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Chapter 8: The Gathering

Whitestreak climbed across the fallen tree to the island. When she got there, she looked around in awe.

There were so many cats everywhere! A few apprentices were arguing about stories they had heard from the elders, and she walked over to listen.

"They had fierce roars, that made their enemies flee for their lives! Lionclan was the best of them all!" declared one Riverclan apprentice.

A Shadowclan apprentice insisted, "No, Tigerclan was! Their stripes disguised them, and they were amazing warriors!"

A small Windclan apprentice shook his head decidedly. "No way! Leopardclan was the best! Big, strong, and fast enough to outrun the wind itself!"

Their argument was attracting a crowd of cats, all looking at them.

Shadowpaw shivered. "This is, like, so weird!" she whispered to her mentor.

Whitestreak chuckled at her comment. "Yeah, I guess."

Looking over, she saw Firestar greet the other leaders. He called out and everyone paused in their tracks, settling down on their haunches to listen.

"Leopardstar, would you care to go first?"

The Riverclan leader nodded. "The prey in Riverclan has been running well. Brightshine gave birth to three healthy kits a fortnight ago and they are already energetic. Blackstar?"

Blackstar reported, "The prey in Shadowclan's territory has also been running well. Around yesterday, we found a band of rogues on our territory, and chased them out. They headed for Riverclan. Leopardstar, I suggest you keep a lookout. Onestar? Would you like to go next?"

The small brown cat nodded. "We have two new apprentices, Lightpaw and Treepaw. Unfortunately, they were not able to make it today. Firestar?"

He gazed among the clans from his branch for a moment. "We have two new warriors and five apprentices." A gasp rose from the other clans. "Whitestreak and Badgerclaw are the new warriors, and they are here, with their apprentices Shadowpaw and Barkpaw. The other apprentices are Redpaw, Bluepaw, and Snowpaw."

Firestar searched among the cats and spotted Whitestreak, Badgerclaw, Shadowpaw, and Barkpaw; they were smiling proudly. Other cats were murmuring about the new cats. "Thank you for coming to the Gathering!" called Onestar as the cats padded to the leaders to leave.

Yesterday with Magneto's Group

Wanda opened her eyes to find herself surrounded by cats. There was a russet tom, who asked in Lance's voice, "What happened?"

A creamy white cat, talking in Quicksilver's voice, responded, "I think we were teleported somewhere."

"I do not know what happened..." murmured a silver tom with lustrous, pearly fur and a Russian accent.

"But why are we cats?" a burnished bronze tom with claret irises finished.

A cat with a rubicund coat and an Australian accent asked, "Where exactly are we?"

Wanda looked around. She was an ebony cat with vermillion ears, neck, and tail tip.

"I think we're in Shadowclan territory," Wanda said.

"Shadowclan?" asked an auburn cat.

Wanda guessed he was Sabretooth. "A clan of cats who fight for their territory," she explained.

Like it was just to prove her point, a few cats jumped from the bushes. Blackstar was in the lead. Behind him were four other Shadowclan cats.

"Get out of our territory!" one snarled.

Wanda didn't move. "Who's gonna make us?"

Blackstar didn't answer, instead leaping at her, pinning her down. His teeth nearly crunched down on her windpipe, and one of his back claws scratched her tail. She yelped and dove away from him.

Wanda's entire small group raced for the border, and crossed into Riverclan territory.

"And stay out!" barked another cat.

Wanda led the rest of the group to a small cave hidden by the river.

"Okay, while we're here there are a few things we need to do. Remy, Pietro, go get some bedding."

Quicksilver nodded. "On it!"

He held back, and then sped off as fast as he could. For some reason, he didn't speed off like normal.

"Um... I don't think our powers work."

Wanda blinked. "Then get bedding without them! John, Peter, and Lance, try fishing or at least hunting."

John and Peter loped over to the river.

"Who made you the boss?" demanded Lance.

Wanda glared at him. He backed out of the cave. "O-okay, I'm on it!"

She turned to Sabretooth. "You and I will guard the cave."

He snarled, "Fine. But as soon as I figure out what's going on here, I'm gonna tell you what to do."

With that thinly veiled threat, he stood with her at the entrance to the cave.

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