It was over three years ago when my life shifted, I had to refocus my priorities and realize in the end the only person to help me was, me. No one else could be truly trusted, people would come and go and others would betray you.

Today is my little mans third birthday. He's a reflection of his dad, well except for the chocolate brown hair he could thank me for. Other than that his hair was a constant state of disarray, add to that the piercing green eyes that were an exact reflection of the man I once loved and there was no disputing who helped create him. He loves sports, and is extremely smart, not a single clumsy bone in his body which I'm very thankful for. Jackson had even managed to pick up some of his mannerisms, how I'd never know, my boy's never laid eyes on him before, and I planned on keeping it that way. It was safer that way. I'd never let anything bad happen to my son, I sacrificed everything for him and always will. I have to, I'm all he has.

To hurt me is one thing, but I'd never let that man ever even think he was Jackson's father, my boy deserved better and furthermore he didn't deserve to think that such an amazing little boy could be his, he wasn't there, not even from the very start. I was left with no other choice then to run, I ran from Fork's, I ran from my friends, I ran from everything I knew, and lastly I had to run from Edward Cullen.