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Aldred stayed holding onto Kei till he had fallen asleep in his arms. Aldred made sure Kei was fully asleep before he laid
him back on the bed and covered him with the soft, heavy blanket that would surely keep his slender body warm. Aldred smiled then kissed Kei's forehead before he left the room.

When Aldred left the room and stood in front of the door he placed his hand over his head as he felt gilt and anger overflow him so fast.
Aldred also felt his craving for human blood creep in.

'Uh! I was keeping it under control so well…!'
Aldred thought in pain. He managed to shake it off even though he knew it would not last for long.

Aldred walked down the hall with a really pail looking face he was also gripping onto his arm.
"Hay Aldred!" A familiar tall blond haired vampire shouted over to Aldred as he rushed over to him.
Aldred looked over at the blond vampire. "Oh… Faye hi." Aldred said with a grin.

"Wow you look pailer than pail. Come we have human blood bags in the hospital wing." Faye said placing a hand on Aldred's holder. Aldred nodded and flowed Faye to the hospital wing.
"Heh, when was the hospital wing put in?" Aldred asked Faye.

"Some time before you came back. What kind of blood?" Faye looked over at Aldred since he was facing the blood fridge. "O-, Really?
Heh, I guess I'll be coming here often." Aldred chuckled. Faye tossed the bag of O- blood to Aldred. He had easily caught the bag of blood with out braking it open with his sharp nails.

Aldred sunk his fangs into the bag and drained it in a few seconds. "Faye… What would I do with out you?"
Aldred said as he was back to his normal self. His face didn't looks so pail and pasty anymore.
"Heh, most likely drop dead of confusion." Faye said chuckling. Aldred joined Faye in the laughing,
but their laughing was soon interrupted by a knock on the door.

"What are you two laughing about now?" A familiar woman's voice asked.
"Hay Kodachi." Aldred said as he looked at her with a grin.
"You look more alive today." She said placing her hand on Aldred's shoulder.

"Who said I looked dead?" Aldred asked looking at Kodachi with a funny look.
Kodachi giggled seeing the look on his face. "I was kidding. But knowing Rengokuin he would say that you do." Kodachi said with a nod.

"Hay… Where did Lydi go? The last I saw her was earlier when we where discussing our plan."
Aldred asked as he looked at Faye then at Kodachi.
"I think Rengokuin wanted her to help him out since apparently the rest of us aren't good enough to help out." Faye said shrugging.
Aldred chuckled. "Oh now aren't you jealous, eh?" Aldred has a sly look on his face.
"Oh wipe that grin off your face Al!" Faye said pointing at Aldred with pink cheeks of embarrassment.

"Come back to us Kei….. You don't want your friends to be hurt right….? Oh well, it doesn't matter either way they will be killed and it will be your entire fault. Its not like it will matter you won't remember who they are soon and you'll come running to us like a lost puppy, sounds nice right?"

Kei was tied up to a pole by pointed vines that priced his pail skin. 'N-no! That isn't good at all! Why would you---!' A man cut off Kei.
The man was in a black hooded robe that covered most of his face but his mouth. The man had placed his hand over Kei's mouth in a very rough way.

"Silence child! You know nothing! So you shouldn't even be speaking. Your just a weapon….
A tool to demolish things and that's all you'll ever be! Nothing more, not even considered a human like those foolish children made you think you are." The man said with anger.

The vines started to make the thorns go deeper into Kei's skin. Kei whimpered in pain, but his whimper was muffled by the man's gloved hand.
"Hurts don't it little brat? …. Just think of it for the rest of your life or when ever you die you'll be going through constant torture and be forced to do things you never would want to do." The man said now cupping Kei's face in his hand. The man smirked evilly and licked up from the middle of Kei's neck to his eye line.
"I'll be waiting for you to come running to us Kei Yosugara." The man said sudisively.

Kei's eyes shot open. He was breathing heavily and covered in cold sweat. Kei sat up 'Wh-who was that?
"You'll come back to us like a lost puppy"? Wh-what?'Kei thought before looking over at where Aldred once was.

'He left…..' Kei then looked at the door. Kei flopped backwards on the bed. 'I feel to tired to get up and start looking for Aldred right now…
…. But…. I don't want to sleep….. I fear that I might see that man again' Kei shivered and pulled the covers back over himself not because he was cold but because he was scared.

'I…. I'll just close my eyes and relax… there I'm not really sleeping…..' Kei felt more securer and relaxed now and didn't have to worry about sleeping.

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