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Itachi carried Harry carefully back to the hideout. He had simply left Kisame behind, the fool was a burden and if he recovered he could find his own way back. Now Itachi had to complete the mission and hand over Harry to the client. Though the more he got to know about Harry the less he wanted to give him to anyone. The consort of whom he was thinking of was quiet in his arms, not having the strength to struggle very long thanks to the effects of the drug in his system. Itachi knew that this peace would not last for long as the drug was only good for a few hours.

Harry was silent in Itachi's arms as he was carried to who-knew-where. He smirked to himself; he had been silently testing the limits of this drug and knew that it was slowly wearing off. He wondered how much longer it would take before his energy and chakra returned to him. He cast a subtle glance at Itachi, however long he had to wait he knew it would be worth it when he could prove to be Gaara's equal.

They finally arrived at the hideout though neither was very pleased by this. Itachi nodded to the guards as he was let in. Unconsciously he tightened his grip on Harry not trusting the way the guards were looking at him. He was unsurprised to see that no one else was 'home' after all the rest had their own jobs to do. He sat Harry down in a chair and murmured "Now don't be wandering off…" Though he doubted Harry even could right now,

Harry's narrowed eyes watched as Itachi left him and he knew that his opponent was underestimating him greatly. He had even started to wonder if Itachi was doing it on purpose. He reflected on the possibilities that this might be a trap; and decided that the benefits of escape greatly outnumbered anything else. He closed his eyes and began to gather what little energy and chakra he had available to him. He smiled, Itachi had yet to see all of his tricks, the stones around him slowly wielded to his demands and he opened his eyes slowly. His plan was set an all he needed was the time and the opportunity.

Itachi soon returned followed by a hooded figure. Itachi was able to sense the change in energy though he said nothing about it. As soon as Harry was 'handed' to the man in the cloak his mission was complete and he could do as he pleased. Even if that happened to be enabling Harry's escape which was what he was considering. Before when he had started this mission he had believed that he would be dealing with a spoiled and weak consort. He realized now that Gaara would never choose someone like that to be at his side, and now it was simply too fun tangling with the consort to let it end.

Harry looked at the cloaked figure warily, knowing that this was the 'client' in which Itachi had been working for. It did not surprise him that someone would want the future consort of the Sand Village. However he wondered if there wasn't something else behind this. The figure in the cloak slowly lowered his hood revealing himself.

Lucius Malfoy was silent as he looked down at the boy…or young man before him. He had heard about the Savior to the Wizarding World vanishing off to this strange land. It had taken him a while to locate this area and then longer still to arrive to it. It seemed to be almost in another world of some sorts. That had mattered little to Lucius when he realized that important fact, he was a Malfoy after all, and if he wanted something he got it. Lucius continued to look over Harry and murmured to himself "It seems you are quite different from what I imagined Mr. Potter."

Harry stiffened when he heard himself being addressed as 'Mr. Potter' no one here even knew his last name, and he wondered if this man was a part of those strangers whom he and Gaara escaped from before going to the Sand Village. He narrowed his eyes, remembering how those people had ruined the peaceful life that he and Gaara had set up. Though that time was fated to end with the arrival of Gaara's siblings Harry blamed those strange people who wanted to take him away from Gaara.

Lucius waited for Harry to say something, anything, but it seemed as if the young man had nothing to say to him. Thought the disgust in his green eyes made Lucius question what kind of impression the 'Light' side had given Harry of the Wizarding world. He cleared his throat and began "I'm not sure if you are aware of this Mr. Potter, but the Wizarding World, the world in which you come from and your parents belonged, is in the middle of a war. You are the prophesied Savior Mr. Potter, though I believe it would be more beneficial if you fought on the side of my Master, rather than defeating him as it is said to be fated.

Harry just looked up at this over confident man and sneered, so he had been taken so that he could fight in a war that had nothing to do with the Sand Village, meaning as far as Harry was concerned it had nothing to do with him as well. Harry remembered vaguely about this being said before. Though it was from so long ago he couldn't remember exactly. He shook his head and said "I will not fight in a worthless battle, especially if it is one that does not even concern me."

He felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise when he saw the smirk on Lucius's face as he raised a wand "We'll see how you feel about that in a minute Mr. Potter…Imperio!" The spell glowed at the tip of Lucius's wand, but just as he said the word Itachi pulled on the back of Harry's chair, allowing the weakened consort to escape the blast of the spell.

Harry was surprised when Itachi aided him, but he did not dwell on it too much longer. He used the confusion following the spell to strike. He placed his hand on the stone floor and commanded the stones he had loosened to fall. He smiled when he watched Lucius quickly vanish with a 'pop' like sound and hoped that those strangers had finally realized he had no interest in them.

He glanced at Itachi who was evading the falling rocks and decided that the Nin was too concerned with his own life to be much of a threat. Harry tested the strength of his legs before dashing out from the direction he had entered from. The guards were running about, trying to stop the collapse which was a useless endeavor. Harry thought about demolishing the building and everyone in it completely. Then he remembered that Itachi had prevented him from being hit by that attack. He decided that even though he had attacked the Sand Village that Harry owed him at least a chance to escape alive.

Itachi watched as Harry left and licked his lips. This would be the start of a very exciting game. Itachi didn't know if it was a game he could win, but that just made it even better for the Nin. He watched Harry go as he escaped the damage and then turned to watch the head quarters crumble. The Akatsuki would not like this...

Harry was carefully observant as he escaped, he waited for Itachi or one of the guards to come after him but none came. He was surprised by this, but then remembering Itachi's personality he decided that it fit the man's character perfectly. As far as Harry was concerned they were even. Itachi and Kisame had attacked the Sand Village, so Harry hard ruined Kisame.

The fish man would never be able to fight properly again, and had destroyed their headquarters as well. He smirked, deciding that it was fun getting revenge for the Sand Village. Though Harry secretly believed that he just liked destroying things; which was also true since Gaara was usually the one who had all the fun.

Gaara was the last person anyone in the Sand Village wanted to talk to. Those who had spoken about Harry behind his back and doubted his ability to be Consort were suddenly realizing all the subtle ways he made their lives easier. He was there to calm Gaara down and keep the Kazekage grounded. He was there to warn them ahead of time of what Gaara would want or need throughout the day. He was the one that made sure things went smoothly and if they didn't, he always found a way to correct them quickly. The most important thing that the court noticed was that Harry was the reason for the change in Gaara, and if that Harry was gone that change went with him. Many were eagerly waiting for the return of their beloved Consort.

Harry paused outside of the Sand Village; he took several calming breaths wanting to prepare himself mentally before returning. He reminded himself that while he was in the Sand Village he was the consort, he was to be calm, collected, dignified, and resourceful. He was to keep Gaara grounded and the Kazekage's anger in control.

Outside of the Sand Village he was still the consort though in a different sense. He remembered how good it felt to let go and simply destroy a building because he could. He smiled there was a delicate balance to being inside or outside of the Sand Village that was the most important thing for a Consort to realize.

Gaara sat at the table, the meal was a silent one as he and his gathered court, along with his brother and sister ate their dinner quietly. Everyone was afraid to speak in case they enraged the Kazekage. He had better control of his anger than before he had met Harry that was true. Still, no one wanted to test how far that control would go. The silence was broken when one of the large doors leading to the dining hall opened. As they opened they revealed the village's slightly battered consort in his victorious return.

Gaara went perfectly still when he saw Harry step into the room. His beloved was covered with dirt and grime, blood and bruises covered him though most of the blood was not his own. Gaara half expected this to be a trap from Itachi; he knew that Harry was powerful and intelligent but he had never thought his consort would return so swiftly. When Harry smiled at him that same way he had as a child Gaara stood quickly and returned to Harry's side. He knew that this was none other than his beloved who had returned safely to him.

Harry smiled proudly at Gaara as he watched his Kazekage's action to his return. Harry was feeling much as he had when he had successfully thrown his first shuriken and had instantly looked to Gaara for approval. He smiled up at Gaara as his lover gently caressed his cheek. Those pale green eyes looking so seriously down at him, silently demanding to know that Harry was alright.

Gaara had never been more relieved in his life then when Harry answered his silent question with a slight nod. He forgot about those seated at the table, who were watching the two interact as he turned and quickly led Harry to their room. He wanted to take Harry up in his arms and carry him; but after all he had gone through to stand on equal ground Gaara thought that Harry would not appreciate the gesture.

They waited until they heard the secure locking of the door behind them before revealing the true extent of their emotions. Neither had the time to speak as their lips were joined in a kiss. Harry moaned at the taste of Gaara and wondered how long it had been since they had felt this passionate about each other. He pulled away, his cheeks lightly pink as he murmured "I am dirty from my little adventure."

Gaara merely grinned wickedly down at his consort as he murmured "Then we had best clean you up now shouldn't we?" He pulled Harry to the bathroom where some very clever servant had already drawn the heated water for them. He didn't even let Harry remove his clothing as he pushed his love into the water. The return of his beloved made him more energetic and playful than he had in a long time.

Harry smiled up at Gaara as he pulled off his now wet clothing. His body was now revealed for Gaara to inspect. Harry smiled and showed that he was mostly covered in bruises. Gaara's sand protection had stopped the worst of the blows from making contact, though the sand could not protect him as fully as it did Gaara. Harry looked up and saw that Gaara's pale eyes had darkened with concern. He smiled and stripped off the wet Kazekage robes as he murmured "Do not look at me so my beloved Kazekage, your consort has returned to your side safely and even before the agreed time."

Gaara smirked and said nothing as he pulled Harry into a deep kiss. Stripping away the rest of their clothing he turned Harry around and roughly rubbed his hips against Harry's tight ass. "You were gone for three days and yet it felt like an eternity…" He kissed the back of Harry's neck tenderly as he slipped his finger into Harry's entrance. They both enjoyed it rough but that didn't mean Gaara wanted to cause Harry pain. "I can now see how powerful my little consort has become."

Harry moaned as he closed his eyes and raised his hips so that Gaara could explore him fully "I-I have missed you as well my Gaara." He whispered moaning as he heard Gaara growl behind him possessively and then louder when Gaara entered him.

Gaara smirked as he entered Harry's tight hole and growled as he buried his fingers into the globes of Harry's tight ass. "Yes…remember the first time I took you in this bath, you were so young and innocent, but I could not wait to claim you and take you as my own. My passion for you has never waned since that day, but I have been neglecting you…I will not make that mistake again." Gaara smirked and gave Harry no time to respond as he pushed in deeper as he whispered in Harry's ear "Watching you fight was erotic…seeing how strong you have become made me burn even hotter for you."

Harry smirked and looked at Gaara cheekily over his shoulder "Strange…I thought you said you were going to wait until after the ceremony?" He laughed but then moaned as Gaara spanked him as he began to move in and out of Harry's entrance. "Some things could not wait another minute even if I wanted to." Gaara whispered and then he showed Harry what he meant as he wrapped his arms around his Consort's smaller frame, buffering him from the cold hard edge of the bath as he began to pound Harry with abandon.

Harry could do nothing but moan and gasp, sometimes whimpering in pleasure. He smiled softly when he came again and again. He almost had no strength to stand, but Gaara held him steady until he tenderly whispered Harry's name as he came, filing Harry's channel with his hot seed. Both were still in the warm water as they held each other. Harry turned so that he could nuzzle Gaara's neck as he whispered "I am proud to be your consort…and honored to have you as my beloved." He kissed Gaara's damp skin tenderly as he said softly "I love you."

Gaara closed his eyes to help restrain his emotion when he heard those sweet words. He cupped Harry's chin and forced his little love to look up at him. "I am proud to have you as my consort, and I...Love you." He kissed Harry deeply and their own private ceremony was completed within their bathroom with only the cooling water dripping from their bodies as their witness.

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