Chapter 1- "He's the only family I have left, Hermione." Harry Potter said shakily to his friend Hermione Granger.

"Harry-" Hermione tried, but Harry interrupted her.
"No, Hermione! I am not having his death on my shoulders-!" Harry nearly shouted, but froze when a voice spoke to him.

'Sirius is fine.'

"What?" Harry said out loud, turning around. He saw no one and looked at the ground for a moment, thinking of what he should do next, ignoring Hermione's screeching.
"Hermione, shut up before I strangle you." Harry finally hissed in annoyance, glaring at her and unknowingly having his eyes flash yellow. Hermione didn't notice the yellow but glared at him and huffed.
"SH!" Harry snapped, looking around for the odd voice he had heard. He finally straightened up and ran to Gryffindor Tower. Hermione followed, yelling at him all the while.
'Find the package Sirius gave you. Use it. He's fine. I swear.' The voice whispered, just soft enough for him to hear.

'Who are you?' Harry thought in his head, and was surprised to hear an answer.

'I'm... Another side of you, I guess you could say.'

'How do I know you aren't Voldemort?' Harry asked suspiciously in his mind, but he continued running to the Tower.

'Use the mirror Sirius gave you. I swear he's fine. Voldemort wouldn't tell you Sirius was safe after sending you a vision.'

'He can do that?' Harry asked him in shock, before shaking his head and continuing at the task at hand, getting to Gryffindor Tower. 'Wait, why am I just hearing from you now?'

'I've always been here for you, Harry, giving subtle hints, but I figured now you won't be in total shock since you are more mature now.' The voice said easily as Harry ran up to his dormitory, digging around in his trunk before finding the package Sirius had given him. He opened it and, to his surprise, a mirror was in there, grimy with dust. He wiped it away and heard the other think 'Say Sirius Black.'

"Sirius Black." Harry said out loud, though cautiously.

He waited a moment and was about to go into a full blown panic attack when the voice soothed, 'It takes a minute, Harry. Don't worry.'

Harry was about to cry when Sirius' face appeared with a grin.
"Hey Harry. What's up?"
"YOU'RE NOT DEAD!" Harry shouted happily, standing up and nearly crying in relief.
"Ouch. Yes, I would be quite upset if I was dead, kiddo. What's going on?" Sirius asked him in confusion.

"IhadavisionduringthehistoryofmagicOWLanditshowedyoubeingtorturedforinformationandIthoughtVoldemorthadyousoIwasfreakingoutandHermionewasyellingatmeandthenanothervoicewasinmyheadandIthoughtyouweredead!" Harry wailed in one breath.

"Harry, slow down pup." Sirius said soothingly. "What happened?"
Harry, close to tears of relief and worry, said in a slower, but still fast voice, "I had a vision during the History of Magic OWL and it showed you being tortured in the Department of Mysteries. I thought Voldemort had you so I was freaking out and Hermione was yelling at me and Ron was being a git and I heard a voice in my head saying you were alright and I thought you were dead." Harry was visibly upset. "And now Dumbledore is gone so I couldn't go to him and ask if you were alright."

"Calm down, Harry," Sirius soothed softly. "I'm fine. Honest to Merlin I'm fine."

Harry tried to calm down but he couldn't.
"Harry, listen to me." Sirius said sternly. "Harry-"
Sirius jumped when Harry's eyes closed for a moment and opened again, only this time they were yellow instead of their emerald green.
"Sorry, Mr. Black." "Harry" said softly, his voice deeper and his posture straightening. "Harry is suffering from shock at the moment."
"But you're Harry. With yellow eyes." Sirius said slowly, looking at him oddly.
"No." "Harry" disagreed, shaking his head gently. "I'm... I don't really know how to explain this. I guess you could say his other personality, but we have a... unique, relationship, that Harry is unaware of at the moment..." He trailed off, before shaking his head lightly and continuing. "I go by Kek. Harry was going into shock so he is currently calming down in the back of our mind while I take over for a little while."
"Hold up a second. Since when has there been two personalities in Harry's, er, yours, er... That body?" Sirius asked in confusion.

Kek gave a soft laugh. "A long chain of events, Mr. Black. I first started showing up when Harry was younger at the Dursley's home. He was bullied quite often by both his family and peers. When he was getting picked on I would take over and take whatever happened, while it would just seem like a memory to Harry. I've helped him out over the years, but I've never come straight out and told him I was here because I didn't want him to be upset that I may try to take over completely."

"So you aren't out for dominance?" Sirius asked slowly, still confused.
"Of course not!" Kek snapped sharply, eyes flashing in slight anger. "Why would I try to take this body away from the one who both deserves it and uses it well? I'm the parasite, living off of HIS body. The least I can do is try my best to help his survival."

"Sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound like that." Sirius apologized quickly. "It's just, Remus, he and his werewolf side are always fighting for dominance and I wasn't sure if this was similar or not."
"No, not at all, Mr. Black. I'm here to help Harry, not hinder him." Kek scowled slightly, angry that he was being compared with a werewolf. "I'm his more... dark side, I guess you could say. He is extremely innocent whereas I... am not. My temper is... Short." Kek said, trying to find the correct words.

Sirius nodded, though still confused.
"Should I be worried about Harry? Will he be fine?" Sirius asked him slowly.

"Harry will be fine after he calms down and rages inside of our mind for a little bit. I'll let him out when he isn't going to break down and hurt himself. I promise I'll keep him safe, Mr. Black."

"It's either Sirius or Padfoot, Kek. You may not be Harry, but you are still a part of Harry, so you're still my godson, if that makes any sense whatsoever." Sirius said, nearly going cross eyed at this.

Kek smiled softly at him. "Thank you, Sirius. I'll see you later. I'm going to go out to the lake and help Harry calm down. Bye."
"See you, Kek. And tell Harry to talk to me if anything happens, alright? You too if you need to. I'm bored out of my mind!" Sirius laughed and Kek smiled softly.


Kek put the mirror under Harry's pillow and walked outside, mentally soothing Harry as he walked to the lake.

Harry, meanwhile, was calming down and relaxing, hanging on Kek's every word, or thought.

Kek sat down by the lake, closing his eyes and asking Harry mentally, 'Harry, are you ready to come back into control? I apologize for taking over like that, but I didn't want Sirius to freak out and send the Order into a frenzy.'

'No no, it's alright. Thank you. I sort of just want to relax for awhile, if that's alright. Do you mind being in control for a little while?' Harry asked, knowing now that Kek wasn't going to hurt him.

'Not at all, Harry.' Kek said softly, leaning back against a tree and looking over at the lake nonchalantly.

'Wow... Our mind is big...' Kek heard Harry remark and he couldn't help a chuckle come from him.

'You are quite intelligent, Harry, when you want to be. You shouldn't be hiding it like you do.'

Kek could almost see Harry blushing.

'It's nothing to be ashamed of.' Kek crooned at him softly, mentally rubbing circles on his back. 'You should hold your intelligence high with pride.'

Kek jumped when he five people came running up to him, one screeching like a banshee (Hermione), one tripping over his own feet (Ron), one looking like she was just given the best Christmas present in the world (Ginny), one who looked worried, but cautious (Neville), and one looking dreamy and off in her own world (Luna).

"Can I help you?" Kek asked them softly, standing up and leaning against the tree and crossing his arms.
"Harry, blimey mate! You just ran out of the History of Magic OWL, shouting to 'Mione that Sirius is being tortured!" Ron ranted.
"Sorry." Kek said with a shrug. "I was wrong." He started to walk away, only to have them follow him in confusion.
"Harry, what's wrong? And what's up with your eyes? Did you try experimenting with a spell? Or did Fred and George prank you? Oh! When I get my hands on them-" Hermione began to rant until Kek slapped a hand over her mouth, none too lightly.
"Hermione. Stop. I'm fine." Kek said to her in annoyance. The others stared at him in disbelief as he walked away again, though they followed him again.
"But why are your eyes yellow, Harry?" Hermione asked him, not giving up.
"It's called colored contacts, Hermione. I'm pretty sure you've heard of them." Kek snarled in annoyance, his short temper running low.

"When did you get contacts?" Hermione asked him hotly, getting mad at him.

"Over the summer. I don't use them unless I have to." Kek lied smoothly, everyone believing this for the truth. "I lost my glasses earlier today when I was running up to the Tower."

"Why haven't you used them at all this year?" Hermione questioned and Kek finally snapped.
"Hermione, shut up. I am not in the mood for your interrogations." Kek snarled viciously. "And in case you haven't noticed, if I walk away, obviously I want some time alone. I am not feeling good. My head's killing me, I'm worried about Sirius, worried for my LIFE, and freaking about the OWLs. So give me a break and let me alone already!" Kek ended in a harsh yell, and they were surprised to see he had an odd accent that none of them could place, not the British one they were used to. Kek stormed off, Harry silently praising him for finally telling them off for him.

'Thanks. I get annoyed with them, but-'

'I know, little one. They are your friends and you don't want to hurt their feelings. Sometimes you do, though, if you want to get your point across. You've dealt with their teasing and malicious jokes long enough, little one.'

'They aren't that bad...' Harry murmured to him in his thoughts, but Kek shook his head.

'Ron teasing you about your fame is hardly 'not bad', little one. And Hermione calling you an illiterate blockhead is quite malicious, even if she does do it in teasing. You need to stand up for yourself, which is what I am here for.'

'Um, okay.' Harry thought, still not understanding all of this.

'Don't worry, little one. It takes some getting used to to know that you have more then one mind inside of your body, and I do apologize for being here-'

'It's not your fault, Kek. I'm just... Overwhelmed...'

Kek nodded slightly as he walked into the school once more.

'Understandable. I don't blame you. Do you want to go to the kitchens?' Kek asked, feeling hungry.

'Yeah. Tickle the pear on the portrait and it turns into a handle.'

Kek walked into the kitchens and was immediately ambushed by house elves. He smiled down at them as if he was a big brother to them and asked them softly, "Could you please get me a salad?"
"Of course Mr. Kek Potter!" One exclaimed.

'How did they know you weren't me?' Harry asked him in the back of their mind.

'Don't really know. They just do. I came down here once at the beginning of the year because our body was severely malnourished because of our relatives. You were asleep so I got everything I could. They knew I wasn't you then, too, but Dobby still liked me so I was fine with it.'

'You did?' Harry asked him in surprise.

'I apologize.' Kek thought back immediately. 'I didn't mean to take over without your permission.'

'Kek, it's alright. This is just as much your body as it is mine. You have every right to use it just like I do.' Harry immediately told him, ignoring Kek's denies to that claim. 'Wow this is weird talking about our body like an it instead of me. This is going to take some getting used to.'

'Yeah.' Was all Kek thought to Harry, fidgeting slightly.

'I'm going to look through our minds and see what it's like in here.' Harry told him, changing the subject since it was obviously one Hunter didn't like. 'I think I'll try while you eat.'

'Alright then, little one. You go ahead.'

Harry disappeared into the deeper depths of their mind and Hunter ate his salad before standing up and going to the library.

Kek read random books for around two hours while Harry walked around in their combined mind, surprised at how organized it was.

Their mind was split into two parts. Kek's side was a windy desert, a large pyramid housing his memories. The sand underneath Harry's mental feet was tinted a dark blue, making him realize that Kek's mind was forever in the nighttime. It was difficult to see, the only light coming from the stars that Hunter had recreated. There were hieroglyphics all along the blocks of the pyramid, and the door to open it was locked. Though Harry couldn't see, on the inside it was filled with a type of maze, covered with booby traps and curses. Memories were stored in jewels and jewelry. They were hidden in both the maze, while the most important were in the most innermost chamber of the pyramid.
Harry's side was structured in the same way, but his was obviously set in the daytime, probably around noon, and when he went to the door of his pyramid in his desert, it opened immediately and lit a hallway open for him to go down to go into his own memories.

Harry looked around with surprise, his fingers trailing on the treasures that lined the hallway. He stopped when he saw a treasure that caught his eye. It was a necklace with a simple ruby pendant on it. He picked it up and couldn't stifle the yelp that came through him as the pyramid dissolved away and an old house took it's place.

Harry once again couldn't stifle a gasp of surprise as he saw four people walk into the house, a baby Harry in the red headed woman's arms.

"Shh, Hadrian. It's okay. Shh..." Lily Potter crooned softly to her son, rocking him softly. "James, go get his bottle. He's hungry."

"Okay Lily." James Potter said softly back. "Sirius, Remus, get ready for the ritual thing." James left and younger versions of Remus and Sirius began walking around, grabbing ingredients and a large cauldron. They began pouring things in at a rapid pace while Lily cooed to baby Harry, or, Hadrian as she called him.

Harry watched as they finished with the potion and Harry caught a glance of himself as a baby and his eyes widened in shock.

He looked around what he expected him to, a chubby little baby with black hair. The surprising part was the fact that he had what looked like a black tattoo in what reminded him of the Egyptian Eye of Horus on his cheek, though he could have sworn he saw it somewhere before. His eyes were an even brighter emerald green, looking like pure gems instead of the dull green his eyes were in the present time. Around his eyes he had that reminded him of the eye makeup ancient Egyptians had worn, though it was just enough to make his eyes look brighter. His hair was jet black instead of dark brunette, had the tips of it an emerald green that matched his eye color.

Harry watched as Lily started chanting a spell, or curse depending on how you looked at it, and James put the potion on baby Hadrian, mostly on his hair, face, and eyes. Hadrian whined in protest when he got to his eyes, nearly hissing at his father, but James was insistent and eventually got it in. Sirius and Remus watched from the sides, both looking grim and determined.

Baby Hadrian looked at them all with wide eyes and James was being very careful not to make him cry. It seemed to be a key part in the ritual.
But it seemed the baby didn't want to be silent because he started wailing loudly and crying. Harry jumped when all of the windows crashed loudly and the ritual, where it had been going smoothly and lights had been flashing around Lily, stuttered slightly but continued on. James quickly tried to calm Hadrian down but it wasn't to be because he just let out another wail as Lily tried to continue the ritual. Hadrian let out one last loud wail as it ended and Lily flinched for the first time. The ritual broke and Hadrian changed. His eyes changed to their duller green, the black around his eyes disappearing, his hair to dark brown instead of it's jet-black and green, which Harry hadn't really noticed. His "tattoo" disappeared, and his skin, already pale before the ritual started, had paled even more.

Harry listened to the adults as they began talking.

"Well, it looks like it worked." Lily said uncertainly. "He definitely doesn't look like a warlock at least."
"It will keep it from the rest of the world at least. And we can always discourage it from him as he grows up." James sighed.
"Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Sirius asked them both, looking nervous. "I mean, he's your son. You shouldn't be changing him before he's old enough to be making his own decisions."
"Sirius," Lily sighed. "I know you don't like this, but you know that warlocks are ridiculed more then werewolves and vampires combined. They aren't natural."
"Lily," Sirius mocked slightly. "If you haven't noticed, WE aren't natural! I'm sure as hell not natural if you haven't noticed! Hadrian should be allowed a chance to live without his parents squandering his talents-"
"Being a warlock isn't a talent, Sirius. It's a disease." James said patiently, picking up baby Hadrian from Lily. "He'll eventually go insane with it, you know that happens to everyone-"
"Not true." Sirius snapped. "Let me just tell you all, that you will regret this in the future. You will."

Harry was watching in disbelief as Sirius stormed out of the house, and the others looking at him with pity.

"Well. It looks like my real name ain't Harry... Damn." Harry, who decided to go by Hadrian now, thought to himself. 'Kek! How do I get out of here? I'm stuck!'

'Just think of yourself being at the front of our mind.'


Hadrian did so and was relieved to be able to see what was going on again.

'Oh, and apparently it's Hadrian now.'

'Okay. Whatever you wish to be called.' Kek told him calmly as he sat down under a tree by the lake of the school.

"Harry!" Kek heard a certain redhead call. He winced as Ginny grabbed his arm and began talking to him, never stopping once to be quiet.
Kek's eye twitched as Ginny rambled on and Hadrian tried soothing him from their mind.
Kek clenched his fists together to keep him from strangling the redhead.
"...So do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?" Ginny finally asked, looking pathetically hopeful.

'No! Bloody hell no!' Hadrian shouted in their mind.
"No." Kek managed to say calmly.

"Excuse me?" Ginny asked him, a slight warning note to her voice.
"No. I do not want to go to Hogsmeade with you." Kek said, counting to fifty in his head.

"What?! Why not?" Ginny asked, nearly wailing and crying.
'Tell her she's like a sister to me. And be gentle for Pete's sake!' Hadrian thought to him.

"You're like a sister to me Ginny." He said monotonously, trying to get his voice to sound more like Hadrian's and not his own deeper one. "I don't like you that way."

"B-but-" Ginny wailed, but Kek slapped a hand over her face.
"You're a wonderful girl Ginny. You deserve better then what I can give you. Go find a guy who will be who you need him to be. He's out there. Et cetera, et cetera." Kek said this all as if it were rehearsed, his face blank other then his eyes that were shining with annoyance.

"Harry-!" Ginny cried, giant crocodile tears falling.

'Kek, I said gentle. Not emotionless.' Hadrian thought, though he was slightly amused by this.

'I don't DO gentle, Hadrian.' Kek told him in a monotone in their mind.

'Either way, just walk away now before you kill her in annoyance.' Hadrian thought back to him.

Ginny was rambling off reasons why they should be together and Kek took a deep breath before putting a hand on the tree he was next to and phasing through it as if he were a ghost, Ginny not paying any attention to him.

Kek ran across the grounds, shadows melding against him so he wasn't seen by anyone.

Hadrian watched in awe and confusion as Kek ran gracefully in their body, not even hitting anyone they ran past. Their feet didn't even make a sound as Kek ran, his face blank.
When they were finally inside Gryffindor tower and Kek was lying down on their bed tiredly, Hadrian asked, 'What was that?' in amazement.

Hunter was silent for a moment before rolling up the sleeve of their shirt, showing the familiar bracelets Hadrian always wore.
They were pure gold and had hieroglyphics thinly engraved all around them, and Hadrian was surprised when he realized that the "tattoo" of an eye on his face when he was a baby before whatever ritual his parents, godfather, and "uncle" had used on him, was pressed into both of them on the middle of them. He knew he recognized the "tattoo", but he could not place it at the time.

The bracelets had an interesting story to them. Hadrian, when he was the age of ten, had been outside at the park, hiding from Dudley and his gang. He had been surprised when he landed in a bush and found the matching bracelets, along with a small package. He had been intrigued by them, and before he realized what he was doing, he had put them on. A shock wave had went through him and once again he had, without thinking, grabbed the package and opened it. He had found a deck of odd looking cards that he started to flip through. They intrigued him almost as much as the bracelets had, having odd pictures of creatures he had never seen or heard of before. He was fascinated by the pictures, almost able to see them alive and moving. When he got to the last card, there was a small letter folded up.

It read: "Dear Mr. Potter,
"You are destined for wonderful things. These will hopefully aid you in your journeys and the long road you will be following.

"-From an Old Friend."

Hadrian had been suspicious at first, and immediately went to take off the bracelets. The more he tried to pull them off, though, the tighter they became, until he was frantically pulling on them and they actually melded into his skin. It was painful and he had gasped in pain, though not allowing himself to scream. It had literally melted and bubbled, causing Hadrian searing pain, until it slowly started to cool until it was forever frozen into his wrists. Ever since then they had always been there, just kept under his sleeves. The deck of cards was kept in an unbreakable container on his belt since he had yet to figure out what they were for.

"These bracelets are a part of a set, Hadrian." Kek said softly, tracing his fingers along them lightly. "3000 years ago, there was a game the Egyptians played. It was mostly played with just the Pharaoh or anyone of high importance either for fun or as gambling. Sometimes even with business dealings, and sometimes with people's lives on the line.

"The game was played with creatures that were in stone tablets. The creatures would battle against each other with the two opponents watching and commanding them in what was called the 'Shadow Realms'. This was a different form of magic then you were taught, Hadrian." Kek frowned as he tried to remember what was long forgotten. "I don't know all of the details, but a very powerful pharaoh named Atem decided the power of controlling the creatures and to control the Shadow Realm needed to be locked away. I don't know why, nor do I know how.

"Pharaoh Atem decided to have the 'power', for lack of a better word, sealed into seven items. The items were made easily, but Pharaoh Atem realized he should have a backup plan in case any of the items were placed in the wrong hands before he sealed the power away.
"He, himself, was already going to sacrifice his soul to the 'leading' item in order for him to help whoever would unleash the power, knowingly or not. His lover had offered his own suggestion, saying that he could make a 'master control' item that controlled all of the other items. The master control item would be able to summon the other items back to himself or herself and use them, even if they were incompatible with whatever item it was that the master control item-holder would wish to use.
"Atem knew that another soul would have to be placed into the controlling item for it to be able to do all that his lover had suggested, along with souls being sacrificed for the other items, though only a few would house the souls until the future. He knew that the person whose soul was placed into the controller would need to be someone he trusted and would be able to take orders from if necessary. He only knew of one person that fit those requirements, but he did not want to imprison his only love to years of loneliness and darkness.

"He eventually realized that there was no choice, and he asked his lover if he would be willing to sacrifice his soul. His lover had immediately agreed, saying that this way they would be able to meet each other again, whether it be in a year or five thousand.

"They made a promise that if it was possible, they would find the other as fast as possible whenever they were reawakened.
"No one but Atem and his lover knew about the controlling item, for their sacrifices were the last to be made. And yadda yadda yadda, blah blah blah, 3000 years passed, and the items were reawakened again!"

Hadrian mentally nodded, slightly confused.
'Okay. What does this have to do with the shadow-thing you just did?' Hadrian thought to the other.

Kek leaned back and sighed. "Remember, my memory has faded and been erased quite a few times, so you have to understand that I don't have all of my memories.

"These bracelets are one of the items. I was housed in them for the past 3000 years."
Hadrian had to admit he wasn't surprised. Odd things like this seemed to happen to him more often then he'd like them to.

'And which one are they?'

"... I don't know. I do know that they aren't the one the pharaoh had though."
'How do you know that?'

"Well, there are two things I am absolutely certain about. One, the pharaoh's name is Atem. Two, my name is Kek. So I'm not the pharaoh. That's about all I know right now."

'Strange.' Hadrian murmured in their mind. 'So you're saying that these bracelets housed both you, how to get into the Shadow Realm, and the shadow power-thing?'

"Basically, yes." Kek answered.

The other hummed slightly in their mind before asking, 'Where can we go to learn more about all of this? Is there anyone that would be able to explain these to us and help? I want more information on this.'

'I, too, would like to have my memories back.' Kek told him, switching back so they were speaking in their mind and not with one out loud.

'Well then, this summer we'll start. Where do you think we should go to find out more? Money isn't a problem, the Potter vault is loaded.'

'All of the items are attracted to one another like magnets. You just need to follow the, er, vibes they give you.' Kek told him, stumbling over the more modern word he was using for Hadrian's benefit.

'To Japan it is then!' Hadrian told him.

'Er, what?' Kek asked him in confusion.

'If I'm supposed to be following vibes, then they are currently saying, "Go to Japan" repeatedly. So when summer starts we're going to Japan!'