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This is probably an "AU"(Another Universe). Just a few years to the future, things happened to Mari and Akko.

Can't keep life perfect? Now can we?

By the way, It's also a "One Short". Meaning I will probably won't write more chapters for this fic.

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Akko didn't feel very comfortable at her seat.

Not at all… Not the slightest. Not for all the 3hours she had sat at her seat.

In fact, if it was depended on her, if she had the smallest chance; she would make the expansive padded chair, more convenient for herself. If it was possible, that is.

Because, believe it or not. It was not the chair. Nor all snob people, that were looking at her like she smelled. Neither, the modal man seating right next to her. Leading dangerously close toward her, not in any way suitable for people at their 25's. Or for her, at least.

Sometime, she felt like the smug man can do whatever he wants, when he just feel like it . Between getting high on drugs, spending no time on her (only for sex) or cheating on her with all his many fans and expansive prostitute. He can do all that HE WANTS. For her it was already on daily newspaper with whom, he slept at 9:00 am or\ to 23:00 pm.

(" We met at work, while shooting in Brazil! Come and meet her sometimes!")

Yeah right. Like she even cared anymore! Or was cared.

But no, not his kisses on her neck or his caressing hands on her thighs. No, far… far… from it. Far away for her heart, in the rain was standing a woman.

Clad only with cheap, grey coat against the storm, with black broken umbrella in her hand. The woman just stared blankly at Akko through her spectacles, with her beautiful and hypnotist eyes. She was the most beautiful and innocent person Akko saw in her entire life.

After seems like much longer then it was, the woman turned quickly to the side, and started to run away from the rain and the high-class restaurant. Never, looking back.

Her perfect, long hair fluttering almost behind her.

The only last thing, that Akko saw before she disappeared between the fast traffic, was a golden ring on her hand.

And she was almost sure, that a young man was running after the raven beauty. Calling out for her.

Still, even after her 'lover' disappeared to talk to his other girlfriends, after almost all the people left but her, the chair was jet to become comfortable.

She felt like she couldn't get up. Like she was frozen on the damned chair. Looking out where Mari had been. Praying she remembered exactly, how she looked.

Because, even though she wore designer's dress, a diamond necklace , the perfect make up. Had tons of money, the 'right' friends or the attention of every man that noticed her.

Akko… has nothing at all, and it is not going to be changed at all.