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"Big Boy Panties"

Jasper pulled the car into a parking spot. I started to slide out of the seat, stopping short when I remembered I had a little head on my lap. Quickly I reached down, cradling Jackson's head in one hand and pulling him up so that I could hold onto him with the other. He only made a slight noise when I picked him up, other than that he stayed asleep.

We all headed into the police station. The lobby was kind of full with people, not as bad as I had expected though. I walked straight up to the window, where an officer sat sipping coffee with a bored expression working away at a stack of papers. Everyone fanned out behind me.

"Excuse me!" The officer barely lifted his head to look at me. "Hey!"

When I yelled at him, he looked at me, rolling his eyes. Overall, my patience was wearing out quickly.

"What do you guys need? If you are here to bail someone out, you have to wait until they are done with processing and then you have to go to-"

I held up my hand, trying to stop the run of the mill list that this officer must have to say on a nightly basis.

"Someone was kidnapped"

His eyes widened slightly when I said kidnapped, "Ok, did anyone see this person get taken?"

"Well, no, not exactly." I ran my free hand through my hair. I looked around at everyone, seeing if they had anything to add.

"Has it been over twenty four hours?"

"No," Emmett added from the left side of me.

"Female or male?"

"Female, Isabella," Alice said lifting her head from Jasper's side.

"Well, look, I'll leave a note that you guys came in, but you can't file a report until twenty four hours later unless you can provide physical evidence there was foul play, that she is mentally incapable, or needs medical attention. Other than that, there really isn't anything we can do tonight."

"Fine!" I spun around quickly, stalking out the door, slamming the glass door against the wall. I climbed into the back of my car, waiting for Jasper and Alice to get in.

"We are going to go back to their place and get some sleep," Jasper said while slipping quietly into the seat and starting the engine.

I nodded my head. I didn't think I could possibly sleep, but I knew it would feel good to finally get out of the car for a little while.

About fifteen minutes later, we were pulling up to a little house that had no lights on except for the porch light. It was quaint. I could see why Bella had chosen to live there. It was subtle yet beautiful, exactly like her.

We all got out of our cars. Jackson was still asleep in my arms. As we headed up towards the door, everyone was quiet, keeping their heads down. None of us knew what to say or what to do. We were stuck waiting what seemed like an eternity to even file a report to try and get Bella help. Nothing could soothe what we were all feeling. The only balm would be to have Bella back.

As we approached the porch, Rose started to unlock the door. We heard a faint sob coming from the far side of the porch. Emmett jumped in front of Rose, pushing her behind him. Jasper did the same with Alice and I angled myself so that Jackson was away from whatever had created the noise.

Emmett started to walk over towards a bench swing that was hanging from the far end of the porch. Jasper moved over so that he was standing in front of both Alice and Rose. We were all so wrapped up in our own sorrow; we hadn't even noticed a huddled figure on the swing when we came onto the porch.

The mystery person sat up. As she started to rub at her eyes, her glasses fell off in her effort. From what I could tell, she was petite and had dark hair.

"Angela?" Rose stepped in front of Jasper and Emmett. She stopped and turned to look at Rosalie.

"I'm so sorry," she began to sob uncontrollably again. Her mouth was moving, but I personally couldn't make out anything that she was saying. It all sounded like sobbing to me.

Both Rosalie and Alice quickly ran over to her, shoving Emmett out of the way. They grabbed Angela and started to rock her, telling her it would be ok.

"He… he took Jackson…" that caused her to start another fit of uncontrollable crying. Once her breathing began to slow down slightly, she spoke again. "He made me do it… he threatened Ben.. I couldn't ... I couldn't, I didn't know ..."

"Shh, it's ok Angela, let's get inside and we can talk." Alice said while playing with her hair.

Rose stood up, taking one of her hands to pull her up. Reluctantly, she followed along. The three girls started towards us a. Emmett followed behind them as Alice went up to the front door and un-locked it, shoving it open encouraging us all to enter.

As I started to make my way in the door way, I heard a gasp. I turned around quickly. Angela finally looked up and was looking at Jackson. Well, actually, she was looking back and forth between Jackson and me.

"Wh- What.. Why? Who?" She stammered out. The poor girl was so emotionally drained and confused.

Alice popped up in the doorway and I walked in past her, "Come on, Angela, we all need to talk."

She nodded her head and started to walk in. Rose was already inside, snuggled into Emmett's side. "His room is the third door down on the left."

I mouthed 'thank you' to her and headed down the hallway. I went into the room at the end of the hallway on the left hand side. I couldn't help the smirk that instantly took up a home on my face when I saw that he had a little car shaped bed, with a Spider-man bed set. Gently, I laid him down in his bed, tucking him in. I leaned down, my lips gently brushing his forehead. "Goodnight, my son, daddy is here now, forever."

My eyes began to prickle with un-shed tears when I saw his little face smile in his sleep. Quietly, I crept out of his room, closing the door silently behind myself. I noticed the door next to his room was opened a crack. I couldn't help but push it open; curiosity got the best of me.

My senses were instantly flooded with the scent of Bella. I blindly reached along the wall, trying to find the switch. Finally, I found it, flicking it up.

My breath escaped my lungs with a whoosh as I stood in the middle of Bella's room. I looked around at the life that she had made for herself. She had books all through out the room on different little shelves and tables. Artwork that Jackson had made was displayed all along the walls. As I walked along, I saw different pictures of her and him seeming so happy and content. Looking at her bed, I noticed that her comforter was a green similar to my eyes. She had a journal on her bedside table. Pensively, I reached down, thumbing through it. I knew I had no right to read it. My mind was screaming no, but my hand took upon the task by its own.

That last entry in there was on Jackson's birthday, or so the entry said such. She recalled what had happened that night in Forks with Tanya. The last paragraph she had written was her final resolve to move on, even though she still missed and loved me. I grabbed her book and fell to the floor, crying.

I cried for my son, I cried for Bella, and I cried for all the stupid mistakes I had made. I can never get that time back, but I would make sure to try my best to be there everyday for them, to finally give them someone that they could trust. I vowed to do whatever it took to get Bella back. I would make sure that we could be the family that she deserved, the family that we needed to be.

My body was wracked with sobs when I felt a big arm curl around my shoulder.

"I have been there for you through it all, man. I even remember taking baths with your stupid ass," I couldn't help but smile at Emmett and his uncanny ability to make me smile regardless of what ever situation we were in. Leave it to him to bring up when we were toddlers and my mom would watch him.

"You have to pull it together for that little boy in the room next to us. He's going to depend on you."

I shook my head. agreeing with him. I wiped at my eyes as manly as I could, trying to swallow what I had left of my masculinity. Emmett reached down and gave me a hand.

"I won't tell them about you crying like a baby, if you won't tell them about the bubble baths."

"Oh, you mean the time when you pooped in the tub? Or the time when you cried cuz you-" I was swiftly cut off by a punch in the shoulder. "Ow, I got it man, thanks Em, really I mean it."

"I know you do." He pulled me into a tight hug, patting my back. When he released me, we turned and saw Jasper standing in the door way smirking.

"What Robin? You wanna get in on this loving?"

Jasper just laughed and rolled his eyes. He walked into Bella's room, giving me a hug as well. All three of us turned and left the room. I carefully closed the door behind us.

Walking down the hall, I could see all the girls sitting together on the couch. I walked in, plopping down in a chair that was angled across from the couch. Jasper sat on the arm of the couch near Alice and Emmett mirrored his position on the other arm, Angela was in the middle.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know what else to do he… he said that he..." Angela began to break down again.

"You did what you had to do. None of us knew what he was going to do." I tried to look her straight in the eyes and sound as sincere as I could.

She began to nod her head, finally realizing that we were all helpless in the situation. "So you're him?"

Emmett scoffed out loud at her question, "The amazing Edward Cullen? Why yes, yes he is."

I rolled my eyes at him. He was trying to hard to lighten the mood for everyone. I saw the corners of Angela's lips turn up into a small smile. She was enjoying Emmett's antics.

"I mean… you are Jax's dad?"

Hearing it out loud again, that I was Jackson's dad, made my heart swell again. I instantly had a smile on my face.

"Yeah, that's me." I knew my voice had taken on a dreamy tone when I talked about him.

"Angela, are you going to go back to your dorm, or do you want to spend the night here?" Alice asked.

I had no clue how late it was but my eyes were fighting to stay open.

"Um, I think I am going to go back to my dorm. I can have Ben stay over." She started to get up off the couch and made her way to the door.

"Call us when you get in so we know you are ok." Rose added.

With that Angela nodded and headed out the door.

"Well I'm beat. Emmett?"

"Right behind ya." You could hear the smile in his voice as he followed her down the hall, then we all heard a sharp slap.

Alice looked surprised. Jasper and I had to fight from laughing out loud.

"Shit, baby, that hurt. You know I was just kidding."

"Just making sure, I'm not about to do anything like that with you with everything that is going on." I could hear her open her door and waited until it clicked close to chuckle quietly.

"Um, Edward, you can stay in Bella's room, or the couch." Alice looked nervous as she ran over the different sleeping options I had open for myself.

"I'll figure something out, you two go to bed. Don't worry about me." I tried to sound my most convincing, even though I knew Jasper of all people would be able to see through it.

"Ok, I guess. Well, um, if you need anything, my door is across from Bella's," She stood up and gave me a hug. When she pulled back, she turned and looked at Jasper. "Jazz?"

"Coming, Darlin'." They both quietly slinked down the hall and went into Alice's room.

I was left to sit in the chair with nothing but my thoughts. Before they could run rampid and I would be reduced to nothing more then a blubbering mess again, I stood up and headed down the hall.

I stopped in front of Bella's door. My hand sat on the knob for the longest time, physically, I couldn't turn it. I pulled my hand back from the knob slowly. I took a deep breath, resting my forehead on the cool wood of the door.

My hand instinctively clenched into a fist. I wanted to knock on the door. I was hoping she was in there, and when I knocked she would open it and yell surprise. I wouldn't even be able to be pissed at her for disappearing, because it would mean she'd be here. I'd know where she was, and I'd know above all she was safe. God, was it so much to ask for to kiss her lips good night and tell her I love her?

I placed a gentle kiss on the door, "Wherever you are love…I love you. Dammit, I need you back."

My fists unclenched and were pressed to the door on either side of my head. I had to slow my breathing down before I found myself sobbing again. A few renegade tears fell down my face. Quickly, I swiped them away. Pushing off the door, I headed towards Jackson's room.

As quietly as I could, I opened his door. I slid in, closing it behind myself. I stood there for a few minutes, just watched him sleep. The subtle rise and fall of his chest had me entranced. I quietly tip toed next to his bed, lying down on the floor beside him. I closed my eyes and slowed my breath in time with his, trying to fall asleep.

Eventually, exhaustion won out and I was met by Bella's angelic face in my dreams.

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