Chapter 7

Ranma, Roadblock, Bridget and Carol were in the gun range. He had on eye and ear protection. He closed his eyes and got ready. Hawk squeezed his shoulder and he nodded. Hawk nodded and targets were activated. Ranma opened his eyes and just fired. Each hit, a perfect bull's eye. The final shot was a head shot exploding a target, stopping the test.

He lowered his weapon and sighed, then holstered his weapon after putting it on safety. They checked his scores and they came back perfect. Then he waited on Hawk and the others. Once they came back, he stood at attention.

"In all my years in the military," said Hawk. "I have seen only one other person with a score such as yours."

He handed Ranma the score sheet.

Ranma looked at it and saw a perfect score.

"Let me guess,"he said. "Snake Eyes."

They nodded, he chuckled.

"Are we related?"

They laughed.

"Come on," said Roadblock. "I'll treat you to some of my world class gumbo."

With that they headed for the mess hall.


Meanwhile back in Nerima, Kasumi had received a letter from Ranma. She had read it knowing that he had an episode. 'Poor Ranma.' She thought, 'I wish I could help him.' She was there for him when he did kill Saffron and she would be there for him in spirit. She wished she could have sent her letter to him.

Just then Nabiki had went over to him. "Kasumi," she said. "They are asking me to find Ranma, what am I going to tell them?"

"What have you told them?"

"That I don't know where he would be."

"I see and since I'm getting letters from Ranma, they would think I'd know where he might be?"

Nabiki nodded.

"He hasn't told me where he is and there is no return address. I'm sorry Nabiki, but I do not know the location of Ranma."

"I understand, Kasumi. Only because I know you'd never lie to me." Nabiki said.


(Dragons Nest Hanger)

Shield, Vixen and Armory were awaiting the arrival of Duke and his Bravo Unit from their mission to the arctic.

"They should be here any minute." Shield said.

"Shouldn't Dream be here, too?" Vixen asked.

"If Duke's mission was successful, she might not want to be." Armory said, tapping the keys on her wrist computer pad.

"Why not? I thought this guy was her family." Vixen said.

"He is, but he might not even be alive." Armory said.

"Duke didn't say what the status of the body was." Shield said.

"If it was frozen in a block of ice, it's probably dead." Armory stated.

Just then, the ceiling doors opened up and the transport carrier hovered down towards the ground.

The three members of Team Alpha waited patiently as the members of Bravo Unit exited out of the back of the transport.

"Dinah!" Vixen called out.

"Mari!" Black Canary shouted.

The pair hugged as Barriss walked over to Shield.

"Hello, Shinji." Barriss said politely as she curtsied.

"Barriss-chan." Shield said as he bowed to the Jedi.

"What? No one's going to say 'Hi' to me?" Armory asked.

"Hello, Ms. B-Ko." Agent Shavers said to the sexy, armored woman.

"Hello, Geek." B-Ko responded.

The former NSA techie just sighed, remembering when Xander Cage used to call him that.

"Is the General here?" Duke asked as he approached the Alpha trio.

"He's on his way down." Shield said. "Did you really find him?"

"Yeah. He's in the back of Ironhide." Duke said as Armory approached the black Topkick truck.

Armory started taking scans of the ice block that held the body.

"Shaver's message said that you guys were attacked." Vixen said.

"We were. By a bunch of Neo-Vipers." Canary said.

"Neo-Vipers? That's impossible!" Shield gasped. "The Joes got rid of them years ago."

"I thought so too." she said.

"Which means that Cobra has returned." Duke said.

"So, how's the corpse?" Vixen asked.

"I... this is... how in the world... not possible..." Armory gasped as she read the readings coming off her scanner.

"What's wrong?" Vixen asked.

"He's... this guy is alive!" Armory explained.

"That's just what I was hoping you'd say." General Hawk said as he approached the two teams.


Meanwhile Ranma was eating some of Roadblock's gumbo and was enjoying it. "This is great 'Block." He said.

"Glad you like it." He said.

"I'm trying to cook and was wondering if you could give me a few tips."

"I'd be happy to."

Just then, Shannon had walked in to the room and saw Ranma and Block having some lunch.

"Hey guys," she said.

They looked over to her.

"Shannon," said Block.

"Hey," said Ranma.

"I heard the General gave you your codename." She said.

"Yep, meet Sgt. Mustang." Block smiled.

"Mustang huh? And and a Sergeant? Well congratulations." the blond heroine said.

"I'm not going to leave you guys anytime soon." Ranma said. "So, how is Hinata?"

"She's fine, she adjusting to her life here in the Nest." she said. "Chun Li's making sure her niece is comfortable."

"That's good." Shannon said, her tone becoming serious.

"What's up?" Said Block.

"We found him."

Block looked at her.

"Tell me you're not kidding." He said, she shook her head and showed him pictures. They were of a man in a dark military suit with a helmet that had a metallic face plate.

"Who is he?" Asked Ranma.

"His name's Cobra Commander," said Block. "One of the most evil men on the planet. He was behind the slaughter of my former team and I made a promise to a friend of mine to get him."

"And you will!" Said a voice they looked over and stood at attention.

It was General Hawk. He walked over to them, file in hand.

"As you were," he said. "We found him in the South Pacific on an uncharted island."

Then he showed them other pics of the island.

"He has some new 'friends'."

He showed them the pics of some more people. One of them got Ranma's attention. He saw a man in robes and had wings.

"See something interesting Mustang?"

"Saffron," Ranma said.

"The god you killed?" Block asked.

"Yeah, but... he looks different." he said.

"Different how?" Shannon asked.

"His wings are a slightly different color and his eyes are... almost reptilian." Ranma said.

"We noticed that too." Hawk said. "But there's something else." he said as he showed them another picture, this time of a woman with black hair, thin rimmed glasses and wearing a tight leather suit with a pair of gun holsters on her shapely hips.

"Is that who I think it is?"

"I believe it is."

"Does Duke know about this?"

"Not yet. And I'm not going to tell him. Especially since he just got back from a mission. But he knows that Cobra is back."

"Why would Saffron hook up with someone like him?" Ranma wondered.

"To help take over the world?" Shannon thought.

"No, last time I fought him, he hated 'landlings'."

"Uh, 'landlings'?" Block asked.

"People who can't fly." Ranma explained.

"So, he might want to kill us all." Said Block.

"Yeah. Sir, I want on the team that goes after him." Ranma said.

"Are you sure you can do this?" Hawk asked.

"I have to, I need closure." he said.

"Alright, Sergeant. You're on Shannon's team. Block you and your team will go with Team Alpha." Hawk said.

"Sir!" Ranma was already leaving to go get suited up and ready to put his foot up in someone's ass.

The others had to run to catch up.


American Dream had summoned up her team, which consisted of Mustang, Vixen, Armory, Shield, Snake Eyes and Syclone.

When they arrived at the main hanger bay, they were met by Roadblocks's team.

"Team Alpha, meet Delta Squad!" Roadblock said.

Ranma listend as Roadblock gave them the quick rundown on his team.

Omega Sentinel - super cyborg who possesses super strength, flight, cybernetic interface and a variety of plasma-weapons. Former member of the Indian National Police force, trained investigator and hand-to-hand combatant.

Red Arrow - Master marksman and weapons expert who also possesses a cybernetic right arm.

Kurenai Yuuhi - expert ninja, mistress of illusions, and a talented healer.

Jacob Black - Quileute shape shifter who can turn himself into a large wolf, possesses enhanced physical prowess and senses. Serves as the teams tracker and is the strongest non-cyber on the team.

Toph - 18 year old blind martial arts expert who possesses the power to manipulate the earth.

Arcee - three Cybertronian 'female' Autobots who share the same mind. Each of her bodies become a high-speed motorcycle (one pink, one blue, one red) each one possessing plasma-energy firepower.