Okay, so, I know, this is HORRIDLY (heheh) short, but, I was tired.... And I was a bit lazy... Tim: Was? Oh, Right... I AM lazy....

Jack: Ro~
Aly: (Dressed up as Rose) Oh, Leonardo DeCaprio! *jumps into his arms*
Jack: Who?
Aly: ... Um.... No one........

Me: i do not own My b.l.u.f.f.l.e. Aly.

FINE! Gawrd... stop taunting me....
Or Titanic. -_-

I sat down on my lawn. I stared at the stars. The Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Hercules…. He taught me to find them. A ladybug landed on my nose.

"Hey, buggy." I whispered. "Come to get your mate?" I asked as I picked another ladybug off my arm.

They both flew away into the night. Lucky. I couldn't see my mate… He'd died in the Crash…

"Rose!" Jack yelled as we hugged eachother.

"I love you, jack!" I yelled back. The plane... it was going down above the Ocean…. How could anyone think That we could live? Everyone was crying. Mothers were calming their young ones. Fathers were calming their wives. Couples… were dying.

"I-I love you, too, Rose." Jack stated to me, fearlessly.

Then the Impact came.

I closed my eyes, as if that would get rid of the thoughts.

"I love you, Jack…." I whispered to the night.

I awoke to the sprinkler.

"Eeeeeh!" I shouted as I threw myself Onto my feet. My dress was drenched once I got inside my house–er, mansion. I must've fallen asleep out there….. I thought to myself.

I shut the door and sighed as I heard the echo. Stupid, empty house. It wouldn't be so empty if Jack hadn't died….

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