By Arsao Tome (beta-read by gunman)

Chapter 1 New Allies

It was a nice day in Nerima, Japan. However, that often meant one thing for a certain pigtailed martial artist named Ranma Saotome.


Once again, his friends and family, aside from the kindly Kasumi Tendo, had found yet another reason to chew him out. On top of the ever growing list of problems they had with him.

Akane was calling him a brutish pervert, Nabiki was complaining about money again, Ryoga was trying to beat him up, Shampoo was trying to get him to marry her, Mousse was trying to kill him for that, Soun and Genma were trying to get him to make up his mind as to which Tendo daughter he would marry and unite their schools, Nodoka was worried about his education as well as career prospects, Cologne was annoyed at Ranma for a variety of things, and Happosai was trying to get Ranma to turn back into a girl.

Though why he hadn't thrown water on the boy in order to achieve this was a mystery to anyone.

And as usual, Ranma was getting frustrated and upset. More than half the things they were accusing him of were not his fault, and he had to wonder when Kuno and his crazy sister would show up to add their two cents to the chewing out.

Tired of their constant badgering and frustrated beyond belief, Ranma quickly leapt away and ran behind the house to escape them. His aggression rising to what many would consider unhealthy levels, and his mind at its wits end, he pulled out something that no one would've thought they'd ever see again.

A tingling in her elder brain causing the 200-plus amazon woman to quickly locate Ranma, she gasped when she saw the object. "The Naban Mirror!" She gasped as Ranma pricked his finger and let a drop of blood fall onto its smooth reflective surface. "WAIT!"

"I wish for true friends to help me out." He said before pointing it to the sky. The mirror glowed as a forceful beam of energy shot upwards and illuminated the skies, causing a lightning storm to rage all across the Nerima skies.

Just as soon as the lightning storm had started, it stopped. The clouds cleared as a large C17 cargo plane shot through the cloud banks and flew over the Tendo Training Hall.

The rear cargo hatch opened up as a flame-patterned red and blue Peterbilt 379 truck rolled out and started to free-fall towards the gasping group of humans.

"What the hell is that?" Akane gasped.

"Never mind that! Look At That!" Nabiki shouted.

Right behind the Peterbilt truck, six figures leapt out behind it. But this was slightly ignored as the large truck started to change and shift, taking on a very humanoid shape as it plunged towards the Earth. It's massive feet straightened out as the human-shaped mechanoid slammed hard into the ground, shaking it and dropping the group of antagonists onto their backsides.

The six human figures fell through the sky, tumbling like acrobats as the large robot held out its arms and allowed the six to use it as a means to halt their descent towards the group.

A young man with a leaner build than Ranma, dressed in a blue and white skintight bodysuit grabbed one of the robot's outstretched fingers and spun around twice before twisting into the air and landing on the ground.

A shapely blond haired woman in a red, white and blue costume, armed with a red and white circular shield on her arm, slammed into the robot feet first, and slid down its body and legs, stopping as she reached the bottom.

A second man with a blue face dressed in a strange yellow and blue metallic samurai-like outfit with yellow rings around his arms and legs, twisted in mid-air and straightened out as a swirling blast of air from both his hands slowed his descent until he landed comfortably on the ground.

A second woman, with long purple hair was dressed in a strange high-tech black and dark purple two-piece bikini, arm gauntlets and knee-length boots, a helmet over her head with a pinkish face shield covering her entire face, landed effortlessly on the ground.

A third man, dressed all in black with a visor over his eyes, with a sword strapped to his back and a gun holstered at his hip, preformed the same maneuver as the first young man, thought with much greater nimbleness and agility, flipped off of the large robot and landed on the ground.

And finally, a third woman with short black hair and dark skin, dressed in a form-fitting gold and yellow bodysuit, sans sleeves, gapped open down the middle revealing her ample chest, and a small cats head totem charm that was around her neck.

Ranma and the others gasped as the seven figures stared down at the group, until the blond woman in the red, white and blue outfit spoke.

"Ranma Saotome?" she said, looking at the pigtailed fighter.

"Yes?" Ranma replied.

"My name is American Dream. My friends and I are here to recruit you." she said.

"Recruit me?" Ranma gasped.

"That's what she said." the dark-skinned woman said.

However, before anyone could say anything, a familiar sword-wielding lunatic leapt forward and tried to stab Ranma.

"Foul Sorcerer Saotome!" Tatewaki Kuno shouted. "Your wayward allies shall not have you! For I, Tatewaki Kuno the Blue Thunder shall rid the world of your troublesome evil!" he shouted as he leapt at Ranma to stab him in the chest.

The youngest of the newly arrived group suddenly leapt forward and put himself between Ranma and Kuno as the sword thrust forward, only to strike as an orange/yellow energy field, causing the overzealous kendoist to fly backwards with sudden speed.

"What the..." Ranma gasped looking at the slightly younger man.

"AT-Field." the boy said. "It's my power."

However, Kuno's defeat caused the other Ranma-antagonists to launch into an attack.

"And here we go." the dark-skinned woman said. RHINO! She thought right before slamming into the sexy purple-haired amazon named Shampoo and pushing her through the stone-wall of the Training Hall.

"I thought we didn't come here for a fight!" the boy, named Shield, shouted as the blue-haired girl named Akane Tendo attacked him, unable to penetrate his shield with her punches and kicks.

"Doesn't mean we're not prepared for one." American Dream said as she deflected Nodoka's attack with her shield, the female Saotome saying something about 'not taking her son/daughter from her'.

The black-garbed swordsman leapt into the air, deflecting Kuno's attacks. The crazy kendoist had recovered and was back to attacking Ranma, only to get intercepted by the ninja master who matched Kuno sword-strike for sword-strike.

The blue and yellow cyber samurai swirled air around his arms and launched a forceful attack at the two elder members of the Saotome and Tendo clans, knocking Genma and Soun past the stunned Kasumi Tendo, through the house, and far into the outer wall.

The bikini-wearing purple-haired woman armed her wrist gauntlets and aimed them at the charging Ryoga Hibiki, blasting him with a full-barrage of mini-missiles that launched the lost boy across the yard and into the street.

The large red and blue robot had less to do as Mousse, due to his bad eyesight, tried to attack him. Throwing several of his chained bladed weapons out at the robot, said robot merely grabbed the chains and yanked on them, tossing Mousse clear across Nerima.

Several intense minutes of fighting resulted in the newly arrived team having defeated the Ranma-antagonists, save for Kasumi and Cologne who had wisely stayed out of the whole thing.

Nabiki had tried to help her little sister, only to get knocked back by Shield's AT-Field. The dark ninja, named Snake Eyes, had succeeded into defeating Kuno, tying him up, impaling his sword into a tree and leaving him hanging from the sword itself.

The dark skinned woman, named Vixen, had required help against Shampoo, as the amazon was stronger than she looked. The large robot, named Optimus Prime, was able to subdue her with a blast from his pulse canon. Even the point-blank blast from his Cybertronian weapon merely knocked the amazon out without leaving much bruising.

Syclone, the blue-faced cybernetic samurai, had quickly done a number on Genma and Soun, and was apologizing to Kasumi about almost hitting her with both of the older men's bodies.

"Is that everyone?" American Dream asked.

"I think so." Shield said, looking at the damage. "Except for him."

"Him who?" American Dream asked as a small creature suddenly latched onto her chest. "AH!"

"Oh, come now, you didn't think you'd just go without giving Happosai a good feel?" the super perverted fighting master said with a lecherous grin.

"Shield?" she said, her eyebrow twitching.

"Got him." the Japanese teenager said.

"Got me? My dear boy, I dare say you..." Happosai started to say, until he realized he couldn't move. "...couldn't touch me?" Happosai tried to move again, only to be stopped by a strange orangish energy field that completely surrounded him. "What is this?" he asked.

"It's my AT-Field. I can project it around myself and anyone in my vicinity, effectively trapping them." Shinji said.

"Boy, you have no idea who you're messing with!" Happosai shouted as he started bouncing all over the small energy field he was in, only to bounce even harder and faster, around and around at an uncontrollable rate that was making him dizzy.

"Had enough?" Shinji asked once he had dropped the field and Happosai went flying out towards the stone wall, slamming into it and knocking himself unconscious.

"Filthy pervert." the bikini-armor-wearing woman named Armory said. "Strange he didn't come after me, though."

"Be grateful he didn't." Ranma said. "Now... who are you guys?"

"We're your allies. I'm American Dream." the blond woman (real name Shannon Rogers) said.

"I'm Shield, and this is my sensei, Snake Eyes." the boy, (real name Shinji Ikari), said, introducing both himself and the dark-garbed figure standing silently next to him.

"I am Syclone." the blue-face cyber samurai said.

"I'm Vixen." the dark-skinned woman (real name Mari Jiwe McCabe) said.

"My name is Armory." the bikini-armored woman, (real name Biko Daitokuji) said.

"And my name is Optimus Prime." the large red and blue robot said.

"We're Dragon Force." American Dream said.

"Dragon Force?" Ranma asked.

"Yes. And we're here to recruit you." she said.

"You are?" he asked, confused.


"Oh my." Kasumi gasped as the group introduced themselves. "Would you all... like some tea?" she asked.

"Thank you very much." Shield said.


While everyone outside was still in recovery, Shield helped Kasumi serve the group tea and cookies. They had tea on the porch, seeing as how the 30-foot robot wouldn't fit inside the house.

"So... you came to recruit me?" Ranma asked.

"Yes." American Dream said. "We want you to be a part of our elite team of special operatives."

"Doing what, exactly?"

"Exactly what you've always wanted to do. Protect the innocent." Vixen said, sipping her tea.

"It's... a martial artist's sworn duty to help those who cannot help themselves." Ranma said, though somewhat hesitantly. "But I'm still confused about something."

"Oh? What?" American Dream asked.

"All of you seem to be rather skilled and powerful individuals. Why would you want someone like me on your team?" he asked.

"You mean aside from your ability to break boulders with your fists?" Armory asked, munching on a cookie.

"Your mastery of various martial arts techniques?" Shield asked, sipping his tea.

"Your dedication to helping those weaker than yourself?" Syclone asked, not eating or drinking anything.

"Well... yes." Ranma said.

American Dream smiled at Ranma. "All these reasons are why we've come Ranma. You're a unique individual. And we think someone like you could only help us in our on-going struggle against evil."

"Evil?" Ranma asked.

"American Dream is being slightly simplistic in what she's telling you." Armory said. "We're part of a special international defense agency that is charged with defending the world from all kinds of threats. Human, inhuman, supernatural, paranormal, extraterrestrial. You name it. Each of us has a special skill or talent that got us all recruited. And let's face it. Any guy who can drop kick a twenty-ton boulder across the city is someone we want on our side."

"So what do you say Ranma? Will you join us?" American Dream asked.

The young man lowered his head for a few seconds as if contemplating what they were asking. On the one hand, he would be with people who had come to defend him. Who wouldn't attack him, try to marry or molest him, or use his own high sense of honor against him. And he would be doing just what he had always wanted to do, defending the world and innocent people from various evil people and things that other people couldn't handle.

Raising his head up, Ranma looked at American Dream. "I want to join you." he said.

American Dream smiled as she extended her hand to him. "Then welcome to Dragon Force."

To Be Continued!


Authors Notes:

Optimus Prime is from the Transformers Movie, Shinji Ikari is from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Snake Eyes is from GI Joe Sigma 6, Biko Daitokuji is from Project A-Ko, Syclone is from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Vixen is from the Justice League comics, and American Dream is from Marvel MC2 comics.