Jane's point of view-I was listening to the return to neverland soundrack "Jane can fly" when I was writing this part.

I ran and ran without looking back, I heard teacher's yell out my name, and I heard footsteps run after me but i lost them becuase I was small and I could fit through the huge crowds of Londen streets, I bumoed into people and they screamed inpolite words at me but I just kept running, faster every step I took, The feeling was entrilling! I felt adrenaline go through my body, it gave me more speed, this was the fastest I've ever ran, in my life, I guess when you want something this bad, you use every muscle in your body to help you get it. I had to turn a corner or cross a very bust street. I chose the street, it seemed more like a chalenge to me :)
I didn't even look to any side's to see if any cars were coming, I just relied on luck. I forced my eyes shut and kept running, the air blew my hair behind me leaving my face bare and cold with all the wind pushing me back to stop, but I kept going. I heard car horns beep fiercfully at me. But that didn't even make me look back, I heard more people call my name but I kept running! I opened my eyes and i realized i finally got out of the street and onto the sidewalk. There was an alley half way down this walkway, I ran to it and turn to it, but it was to late, I already was halfway down it when I realiesed it was a dead end! It had a a wooden ten foot tall fence with a little bob-wire at the top! Dammit, how could I be so stupid! I should'of looked were I was going, and now I'm stuck between a fence and two very furious teachers that will take me back to school and ruin my chance from ever finding tinkerbell or peter!

"Jane there's no where out, your coming back with us missy!" The old principle spat.

"Yes Jane how about you just stop trying to get away and come back with us we can talk this over, and your punishment for trying to ditch school will be less bad."
's little sidekick said in a more sweeter tone than her, but it still sounded sickining.
For a funny reason, they reminded me of someone, and then I remembered, they were just like those nasty codfishes! Hook and Smee!
Oh no I had to get away! I turned slowly to face them and noticed they were a good twenty feet away. I still had a chance I looked back at the fence and noticed there were a couple of boxes next to it and there was a very big garbage can to its left that had the lid one foot away from being closed. I noticed that it looked springy so, as i seen in cartoons, I took action, I ran towards those teachers that i imagined as Hook and his side kick Smee. I was nearly five feet away from them, they thought I was giving up, I could'of seen it in there faces hah, they were in for a great surprise.
"That's a good girl, I mean young lady, I knew you were going to be smart and come with us."

I stopped two feet away from them, and spat at there feet!

"NEVER!" I screamed and ducked down knowing she would of tried to grabb me, which as I thought, she did. I turned away and ran back to the fence, the teachers were to stunned to move, when they recovered they started running after me. I swiftly turned and ran to the right of the fence and with out even thinking twice, I leapt up onto the boxes and with all the strength I had left in my two small feet I jumped all the way across to the dumpster whitch when I landed on sprang me high up into the air so high I had sucessfully made it over the fence!

With shocked faces, all the two old ladies did was just stand there and stare, again to shocked to move! This made me laugh as I felt proud of myself, but it quickly turned into shock, becuase The next part I didn't think of, How will I land? Will I just let herself fall onto the floor and hope for the best? Absoutly not I was about fifthteen feet up in the air and now I was falling! I looked around frantikly becuase I had to think fast! I turned to the right and saw a rope with clothes hanging on it to dry, without a second thought I had liftyed my hands infront of me and took grab of the rope, it snapped in half which made the rope swing me soflty onto the ground below me. I landed with a small thump and smiled.

"YES!" I jumped up into the air and screamed at the top of my lungs!

"You nasty Codfishes can't catch me now!" I laughed.

Now back to business, where to look for Tinkerbell, hmm. She could be anywhere by now, but Tinkerbell doesn't know this city that well, she must of gone somewhere that was very familiar to her, but where

I gasp. As realization hit me. kensignton gardens! That's where Tinkerbell might be!
I better get going before those Codfishes catch up too me again!

And with knowing where to look for Tinkerbell, Jane went on her way too kensignton gardens