question is from darksidesparkles. For the Emperor…." Luke blinked at the page in surprise and continued. "Have you always been evil?"

Sidious frowned, clearly thinking the question through. "I have always been a Sith. Let's just go with that."

No one dared to argue.

"Next is for me.." Luke frowned. "When you found out Leia was your sister. Did you remember when she kissed you on Hoth? If so, did you barf off screen afterwards?"

Luke was apalled. That much I was certain. "Um, no. I didn't remember that." He glanced at her. "Sorry."

Leia laughed. "It's fine."

"For Han. 'When you found out Luke and Leia were siblings, you didn't seem too bothered with that little smooch on Hoth. Did you forget or something?!"

Han reddened. "Yes."

Sidious waved his hand before Luke could continue. "That's enough for today. We'll continue tommorrow."

I decided not to point out that I have to leave for a mission tommorrow. Oh well.

Everyone left the throne room. Han and Leia steered clear from each other.


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