Author's Note: The Same Team is still my first and favorite story. I'm still posting a new chapter every day. This is just a fun little break, something to do while I was bored on a Sunday evening.

Master Cyclonis has always been my favorite Storm Hawks character. She kicks ass, she's a genius (albeit an evil one), she's fourteen years old and she already has fairly successful plans for world domination…what is there not to admire? Anyway, in my opinion, she kicks ass, and I really don't understand why the Storm Hawks win in all the episodes! This is my story of how she fights them all…

I do not own the Storm Hawks.


Junko was in the hanger bay, cleaning out the random pieces of scrap that always seemed to accumulate there. It was a hot night, and as always, the air conditioner on the Condor was working up, so he left the great doors open. A cool breeze blew in as he scavenged through the rubbish, looking for things he could possibly reuse.

Distracted as he was, he didn't see the small, silent skimmer rapidly approaching. In fact, he didn't notice it until it was practically on top of him. He leapt to the side, barely avoiding being squashed. As it was, his elbow had already begun throbbing—it was sure to leave a bruise. Before he could pick himself up, there was a sparking crystal at his throat.

He gulped. Looked up at familiar magenta boots, battle armor, cape. Familiar angry violet eyes. Familiar sinister voice. "Any last words?"

He was confused. It had all happened so fast. He wanted to say how proud he was to have been a Storm Hawk, how sorry he was to have let the others down, how much he would miss Finn, his best buddy. All he could think of was how she was just like them, just another kid. "Why?" he asked.

The staff whirled, then all went black.